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SQA Tester, Software Analyst,

Austin, Texas, United States
November 28, 2011

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Austin, TX. *8753

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Operating Systems/Protocols: DOS, System 36, VMS, UNIX, AIX, LINUX, WINDOWS(9x/NT/2K/XP/2K3,2K7), OS2, LANs/WANs, TCP/IP,NFS, RPC, HTTL, UML, Rational Rose, WebSphere,VMWARE

Languages/Applications: Assembler, Basic(s), C/C++, REXX, TCL/TKL , GPIB (2), CURSES, HTML , XML, Java, Installshield, SQL Shells-(Korn, Bourne, CSH), AWK, GREP, MOTIF, Ant, Eclipse, Tomcat, Bugzilla, Eclipse

Word Processors: DW3, IEOS, WS, VED, WP, XEDIT, MS-WORD, VI, Lotus.

Databases/RDBMS: DBase, RBase, Query, Paradox, Framework, Retain, Notes, DB2, CMVC, MS-CSS, Bug-zilla, Oracle/PowerSchool, Case-E, SVN, CVS, JIRA, MySQL

Graphics: DW5C, PageMaker, Harvard Graphics, Freelance.

Spreadsheets: Lotus, Multiplan, Excel, MS-Project.


03/2010 – 03/2011 Customer Care Inc.

Contractor with AT&T’s Web Services division providing code development and quality assurance functions for on-going projects associated with their public WIFI networks and commercial network monitoring systems. Utilizing Agile SCRUM medthods, worked with all aspects of AWS’s (ATT Wifi Systems) portal systems including accessing Linux and Windows Oracle and Postgres databases, Network Monitoring Devices, JIRA and custom tools for auto update and download capabilities. Code was developed in SQL, “C/C++”, and various script languages as well as Eclipse with revision control based in SVN and CVS systems. Installed and utilized VMWare linux systems. Created test cases and scripts for code validation and interfaced with various engineers and designers for verification of cost savings and efficiency recommendations on client interfacing and CLOUD projects. Performed SQA functions utilizing white and blackbox testing process and tested WEB services accessing REST protocols.

OS & Tools used: Debian Linux, Windows(XP), Tom Cat, Eclipse, Jira, Oracle, SQL, Maven, SVN, CVS, Ldap, VMware.

10/2008 – 10/2009 Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Hired to implement a new school scheduling system called PowerSchool (Oracle) and a IEP planning database call Case-E. Extracted, converted and uploaded all student data from their in-house legacy systems to these two platforms. Legacy systems consisted of Websphere, DB2, and Filemaker Pro programs. Provided custom screen development, end user support and training sessions. Installed local PowerSchool systems for test and development. Accomplished all implementations on schedule, which allowed the school to retire and consolidated a number of host systems causing a savings in the operation of the Information Resources department.

OS & Tools used: Sun Unix, Excel, Windows(XP), TomCat, Websphere, Oracle, DB2, FileMaker Pro.

06/2004 – 05/2007 IT Navigators, Austin, TX

Contractor with IBM, providing level 2 support for high profile OEM clients. Responsible for support on a wide variety of IBM and partnered products including WebSphere, DB2, and Runtime Express as well as interfacing aspects for Oracle, Peoplesoft, and Nokia products. Duties consisted of resolving client problems and security conflicts, reproducing errors on Window/AIX/LINUX, and working with development on resolutions

OS & Tools used: CVS, CMVC, MS_CSS, DB2, Bugzilla, Retain, XML, Java, Installshield, Ant, Eclipse, Websphere, AIX, Linux, Windows(XP, 2000, NT) Excel, MS-Project, Ant, Eclipse, Tomcat.

08/2003 - 06/2004: IT Navigators, Austin, TX

Contractor with IBM OGSF Grid Development: This leading edge project required duties of integration, configuration, product validation and integration of IBM added services for code drops on UNIX, AIX, and LINUX platforms. Providing feed back to development on the rollout processes required for final release. Additional tasks included working in C/C++ and Java environments for code development modules, review third party design documents, conducting unit test and system integration tests, participating in requirements gathering and detailed design sessions, performing impact analysis of new requirements to exiting data conversion programs and applications.

OS &Tools used: CVS, CMVC, Bugzilla, Retain, XML, Java, InstallShield, Ant, Websphere, AIX, Linux, Shells-(Korn, Bourne, CSH), AWK, GREP, TCP/IP,NFS, RPC, HTTL, UML, Rational Rose.

10/2002 - 01/2003 ADECCO, Austin, TX

Contractor with technical support group for Microsoft’s leading entertainment and gaming system. Duties consist of resolving problems and customer questions concerning “XBOX” and “XBOX LIVE” systems. I interfaced one on one with users in all experience and age categories, covering machine outages, initial system setups, system configuration, and connection to the Internet via broad band service providers. Escalated issues on gaming problems via MS-CSS and provided assistance on customer satisfaction resolutions and questions.


Project Mgr. / Team Lead for multiple Client/Server system automation and data collection project team in conjunction with Web Electronic Services and data warehousing. Defined and designed project specifications from business requirements documents. Trace business requirements to detailed design specifications and provided and provide AD HOC query reports. Also performed impact analysis on new requirements, design and development modifications, to existing data conversion programs. Provided timelines and schedules based upon customer input and supervised development team to ensure all quality issues were met and project came in on schedule and budget. Provided training to customers, internal teams, and field personnel worldwide.

OS & Tools Used:

VMS, UNIX, AIX, LINUX, WIN(9x/NT/2K/XP/2K3), LANs/WANs, TCP/IP,NFS, RPC, HTTL, C/C++, REXX, TCL/TKL , CURSES, HTML , XML, Java, InstallShield , Shells-(Korn, Bourne, CSH), AWK, GREP, Retain, Notes, DB2, CMVC,

Excel, MS-Project, SQL.

1994 - 1997 MERLIN GROUP, INC., Austin, TX.

Contract Project Designer and Technical Lead for IBM Global Services. Designed and developed an initial automatic service response system for warranty customers. System was deployed in over 20 countries monitoring over 2000 systems and automatically placing service calls into IBM's problem management system. Development of this system utilized client/server protocols for execution on networked and standalone systems. It included utilizing Xmodem, Internet, and RPC protocols; CURSES, MOTIF, HTML and C/C++ languages. My duties consisted of maintaining existing software applications; reviewing third party design documents; creating programming specifications from business requirements documents; tracing business requirements to detailed design specifications; developing adhoc queries for reports; conducting unit and system integration tests; participating in requirements gathering and design sessions; performing impact analysis on new requirements to design and data conversions.

OS & Tools Used:

VMS, UNIX, AIX, LINUX, WIN(9x/NT/2K/XP/2K3), LANs/WANs, TCP/IP,NFS, RPC, HTTL, C/C++, REXX, TCL/TKL , CURSES, HTML , XML, Java, InstallShield , Shells-(Korn, Bourne, CSH), AWK, GREP, MOTIF, DBase, Query, , Retain, Notes, DB2, CMVC,

Excel, MS-Project.


Assoc. Electronic Technology, BSCS (90+ hrs), Certificates in Computer Design and Project Management, Certified Advanced System Administrator for WebSphere Application Server.

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