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Mechanical Designer Drafter

San Francisco, California, 95128, United States
March 28, 2011

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John A. Chavez

**** ******** *****

San Jose, CA 95128



QUALIFICATIONS: More than 10 years experience in Design Layout and Detailing


* Proficiency in all phases of product design development and documentation, from initial

layout to formal manufacturing drawings.

* Proficiency in using ACAD R12-14 (2D & 3D) ACAD LT97, Visual CADD, CV4X

(2D & 3D), EXEL, Word, 6 years SolidWorks, 2 years Pro/E.

* Prepared Layouts of large and small mechanisms, structures, tooling, fixtures, testing

and handling equipment(Hydraulic and Pneumatic).

* Prepared PC Board, Chassis, Power Supply Card Cage Assemblies, front panels,

RF components, and sheet metal housings.

* Proficiency in using industrial and military standards such as ANSI Y14.5M-1994,

MIL-STD-100, and MIL-D-1000.

* Responsible for selecting design materials, components, fabricators, and source vendors.

* Effectively interfacing with engineers, co-workers, supervisors, and manufacturing.


4/2007-04/09 Sr. Designer, GeoLogic Corp., Alexandria, Virgina

Creat Pro/Engineer Models and drawings for Bradly vehicles also use ComputerVision.

11/2000-03/2007 Sr. Draftsman/Designer, TRAZAR Corporation, Santa Clara, CA

Created SolidWorks Models of AMU10E, and Electrostatic Chuck, ECC3-3 Assemblies.

3/2000-11/2000 Engineering Draftsman, De Anza College, Cupertino, CA

Student Job Program: Assigned at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Modeling of Support Structures for Nitogen Tanks & Vacuum Chamber with SolidWorks.

3/1995-9/1998 CAD Designer, TRAZAR Corporation, Santa Clara, CA

Design Layout of Match Network Units, their components, Pulser Faraday Shielding,

Interlock mechanisms, sheet metal Housings, Straps, Cap Punch and Mandrel tools

in ACAD 3D Solid AME, wrote ECO’s for drawing changes and releases.

3/1994-12/1994 Sr. CAD Designer, American Technical, Inc., Santa Clara, CA

Assigned at Applied Komatsu Technology: Design/Drafting of a Display Panel High

Vacuum Chamber, related RF sheet metal, piping and ceramic components; interfaced

with fabricators.

9/1993-9/1993 CAD Drafter, Vectorex Corporation, San Jose, CA

Reconstructed Geometry and inserted ANSCII text into ACAD Isometric drawings and

Logic diagrams scanned from Manual drawings, using my own computer at home.

6/1992-8/1992 Designer CAD Operator, Base Line Engineering, San Jose, CA

Assigned at FMC Corporation: Layout of a Final Drive Housing and Brake linkages

in 3D Wire Frame, calculated Shock Rebound resultants with Microsoft EXCEL, wrote

Engineering Proposed Changes (ECP’s).

2/1980-11/1991 CADD Layout Drafter, Westinghouse Elec. Corp., Sunnyvale, CA

Design layouts of complex mechanical, weldment,E/M Assemblies. Led in the redesign

of a Potable Hydraulic Unit and assigned work to other Drafters. Design of seal removal tools.

Layout of Testing and handling Fixtures. Wrote Macro Graphic programs.


BS Industrial Technology, San Jose State University, SJ, CA

AA Drafting Technology, Evergreen Valley College, SJ, CA

Courses: ACAD R12-14, Pro/Engr 2001, SolidWorks De Anza College, Cupertino, CA

PCB Design with ProTel, Mission College, Santa Clara, CA

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