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July 01, 2022

I have found a couple decent candidates so far.

Thanks for your help

Johnathon Niebuhr
Life Insurance Broker, Prosperity and Protection

March 17, 2020 has been a great source for locating top talent, especially when it comes to Healthcare Providers. Candidates may set up automatic job alerts, employers may set up candidate alerts. I've used for a number of years, and I've been extremely satisfied with the results.

Mark Stein - MD Support Staffing
Director of Recruiting

October 1, 2016

Hired two people because of your advertisements. I am pleased with my hires.

Will Conner, M.D.
Family Medicine Physician

August 1, 2016

This has been the most successful website I have ever used.

Dawn Norris
Action Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

January 27, 2016

I have already so many responses from my ad. I have hired 40 plus candidates in 3 days.

21 on board as of today and the rest with signed contracts tomorrow.

I have hired people throughout the United States.

PostJobFree has been one of the best investments I have ever made.

Ron Winsell
Insurance Recruiter

January 24, 2016

Loved your website and we have filled the position.

I will highly recommend your website to others in the business community , it’s the best.

Debby Syrylo
MSF Electric, Inc.,/North Div.

November 13, 2015

I love postjobfree and will definitely continue to use it for a long time.
Jeffrey C Mason
Jeff Mason Recruiting

July 22, 2015

I have been very happy with Post Job Free website and appreciate this service.
Elizabeth Burnett
Independent Recruiter

July 1, 2015

We get a lot of applicants from PostJobFree.
We greatly appreciate your help in filling our positions.
Barbara Riegle
Sr. HR Recruiter
Peace River Center

June 2, 2015

The two applicants that applied were both hired.
Steve Bain
Mediation Arbitration Services

May 1, 2015

We just interviewed Dr. ***** ***** who contacted us through my posting on your PostJobFree site!
We are in the process of making her an offer.
We greatly appreciate the service you offer us.
Barbara Riegle
Sr. HR Recruiter
Peace River Center

March 6, 2015

I love this site. It's been a great help to me.
Norm Schmidt
Great Recruiters
Cleveland, Ohio

November 9, 2014

PostJobFree is working extremely well for our business. We receive from 15 to 20 inquiries per week.
We have hired at least 20 people from these inquiries. PostJobFree is a great tool for our staffing needs.
Edward Whitaker
Staffing Manager
S & E Group

October 31, 2014

I had a lot of resumes submitted from Post Job Free, the first morning after posting...
I did interview 3 out of a possible 8, and hired 1 from those interviews.
DeeDee Colbert
Paul Henry’s Windows

September 26, 2014

I enjoy using Post Jobs for Free because it is easy. I mean real easy
Please, Please keep it simple.
All of the other sites take way too much time to post.
All I do is copy and paste my position and wait for candidates.
It is awesome.
Detria Mixon
Executive Recruiting Consultant
Executive Office Services

May 22, 2014

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your service and love your resource.
It serves me well!
Literally half of my resources referred to me from seeing my posts on PJF.
This resource provides me with most candidates for consideration.
Yulia Portman
Sourcing Specialist
US - 800.305.9673 X55178
UK - 0808.234.1917
Language Services Associates

May 13, 2014

I received resumes for excellent candidates for the advertised position. I interviewed three & hired one candidate who best suited our needs. Thanks so much for your assistance.
Cathy Dorsey
Dorsey's Developmental Institute

April 17, 2014

We are very much pleased with our posting site at PostJobFree. Thank you!
Peggy Ivey
Avail Home Health, Inc.

November 7, 2013

I love this service out of all the post-ad services I use, thanks again!
Ginger D. Kindred
Managing Partner
Kindred Consultants, LLC

November 1, 2013

Post Job Free is a great tool. We were able to find the right people thanks to you. In the future I intend to use your site again when we need new employees.
Debbie Wilson
Customer Support
Gunner's Marine Tech, Inc

October 18, 2013

Love your service - Will continue to be a member.
Norm Schmidt

May 22, 2013

Have received numerous ad responses today - quality looks very good.
Brent Barth
Senior Partner
CDR Group, Inc.
(602) 264-7717

April 30, 2013

I found our driver thru your website. You are the best!
Mark Lewis
Manager of Leslies Commercial Center

April 10, 2013

I absolutely LOVE the site and it is a great source of good resumes.
Great site, thank you!!!
Jane Heetderks
PMA Consultants
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 418-7916

February 19, 2013

We were looking for candidates in the Philadelphia, PA area and was a valuable asset in our company finding the qualified candidates that we needed.
Thank you.
Shaunta Russell
USMC Retired
(703) 463-9463

January 22, 2013

I wanted to thank you for your great website.
I had more than a dozen qualified applicants for the position i was trying to fill reach out to me in a matter of days!
Steven JC Kramer
First Midwest Property Preservation, INC

September 06, 2012

PostJobFree helped us to find 4 candidates that we needed to fill 4 positions in Philadelphia, PA.
Thank you so much and we may use your website again in the future.
Shaunta Russell
MSgt, USMC Retired
St. Michael's, Inc.
Woodbridge, VA
Office (703) 463-9463

June 09, 2012

If you mean does Post Jobs Free work the answer is absolutely yes.
80% of the candidates that apply are dead on to what I am looking for.
I don't even use Monster and Career Builder any more.
I love this site.
Michael Deitsch
Director Client Relations
Career Match Solutions
Charleston, SC
(O) (855) 267-6282 x221

