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Bothell, WA, 98012
September 26, 2008

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My ideal career setting requires me to use a hands-on engineering management style that directly interfaces with the electrical manufacturing production environment as a Manufacturing Test Engineer. My engineering skills are highly adaptable to a wide range of electronic specializations, such as RF engineer, Project Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Component Engineer, Quality Engineer, Application & Procurement Engineer, System Test Engineer and Design Engineer.

I am equally proficient initiating quality engineering solutions in a high volume with low mix environment, as well as low volume high mix custom design-to-production electronic or mechanical- electronic environment.

My strongest skill is the ability to apply the processes of failure analysis in diverse product environments to test, develop, program, document, and modify protocols and to specify components to solve manufacturing compatibility issues in the lab or the field. At ANPC, I structured production phases and provided the source of reliability for product lines lacking a coherent, reproducible production plan.

My extensive experience with test protocols was recently applied as Reliability Engineer at Philips Healthcare to optimize quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in specification testing of an AC adapter for a universal input power supply on an NPI laptop medical ultrasound scanner.

As Production Supervisor at ANPC, I was responsible for all phases of production, field testing and cross-training for a TLS avionic landing system. Supervisor responsibilities include resource planning, production scheduling, developing production test procedures and assuring product reliability and performance in the field with culturally diverse customers. My accomplishments at ANPC include test time reduction and simplification on a whole order of magnitude by creating new fixturing, test SW and test protocols for multiple RF, analog and digital for most of ANPC’s product line systems.

In 2003, I completed a contract assignment as a Manufacturing Test Engineer by SBS Technologies in Minnesota, a company that produces complex customized computers for industrial automation, avionics and commercial products. I applied lean manufacturing techniques and ISO9000/2000 compliance to a single board computer product as well as PCI, CPCI communication interface boards.

In the prior six years, I performed as Manufacturing Senior Test Supervisor of a test engineering group at Zetron, Inc., in Redmond, WA. Zetron is a manufacturer of through hole, SMT and BGA product technologies for a diverse range of high-tech applications for international clients in remote control, public safety command centers, paging and Wireless Communication products.


02/26/08 - 10/31/08 (contract) Reliability Engineer, Philips Healthcare-Ultrasound,

22100 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021 Tel: 800-***-**** Fax:425-***-****.

• HALT specification testing: universal input PS A/C adapter, develop load fixture

• EMATRIX documentation, TeamTrack anomaly documentation, environmental testing: vibration, thermocouple. On site vendor presentations of objective test data and design recommendations

• Sustaining engineering: video, audio, thermal, mechanical and computer hardware testing for sustainability and life of product compatibility.

• Product review compliance: medical device safety protocols, IEC 60601, UL/EN testing

• End user trainer training session product consultant

10/1/05 – 2/28/08. Production Supervisor, Advanced Navigation Positioning and Corporation, (ANPC) 11 Third St. Hood River, OR. 97031 Manufacturer of patented TLS, TTLS, TSAS avionic ground based landing systems using secondary radar principles.

• Create manufacturable system design from engineering design prototypes.

• Manage all company production activities and supervision of technicians. RF engineer, technical support, international customer training, field engineering product support, purchasing and shipping.

• Quality manager: company-wide quality control, vendor qualification and incoming inspection

• Lead, provide and support Manufacturing Test Engineer activities

• Field Engineering: Support field engineering operations in calibration, troubleshooting, and system verification. On site foreign Customer support and training in operations, deployment, troubleshooting, and system calibration.

• Inventory control, purchasing& shipping: Manage inventory, component control

7/5/04 – 10/1/2005. Sr. Manufacturing Test Engineer, ANPC.

• Create manufacturable system design from engineering design prototypes.

• Provide full documentation PDR/CDR/DVT, DFM, DFT, BIST production test SW and procedures.

• Component Engineering and SI & T engineering. Manufacturing engineering: Production test processes, document review and revision for updates.

• Component & Process engineering: Component specification/Testing/documentation for new system options (Ethernet extension, 802.11 /Copper /Fiber MM/SM /RF and proprietary). Specify and document with MCO obsolete product and components.

