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Process Enginner

Piscataway, New Jersey, 07080, United States
May 26, 2010

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Process engineer with over 13 years experience and extensive, thorough knowledge in manufacturing processes. In-depth knowledge of Six Sigma and ISO procedures, with high proficiency levels in computers, data collection and analysis. Recognized operations and cost saving skills and proven technical leadership in:

*Molding, Coating and Edging Production *Film Processing & Fanuc Robotics

*Documentation Management *Training & Process Improvement


*Bachelor of Science in Technical Management, DeVry University

* Featured in Dean’s List

*Degree Expected in Dec 2010

*Associate of Applied Science-1995

ITT Technical Institute, Fort Lauderdale, FL

*Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering-1982

Technical Training College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*Completed Training in FMEA SPC, GD&T, AutoCAD, PLC’s & Programming Six Sigma & Kaizen




Established processes for coating, edging and molding of ophthalmic lenses and evaluated all products and process improvements before use or integration into production. Created documentation consisting of drawings, installation procedures, work instructions, reports & recommendations.

Operations and Process Improvement

• Laid down new process for Promarks vacuum sealing machine allowing film factory operator to vacuum seal four foil pouches per cycle rather than one, reducing man-hour effort to one fourth of prior requirements. Recommended change in foil size that reduced man-hours to one sixth of usual time frame.

• Qualified second supplier for film punching die tool fabrication. Outsourcing fabrication of die tool led to approximately 75 percent cost savings.

• Played technical and leadership role in eliminating film size, color or shape as root cause of lens failure which allowed for seamless integration of film discs manufacturing into operations.

• Upgraded manual polarized axis line marking in film factory area to auto inkjet marking system, providing identification of film lot and date codes for Vision-Ease flat and form film types. Responsible for project from conceptualization to identification, interfacing with supplier, and successful implementation on four film part presses.

• Identified and qualified supplier source for foil bags used to vacuum seal magazine/cassette prior to auto film loading. Foil bags eliminated impressions on film disk resulting from vacuum sealing and resulting defects on photo film parts. This system eliminated manual loading of film into magazine at press and reduced time for service.


• Tested various film geometry and types to contribute substantially to yield improvement for all film parts.

• Conducted factory experiments with formed wafers leading to successful qualification of single punch method for PZ product. Single punch method for PZ formed wafers resulted in time savings in film preparation and yield improvement.

• Experimented with “cavity shut-off” technique with use of dummy to mold less SKU in the absence of sufficient tooling to meet production targets.

• Served as advisor to suppliers in Jakarta to facilitate reduction of splay-related parts defects and better preparation of raw material before production press. Instrumental in providing a COMPUTRAC unit for resin dryness testing.

New Initiatives

• Performed installation, programming and setup for thirteen new FANUC robots and monitored day-to day operations. Completed activities upon unexpected departure of automation engineer during period of film design and production equipment retooling.

• Completed set up of film factory, including purchase and installation of all equipment and machinery. Defined machinery/equipment processes and work instructions to ensure safe and efficient operations. Operations policies and safety procedures now formally instituted as core competency within company.

• Planned and successfully executed evaluation run for new product “ILLUMINA SunRx” using in-house formed wafers. Developing and using in-house wafers contributed to product’s profitability and returns.

• Worked to develop prototype to reduce film drop and increase “up hours” and operational ease. Prototype was found to be so efficient that it was duplicated on three more presses.


Process Improvement

• Commended by CEO for efforts as part of first Kaizen team which created templates and tools to implement lean manufacturing. CEO accorded special recognition to team for being “able to identify ‘muda’ to the sum of $54,750 on an annual basis. The Kaizen event demonstrated a ROI in only 4+ months.”

• Recognized for systematic and positive approach to people and problem solving and for all round product and process knowledge. Made responsible for introducing next generation film processing techniques as well as validation and transition phases of all new R&D product and manufacturing techniques.

• Received outstanding contribution recognition for saving company more than $500K by troubleshooting lens production issues.

• Acknowledged by CEO for effecting ten point increase in yield by introducing changes in particle counting and cleaning processes and by training plant engineers to change one variable at a time and measure resulting impact on yield.

• Commended for restoring FSV yield to above budget performance by making coating and molding process improvements and verifying data.

Team Leadership/Training and Vendor Relations

• Won recognition from CEO for improving “difficult relationship” between supplier and Vision Ease. Team was credited for improving “our yields for a historically tough production part ... from a low of 10% to a yield of 43%.”

• Specially acknowledged for contributing as Molding Team Leader to company's successful bid to regain Progressive lens business.

• Publicly recognized for team leadership due to full and complete implementation of through-cut wafers technology, training of personnel and for personally performing production process to find strengths and problems.

• Completed FANUC online course and made learning available to maintenance personnel to promote knowledge sharing. Was commended for people development and ability to build “human capital.”


• Generated numerous studies and reports as well as TWI and safety sheets that won accolades for lucidity and ability to correctly demonstrate need of end-user.

• Commended for staying focused and for helping company justify capital expenditure during tough business cycle by leading multiple studies to show front to back yield improvement when using through-cut wafers in production environment.

• Appreciated for eMapping study identifying the defects contributing to molding yield loss and for conducting multiple moisture studies on polarized film production processes.


Quality Inspector ,Gemini Plastic Services Inc, Davie, Florida Oct 1994- Dec 1995

Preventive Maintenance Technician, Lasertron Inc, Sunrise, Florida Mar 1994 -July 1994

Plant Maintenance Supervisor, Cosmaceutics Private Limited, Malaysia Jan 1992 - Sep 1993

Technician, -Electro-Mechanical System, Kontrak Manufacturing, Malaysia Mar 1983 -Dec 1991

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