How to Avoid Duplicates with Multiple Locations Jobs

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Q: Can you suggest the most effective way to post multiple-locations jobs without creating duplicates?

These are three best ways to handle multiple location openings (you may combine them):
  1. Post different job descriptions for different locations.
  2. Choose one location as a main location (e.g. your headquarters) and mention all other locations in job description (for example: "Locations: New York, NY, Seattle, WA, Denver, CO").
  3. Change main location in your job posting from time to time (every few days/weeks).

Q:If you are trying to post to all states and the cities within do you have to place ads to all the cities within the states to have them posted in that area? Or does it go automatically throughout the US?

All your job posting are available to everyone. If job seeker does not specify location in search criteria — she would find your posting no matter what location you specified.

If job seeker is looking for specific location and location does not match - she wouldn't find your job posting.

That may tempt you to make multiple postings with the same job description and different locations.
However if you do that, job seekers who did not specify location in their search criteria would see you duplicate multiple postings in search results. That disappoints job seekers and they mark such duplicates as spam.

Much better strategy is to avoid duplicates: use different description for every posting and/or list all locations in single posting and/or occasionally change location in your posting.

Q: Do you have a mass posting for states and their cities?

No, because it would encourage spam.

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