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Q: Why Job Posting Limit?

PostJobFree allows you post jobs for free.
Unfortunately some users try to abuse our service by posting duplicates and other spam.
In order to limit such abuse PostJobFree limits number of jobs that user can post.

Q: How many jobs can I post?

As a new user you start with 10 postings per day limit.
If you share network with other users your initial limit could be as low as 1/day.
Premium users can post at least 10 postings per day even if they share network with other users.

The more people see your job postings — the higher your Daily Job Posting Limit is.
The more people click "Report Spam" button on your job posting — the lower your Daily Job Posting Limit is.

Q: What do I do to increase my Daily Job Posting Limit?

  1. Start posting jobs.
    Post detailed job descriptions with clear requirements.
    If you post jobs that interest job seekers - your Job Posting Limit would grow.
  2. Avoid posting duplicate jobs. If you post multiple jobs with the same job description (copy-paste posting), job seekers would mark your postings as "Spam" and you end up with low posting limit.
  3. If you have the same opening in multiple locations — make only one job posting, but mention all locations in job description.
    Another option - post different job descriptions for different locations.
  4. Respect job seekers: if you spam them by your job postings they would report your postings as spam, and that in turn would cause sharp decrease in your Daily Job Posting Limit.

Q: I cannot post jobs today. How long before my account clears?

You account may never clear if you don't delete problem jobs, because more job seekers would report your jobs as spam.
Try this:

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