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What is an XML job feed?

XML job feed is a webpage on your site that lists your jobs in a computer-readable XML format.

Why do I need a job feed?

XML job feed allows you post jobs to and other job boards automatically.

How do I include my job feed to PostJobFree?

Contact person:
Link to job feed:

Example of XML job feed:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<date>2022-06-22 12:49:39</date>
<description>We have an immediate opening for a Diesel Technician, where you will be performing the majority of required maintenance and service on a wide range of equipment.
Responsibilities: Performs vehicle maintenance and repair duties
<salary>$50K per year</salary>


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Q: How will I receive job applications?

You have 2 options to receive job seekers' applications from PostJobFree:

1) By email.

This is the simplest option to implement.

PostJobFree will send all job seekers' applications to your email.

If you want to send job applications to different emails, then please specify email for every job in your job feed.

You may specify email address anywhere in job description, or you may put email address into a separate <email> element.

2) Web API.

That option is more involving and requires you to have a web API on your website.

The simplest API implementation is to add a webpage that will receive HTTP POST requests with the following parameters:

- id (referencenumber of the job)
- resume
- coverLetter
- email (email address of job seeker who apply)
- ip (IP address of job seeker who apply)

Using web API allows you to automatically receive and process job seekers' applications.

Q: Can you redirect job seekers to my jobs to apply?

We can, but usually with "redirect" integration jobs receive ~10x less applications.

We also prefer if you pay (PPC) for redirected traffic (e.g. $0.30/click CPC).

Free "redirect" integration is also available if your jobs are appealing to job seekers and are hard to find elsewhere.

If possible, we prefer sending applications over email to you -- for free (instead of redirecting job seekers to the external website on PPC basis).

How much does jobs integration cost?

We have both free and paid version of XML feed inclusion.

If we email candidates applications to you - usually it is free.

If you need us to redirect candidates to your website - we usually charge from $0.10 to $0.50 per candidate click(redirect).