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Mechanical Engineer

Newark, California, 94560, United States
March 28, 2011

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Jack M. Wass

**** ****** ***** ******, ********** 94560 510-***-****

Objective: To obtain a challenging position as a Mechanical Designer


Worked on conceptual layout for motor location as well as designing and detailing mounting

hardware for Lawrence Livermore National Labs Nova Laser Systems Target inserter.

Designed and detailed hardware for optical assembly on streak camera for Neutron

Temporal Diagnostic for Nova Laser System.

Designed and detailed lifting fixture for removal of Nova Laser Bay large lens assemblies.

Software experience:

Cad Software: Solid Works 2011, PTC Wildfire 2.0

Animation Software: 3DS Studio Max 6, Bryce

Audio Software: Sound Forge, Acid Pro

Video Editing Software: Adobe Premier, Vegas 5


Designer-Harmonic Inc, (Pro Source) Sunnyvale Ca. July 2009-Aug 2009

Short term contract to layout proposed pc boards, connectors and chasse design for changes in product line using Solid Works ver. 9.

Designer-BAE Systems, (TAC Worldwide) Santa Clara Ca. Nov. 2007-Jun 2009

Worked as a senior level designer on future combat systems. Requirements: space, packaging and weight reduction and functionality.

Designer-Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (AIP) Livermore, Ca

May 2006-Sept 2007

Currently working on the NIF (National Ignition Facility) project where I work as a designer developing hardware for various projects within the facility using Pro Engineer Wildfire. Experience includes machine part design in the areas of transport and handling, optics, some conduit routing using Pro Pipe then completing tasks with complete detailing and assembly documentation.

Designer-Tel-Sat, (Pro Source) Concord Ca. April 2006-May 2006

Tel-Sat is a manufacturer of motion stabilization systems for satellite reception on marine vehicles. I’m currently working with engineers in upgrading electrical hardware for rotational motion.

Designer-Orcon, (Pro Source) Union City Ca. Nov 2005-March 31 2006

Orcon is a manufacturer of carpet tape and aerospace adhesives. I was hired to design upgrade sections of the processing equipment that consists of conveyor systems. Other duties included documenting material handling equipment for a new manufacturing facility opening in China. I was as also hired for instructing the engineering dept in the use of Solid Works.

Designer-Harmonic Inc, (Pro Source) Sunnyvale Ca. Aug.-Oct. 2005

My position at Harmonic involved helping an engineer with classy modifications for front end

video processing equipment as well as some design work and documentation. There were cable

models to be to be modified and documented as well. I worked in the lab taking measurements form equipment and making mockup models for fit up. I was also responsible for making configurations within Solid works for product line changes and for different levels of assemblies.

Designer-Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Johnson Controls) Livermore, Ca


Currently working on the NIF (National Ignition Facility) project where I work as a visualization

specialist using a PTC product called DV Mockup. I use DV Mockup to create a virtual database of the entire NIF project and study installations for interferences as well as test for possible interferences when installing large structures. Duties include calling up Pro-E assemblies within Interlink and publishing the assemblies out to be used in DV Mockup. Other duties include computer animation of different installations within NIF. Making assemblies in Pro-E for the purpose of creating Shrink-wraps to be published out to DV Mockup. I also use DV Mockup to conduct real time fly throughs for various engineering groups within the NIF project.

Designer/ Lead Animator- Pegasus Design Pleasanton, Ca 2000-2003

Design and drafting service specializing in optomechanical tooling for various industries including lasers, ophthalmology, and photography. Duties involved conceptual design modeling in Solid Works as well as preparing details and assembly drawing with full knowledge of ASME Y14.5 geometric tolerancing. Some modeling, assemblies and detailing work done with Pro-E. Training personnel in the use of 3D Studio Max 4 animation software. Projects involved animating exploded optomechanical assemblies for clarity in assembling parts. Animation also used for advertising and promotion. Post video animation work involved sound design using Sound Forge and composing musical scores using Acid Pro.

Designer-Finisar (Base Line Engineering, Inc) Sunnyvale, Ca 2000-2000

This company develops Broad-band fiber optics technology development. Worked with robotics manufacturing engineer in developing automated manufacturing systems. Created 3D models of automated systems for concept presentation. With the use of Solid Works 2000 creating configurations for documenting the assembly of manufacturing hardware.

Designer-B.O.C. Technologies (Bolt Staffing Service Inc.) Fairfield Ca 1999-2000

B.O.C. Technologies manufacture large industrial glass coating machinery. Work involves developing conceptual layouts for machine part and sheet metal fabrication. Duties also include detailing with full knowledge of ASME Y14.5 geometric tolerancing and assemblies using Solid Works 98 Plus.

Designer-Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Onsite Engineering) Livermore, Ca


Preparing conceptual laser system layouts as well as machine part design for the AVLIS project.

Designer-Drafter-United Defense (Base Line Engineering, Inc) San Jose, Ca 1995-1995

Upgraded the M113 assault vehicles documentation from the board drawing form the past 30 years to a 3d solid data base, using Computervision Cadds 5. Worked with the Appliqué group on a design level preparing conceptual layout and details for installation of hardware for future computer systems being installed into the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Designer-Drafter Argos Systems (NESCO Service Co.) Santa Clara, Ca. 1994-1995

Argos Systems is a subsidiary of Boeing that designs and manufactures antennas for commercial and military applications. I worked on revising and upgrading existing drawings for various schematics and hardware items.

Designer-Drafter Rix Industries (Volt Eng. and Tech. Services) Emeryville, Ca. 1993-1994

Rix industries designs and manufactures large industrial compressors. My responsibilities involved preparing details and assembly drawings for product manufacture.

Designer-Drafter Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Kaiser Engineers) Livermore, Ca. 1988-1993

During this time at LLNL I worked in the NOVA diagnostics group where I primarily prepared details for senior designers and engineers. As my experienced increased I worked on designing detailing everything from large lifting fixtures for lens assemblies to every small optical systems.

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