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X-ray Technicians for Hospital at Hebbal, Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
As per organisation standards
December 03, 2018


The primary role of a Radiographer (also called an x-ray technician) is using x-ray equipment to produce images of tissues, organs, bones, and vessels and administering radiation therapy treatments.

Radiographer can also specialize in specific areas of the radiology field such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), sonography, mammography, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy.

The daily tasks of a Radiographer require precise work and attention to detail as well as adherence to strict safety procedures. Many times, physicians will confer with Radiographer’s in the evaluation process of a patient’s condition.

Although Radiographer are required to be knowledgeable in all terminology related with radiography, anatomy, pathology, etc., a professional Radiographer will also possess strong interpersonal skills. A large part of the job requires giving instructions to patients who may be a bit nervous with the various radiography procedures. Examples of tasks radiologic technologists may perform include:

Explaining procedures to patients and answering questions.

Preparing equipment for use as needed.

Preparing examination rooms for patient exams.

Positioning patients for imaging exams.

Monitoring patients during exams.

Documenting information with computers.

Reporting important information to the physician.

Ensuring safety of patients during exams.

Producing diagnostic images of breast tissue.

Using sound waves to obtain images of organs and tissues in the body.

Administering targeted doses of radiation to the patient’s body to treat cancer or other diseases.

Administering trace amounts of radiopharmaceuticals to a patient to obtain functional information about organs, tissues and bone.

Measuring bone mineral density at a specific anatomical site.

Need to be well-trained, able to give straight-forward instructions as well as foster a sense of comfort and confidence to patients.

Desire Profile:

- Should possess Diploma / Degree in Medical X-ray Technology [Full Time from Recognized University / Paramedical Board]

Desired Experience:

- Minimum 1 to 3 years from a repute Hospital or Radiology Diagnostics.


- Preference would be given to local candidates and aspirants willing to relocate on their own.

- Aspirants are requested to E-mail resume in MS word format only along with photograph.

- Work Shifts: Rotational

- Please superscribe as "Application for the post of X-ray Technician / Radiographer" in Subject column when writing/sending/forwarding E-mail.

- Work Location - Hebbal - Bengaluru - Karnataka - India

Organisation: Columbia Asia Hospital