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How to delete resume from PostJobFree

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Q: I posted my resume on How do I delete it?

In order to delete your resume:

1) Go to and click "Delete" link.

If PostJobFree asks you for your Username and Password – enter them.

2) If you do not remember (or never set up) your Username – go here:

3) If you still cannot delete your resume from PostJobFree:

Q: I removed my PostJobFree resume but I still can find my resume on Google. How do I delete it?

After you deleted your resume from PostJobFree – you may request your resume removal from Google search index.

Note 1: You have to delete your resume from PostJobFree before you request to delete your resume page from Google index, otherwise Google would just ignore your page removal request.

Note 2: If you deleted your resume from PostJobFree – Google will remove your resume from Google index even if you do not explicitly request removal from Google. But without explicit request, removal from Google will take more time.

You may request to remove your deleted PostJobFree resume from Google index here:

  1. Sign in to Google.
  2. Enter your obsolete postjobfree web page URL. It looks like this:
  4. Give Google several seconds to analyze that page.
  5. "Has the image or web page been updated or removed?" - select "Yes" radiobutton.
  6. Select "The snippet and cache are outdated." radiobutton and click "Next".
  7. Enter a word that was on your resume, but no longer is available on your deleted resume page. For example, your first name.
  8. Click "Remove cached version of this page".

Q: How long does it take to remove my resume from Google Search results?

Usually Google executes page removal requests within 24 hours.
If you deleted your resume from PostJobFree, but did not request removing it from Google search index - your resume may stay in Google search results for several weeks.

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