May 31, 2012

Post Job Free is a fantastic, cost efficient, user friendly tool for all Recruiters! We are a Department of Defense Contractor for Military Installations and Federal Prisons and have hired so many wonderful Healthcare providers through the sites resources. Highly recommended to all!
Melinda Smith
HR Manager
Frontline National

April 30, 2012

We found a great structural engineer by using your site earlier this spring. He told us that he found our posting on, but I believe that came via our Premium membership via as I didn’t pay for any exposure other than through your site.
Thank you for providing such cost-effective, beneficial service.
Heather G. Galvin
Marketing Director
(252) 758-3746 x145 Office

April 12, 2012

Postjobfree was great. It provided us with exactly what we would expect from the big expensive sites. Easy to use, and saved us tons of time and money.
Billy De Rosa
Chief Banding Engineer
SilverDuck Tree Banding Services LLC

April 5, 2012

The service was very well, I have found my employee using your services.
Waynette Robinson
TWR Enterprise

March 1, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that I already closed one of my job orders with one of the candidates I got from your website! The Oracle OBIEE job for $140,000 thank you!
Dr. Carmen M. Castro
Aurora International Management Team

February 28, 2012

In late 2011, I was tasked with finding a well rounded programmer with a specialty in web development but also versed in sql. Obviously this is a rare combination, but thanks to, I found the perfect candidate within one week and had him on the job within two weeks. I can't say enough about, its very very affordable, and it works!
Randall Cottrell

February 28, 2012

I really like your site. It is not complicated like some other sites and software.
Sandy Scardino
National Recruiter
Enterprise Solutions
Phone: 713-591-9747

February 03, 2012

I am so very happy with the results.... THIS IS GREAT... thank you so much for being a great resource for recruiters... I am going to recommend your PREMIUM service to all the recruiters that I work with... You really have given me access to some great candidates and I thank you SO MUCH!!!!!
Chandra Jones
Alston Executive Search
Office: (347) 766-2377

January 26, 2012

I am a 3rd party recruiter for the aviation industry. I came across post job free a couple weeks ago and love it. I passed it on to my co-workers, who surprisingly had not heard of it, and now they are all using the site. It's really a cool site. Thanks!
Jason Zelenak
Search Coordinator
Aviation Search Group, LLC
(724) 547-7015 - Office

December 08, 2011

PostJobFree was very helpful in finding some people for a difficult position I am trying to fill.
Valerie Cavanagh
Linear Logics Corporation
610.558.7880 (ph)

December 07, 2011

I just hired a new engineer 10 min. ago from the resume I needed the contact info for.
Kerry Wells
OnSite Pro Robotics Inc.
California Office: 949-257-6524

December 07, 2011

I really like the ease of the search engine. I have searched for many websites that will help in recruiting candidates and this is the first time I have come across your website.
Florence Moore
GreyStar Corporation
O: (713) 953-7007

November 14, 2011

So far this site is my best bang for the buck.
CJ Black
Associate Recruiter
Realty Funding Partners
Direct: (216) 285-0331

August 31, 2011

I just signed up for premium membership. As a new recruiter I have to tell you I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!
Very easy to use, great information and well-worth $20/month!
Jonna L. Anderson
IT/Healthcare Recruiter
7808 NW Blue Pointe Lane
Portland, OR 97229
Phone: (503) 830-9714

July 21, 2011

I liked PostJobFree a lot.
• Search criteria was accurate
• Ability to contact job seeker was simple
• Sorts results by date of posting ----- this was helpful
• So far I found better results than what is found on Craigslist
Robert J. O’Hara
200 Motor Parkway, B-10 | Hauppauge, NY 11788-5100
(631) 299-2414 Office

May 11, 2011

I just wanted to thank you for having this type of site. I work for a small company with very little budget for recruiting. I was able to successfully obtain a VP for one of my roles using this site.
Stephanie Parker, CHCR
HCM Inc.
Director of Recruiting
1660 S Albion St. Ste 500
Denver, CO 80222
Phone: 720-961-4221

January 24, 2011

Executive Recruiters International LLC
I really love your site and use it to search resumes all the time.
The system is easy to use and I usually get a great return on my searches.
It is a great resource that I use daily.
Michele Crane, President
Phone: 888-809-9591

February, 16, 2009

I placed three candidates with the help of
Its really helpful.
Jack Smith, Business Development Manager
Compteq Inc. Keasbey, NJ

February, 20, 2009

Thank you - connected to the person through your web portal. He was in-port off a cruise ship at an internet cafe. Got him into the proposal team for a World Bank funded finance project in Moldova (East of Ukraine) yesterday afternoon. Proposal was emailed last night for closing Friday in Moldova time.
Access to resources and being able to respond quickly is critical to winning business these days.
Jim Chester 905-337-1515
DevPar Financial Consulting Ltd, Oakville, ON, Canada

September 04, 2008

Thank you for the great customer service. Craig's List should take some lessons from you.
Rita (Professional Technical Resources)

September 03, 2008

We have a huge virtual team and we share a ton of resources (paid and free). It was actually me who first discovered the site from a great article on the top 50 free posting sites. Now, everyone uses it and the one thing they all say (including me), is how easy it is to post and re-fresh postings. I cannot tell you how much that makes all of our workdays easier!
Paul Goldenberg (,

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