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MS SQL Database Administrator

Zillion Technologies Inc
Santa Ana, California, United States
November 21, 2016

Job Title: MS SQL Database Administrator

Location Santa Ana, California

Duration: Contract to hire

Primary Role: The Database Administrator will join TechOps staff to assist in managing database resources, improve query performance, and guide developers in the use of current SQL Server features.

This person will respond to database change requests, manage SQL Agent job execution, profile SQL code, run ad hoc queries, scrub and restore data to multiple environments, and monitor database space usage and overall health. Experienced with SSIS and package development.

The application is built in C# and some familiarity with C#, PowerShell, or other .net languages is preferred.

Required Skills, and Abilities:

Must show proven competence in developing and performance tuning complex SSIS packages.

Must show proven competence in writing SQL queries, and reading query execution plans.

Must show ability to optimize query throughput through effective re-writing of direct SQL; analysis of indexes, views, triggers and like structures; and understanding of underlying data model.

Must be able to communicate in both written and verbal form with technical and non-technical audiences alike to suggest design improvements to all business stakeholders.

Comfortable transferring and restoring SQL backups manually and with Microsoft DPM, and managing database log file space.

Ability to work with others on a team to improve product quality.

Experience analyzing database space used, and managing continuous data growth.

Candidate must be able to read and digest technical material.

Experience working with partitioned tables, and a strong familiarity with advantages and disadvantages of applying partitioning schemes.

Understanding of supported SQL Server replication methods and limitations thereof.

Ability to read and maintain SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages.

Other preferred skills and experience:

Experience dealing with mandated data compliance requirements such as SOX or HIPPA.

Experience using SQL Server Data Tools to manage changes, and a source control repository such as TFS to maintain code.

Comfortable reading and writing PowerShell scripts.

Experience with Microsoft SQL Change Data Capture (CDC).

Understand Disk Sub System

Windows Server Knowledge and understanding of (physical and virtual)

Basic Qualification:

Minimum of 2 years conducting database administration tasks (e.g. DB implementation, DB code deployments, DB backups, creation of DB user accounts)

Other Requirements:

Completion of Bachelor’s degree in MIS or CS, relevant DB platform certification

Extensive knowledge of platform specific core database technologies

Experience with Insurance products is a big plus .