• SW engineering: component and system level testing (script, LabVIEW, C++,QNX,)

• RF engineer: Spec, design, build, Test, document, high speed RF power attenuator switch

o High speed (1us) cold switch (custom SPDT, vendor spec and management)

o 1030MHz

o 55dBm

o multiple attenuation levels 0, 3-24dBm

o universal power input

10/6/03-2/16/04. Manufacturing Test Engineer, SBS Technologies, Inc., Eagan,

MN. Manufacturer of custom embedded single board and fully integrated systems for avionics, military & telecommunications industries.

• Streamlined manufacturing timelines to ISO 9000-2000 compliance in a recently restructured production environment.

• Solved component manufacturability issues, interface with contract manufacturers, write work instructions and produce test protocols for a diverse inventory of on-board avionic products using BGA and flip chip technology as well as single board systems that apply RF, power, digital, analog, and fiber optic designs using various OS such as VxWorks.

11/02 - 8/03. Production Manager, CITC, Inc., Special Effects Equipment

manufacturer, Lynnwood, WA.

• Supervise manufacturing personnel & execution of project schedules within approved time and budget parameters. Implement new product design for customize product integration Analyze employee performance data for rating reviews.

• Purchase manufacturing material and initiate second short vendors accounts

• Develop inventory control system to track and analyze shortages, and documentation.

12/97 - 10/02. Manufacturing Test Engineer Supervisor, ZETRON, Inc.

Electronics Manufacturer, Redmond, WA.

• Supervisory responsibility for Test Engineering Department composed of

three senior level technicians, week-end supervision of production department, technician hiring and reviews.

Introduced BGA technology and more extensive use of SMT technologies. Develop technician training procedures for manufacturing of array of communications and controller products.

• Developed technician training programs in high voltage testing, product production troubleshooting, device programming skills, HIPOT testing and safety, programmable devices, test procedure guidelines, fixture documentation and failure analysis.

• Merger company product acquisition.

2/96 - 12/97. Manufacturing Test Engineer, ZETRON, Inc.

• Create new documentation of over 1000 company wide test procedures and

calibration instructions for process control on ISO9000, BABT certification.

• Developed test software and hardware for product line. Engineered new functional test fixtures adopted as company-wide standard.

• Product Review for engineered testability and product design

review doubled throughput by standardization of testing,

training resulting in improved quality and repeatability.

11/93 - 11/95. Manufacturing Test Engineer, BOCA RESEARCH, INC.

• Develop computer modem test fixtures and generation of test software, second source engineering, process control and work instruction documentation. Liaison with outside vendors and contract manufacturers.

• Failure analysis on product in process and RMA returns.


BSEE 1987, Florida Atlantic University


 Technologies: RF, digital, analog, single and multi mode fiberoptics, DSP, simulations, embedded processors, PGA, CTLD, FPGA, multimedia converter, compliance testing, DC/DC inverter, DC/AC inverter

 Computer OS: IBM PC Clones 286-Pentium IV, Macintosh, Sun, DOS,

Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, QNX

 Application Software: MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, VISIO, MS Project, MS Outlook, MS Access, Or CAD, Pspice, MAS90,WinZip, RAR, EMATRIX,

 Programming Languages & Protocols: DOS, Assembler, FORTRAN, C, BASIC, LabVIEW 7.0, ISO 9000, DO178, CONBON, MIL-STD, IEC 60601, HALT, TeamTrack

 Test Equipment: oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum/network analyzers, RF power meters/ amplifiers, Antennas (dish, patch, yagi, monopole), logic analyzer, optical power meters, and climatic chambers, HIPOT

Personal Hobbies: High performance automotive, diesel engine and classic automobile restoration, Amateur Radio Operator, 1KW hydroelectric generator system.


Tony Bills, Mgr,Development Engineer, General Engineering

Tel: 800-***-**** Ext:7801 Fax:425-***-****

Philips Healthcare - Ultrasound

22100 Bothell Everett Hwy

Bothell, WA 98021

Greg Fissel, Mgr,Development Engineer, Signal Path Dev OH (Both)

Tel: 800-***-**** Ext:7207 Fax:425-***-****

Philips Healthcare - Ultrasound

22100 Bothell Everett Hwy

Bothell, WA 98021

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