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Medical device test & system integration engineer

United States
November 07, 2009

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Highly successful Electronic System Developer with strengths in Project Management and new product development with a mission to help your companies’ growth as your new Test & System Integration Engineer.


Over 15 years of experience with every phase of the "cradle to grave life cycle" of designed and manufactured electro-mechanical instruments and products. My most recent contract assignments have been “scheduled short term contracts”, working against the product’s first-shipment deadline, agency certification requirements, etc. I have a strong background in design, problem solving working with off-shore Software and Hardware Engineers. Because of my previous experiences I have successfully worked within those companies’ Design, Manufacturing and QA, departments with minimal orientation and supervision. I have a proven track record of commitment to my projects, which were shipped, worked correctly and delivered on time.


• Schematic generation using OrCAD, Protel and PADS.

• Debug and troubleshooting to the component level using instruments such as: DMM, Emulators

Analyzers and Oscilloscopes.

• Hands on design and system integration experience with Industry standard Busses such as: ISA,

PCI, PCI Express, PXI, VME, VXI, SATA, SCSI, Fiber-Channel, GPIB and USB.

• Programming experiences using Assembly, C, Lab View, Perl, Visual Basic and UNIX.

• Document control using Agile, AutoCAD, Excel, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, SAP, Word and Visio.


XtraOutlet Independent Consultant Mar.09 – Present

• Installed, field tested and currently servicing a “Fee- based” WI-FI Service in Clearlake, CA.

GE Homeland Security Develop and Test Engineer (Contractor) Oct.08 – Mar. 09

• Led the Development team, developing a new Fiber-channel based server/data cluster, within GE’s

latest 3D X-Ray baggage scanner. Created all the Engineering documentations, and Operational Verification tests used by in-house personnel and customer (TSA) to validate the system.

Philips Medical Group Test Engineer (Contractor) Sept.07 – Aug.08

• Developed a PXI Test System with Lab View software used to automate testing of their new ECG. Agency (AAMI, EC11, SEDICI) Approval cycle times were reduced from 5 man-months to 12 hrs.

Microsoft Test Engineer (Contractor) Apr.07 – Sept. 07

• Assisted in the development of test programs, used to validate, characterize and qualify the pre-production Xbox GPU devices per their design and functional specifications. Delivered Failure Analysis and Reports for the Microsoft Engineers and vendors.

Rain Bird Test Engineer (Contractor) Jan.06 - Apr.07

• Worked with a group of consultants using Protel and Lab View to develop 3 different Functional Test

Systems for Rain Bird's new 2.4 GHz Wireless Products. Performed Failure Analysis on “Product Failures” during the Pilot Run phase of production.

Boards To Go Design Engineer (Employee) Dec.02- Jan.06

• Designed, integrated and delivered “custom built- to- order” PC systems with Instrument Cards, custom Wire-Wrap Assemblies and software.

BioCircuits Design and Test Engineer (Contractor) Apr.02 - Nov.02

• Co-designed, built and documented an Automated Process Control System for Clean Room use.

Lathrop Engineering Design and Test Engineer (Contractor) Aug.01 - Mar.02

• As a Design Team member, designed and built an automated Blood Analysis System for Roche Medical. Developed Lab View programs to control specifically designed Microchip 16PF628 controlled Assemblies, IE. Drip Tank Heat controllers, slide carrier sensor and fluid distribution.

VISX Sustaining Engineer (Contractor) Jan.01 - Jun.01

• Created, developed and documented various LabView test programs, including Laser alignment procedures, used to bring Visx's latest

"WaveFront" product into production.

GN ReSound Design Engineer (Contractor) Mar.00 - Jan.01

• Supervised assembly, test and shipments of Medical device Test systems to offshore manufacturing sites.

Ampro New Products Test Engineer (Contractor) Jan.00 - Mar.00

• Debugged, documented and validated the functionality of a pre-production released P/C 104 product.

Command Audio Manufacturing Test Engineer (Employee) Dec.98 - Oct.99

• Developed Lab View programs, testing FM Capture selectivity, sensitivity, and analyzed broadcast freq. for correctness, out of band problems, and THD%, SN, Cross-talk, phase of modulated data.

TE-Systems Design Test Engineer (Employee) Nov.97 - Oct.98

• Analyzed, designed and implemented Test strategies, built on Custom Functional VXI Test Systems.

Hewlett Packard Defeat Analyst (Employee) Apr.95 - Nov.97

• Analyzed "Failed" SCSI peripherals, functioning as the main liaison to vendors and manufacturing and procurement groups. Automated the test and verification cycles by writing test scripts for DOS, Windows, HP-UNIX and VMS.

Teradyne Development Design Engineer (Employee) Nov.91 - Apr.95

• Led as “Engineer in Charge”, the design, debug and system integration efforts resulting in the

“Production Release” of Teradyne’s Z8000 ICT, 300 systems shipped.


• National Instruments Lab View and Lab Windows Developer Courses

• Extension Engineering Courses at UC Berkeley, CA

• HP Fiber-channel Raid V Technology Courses

• AS, Diablo Valley College, CA. with Industrial Electronic Engineering Cert.


Previous Manager or Supervisor references are available upon request.

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