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Q: Why do I need Premium Membership?

A: These are two main reasons to subscribe to Premium Membership:
  1. Access to full resume details including contact information.
    Directly email or call job seekers.
  2. PostJobFree will advertise your job postings on many job listing sites, reaching thousands of additional job seekers.
    Jobs posted by Premium members get about 7 times more applicants than jobs posted by non-paying recruiters.
      Other benefits:
  • Export list of candidates you contacted.
  • Put your custom logo on your job postings and your member profile.

Q: How much does Premium Membership cost?

A: We have several plans for you to choose from:
  • $29/month: 2 jobs promoted + 30 resume contacts.
  • $59/month: 6 jobs promoted + 100 resume contacts.
  • $99/month: 15 jobs promoted + 200 resume contacts.
  • $199/month: 40 jobs promoted + 450 resume contacts.
  • $399/month: 100 jobs promoted + 1000 resume contacts.
Note that we do not limit number of resume views (without contact information) on any plan.

Q: How do I cancel my Premium Subscription?

A: You can cancel your Premium Subscription any time. See how simple it is.

Q: Do you have money-back guarantee?

A: Yes. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please let us know within 30 days since last payment and we will refund your last payment.

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