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Engineer Manager

Aliso Viejo, CA, 92656
August 22, 2012

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Tarif Arabi


Resume Summary

Freelance senior consultant and entrepreneur with verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within start-up and rapid-change high risk environments.

Over 10 years of highly successful consulting solutions with remarkable ability to overcome complex business challenges and make high-risk decisions using experience backed judgment, strong work ethics and irreproachable integrity.

Over 20 years of extensive experience in technical consulting in digital and analog system design and application. Proven track record in debugging and correcting difficult-to-detect field failures of digital subsystems.


• IT and Business Development Consulting

• Corporate Management

• Project Management

• Engineering Management

• Product Marketing

• Digital & Analog Consulting System analysis

• Test & Measurement Systems

• Sales and Marketing


1989 Masters in Electrical Engineering

University of Missouri, Rolla, UMR

1983 Diploma in Computer and Automatic Control

Damascus University

1981 B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Damascus University


2003 – Now ACOMX Advanced Technology

President & CEO

Managed start-up of this independent tech-firm specializing in in-house developed solutions as well as being an authorized agent for several multinational software hardware companies. Provide road map, strategic business planning, corporate strategy and market research. The excellent consulting services provided, made ACOMX a pioneering firm in the consulting field.

2000 – 2001 National Semiconductor – CA, USA

Full-time Consultant (for the following two projects)

Single Chip World GSM Radio Transceiver (a triple-band radio chip for GSM)

Worked with Test and Product Engineering departments to help introduce this product to production and enhance yield for final test.

Software Security Dongle

Debugged and corrected field failures in the dongle. The debugging process included consultation and liaison work between the chip manufacturer (National Semiconductor), dongle manufacturer (Rainbow Technologies) and several end customers. The failures were due to design incompatibility between the chip and circuit board designs. Made recommendations to correct the problem and worked to validate the solution in the field.

1999 – 2011 Ultimax – CA, USA

Board of Directors Member

Established international business development and put 5 year plan for early high-strength cement technology in the U.S. and abroad (Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia).

VP International Operation

Responsible for:

Long term planning

Applying strategies

Company organization and international R&D.

1989 – 1999 National Semiconductor – CA, USA

Application Manager - Light Valve Products

Handled all Light Valve support (Drive electronics, system design, customer supports and new products definition). Also acted as strategic marketing engineer for producing roadmap and strategic business plan.

Duties Include:

Developing customized driver electronics for customers worldwide

New product definition (working closely with key customers)

Designing and implementing drive electronics for several Light Valve products

Developing datasheets for light valve and drive electronics

Leading key R&D projects joints with key customers

Helping with 3 year Strategic Product/Business plans

Developing digital camera system solution (with image sensor group)

Working at customers' labs to establish and debug customer systems (Monitors, Projectors, HDTV etc.)

Defining drive electronics on a chip solution

Strategic Applications Manager - Advance System & Interface Products

Led the DRC & PCI bridge controllers’ team to become #1 in the Embedded Market and provided management with future product plan based on customers aligns.

Duties Include:

New product definition (working closely with key customer)

Market screening and analysis

Product business case

Driving product from idea to production

5 year Strategic Product/Business plans

Applications Manager - Programmable Logic Devices

Led and directed the activities of the Applications and Support group to achieve the goals of National Semiconductor and Programmable Logic Devices and serve the PLD market.

Duties Include:

Overseeing software development and securing third party software support

Managing world-wide hardware support

Planning and implementing strategies for market success of the PLD's

Identifying future system requirements for new products

World-wide training activities including FAEs, sales, and customers

Senior Application Engineer - Programmable Logic Devices

Responsible for providing customer support for design and usage activities; also responsible for all internal support, providing system understanding of PLD.

1982 – 1987 SYRCOTEL (Branch of CIT Alcatel)

Senior Test Engineer

Developed and marketed two products:

• Telex Adapter to interface two different communication systems

• High Power Battery Backup systems (frequency and voltage regulated)


1989 – 1999 Created and published a wide range of papers, application notes, data sheets and training programs. - National Semiconductors, CA.

1989 – 1989 Graduate Research - Intelligence System Center (ISC) - University Of Missouri, Rolla

1988 – 1989 Graduate Teaching Assistance at University of Missouri Rolla

1986 – 1987 Instructor of Digital Design Techniques - The Intermediate Health Institute

Papers, Data Books, Software Manuals and Publications:

• Low Density SCAN PLD’s: The Missing Link for Boundary SCAN Testing Paper, EETIMES

• PLD Integrates Dedicated High-Speed Data Buffering, Complex State Machine and Fast Decode Array Paper, Wescon 1993

• Single Chip Solution Reduces Chip Count for FDDI Test Board Paper, Data I/O APP

* Viper low-cost FAX/printer controller board interface

Paper, Data I/O APP

* Designing with High Speed PLD's


* State Machine Design for PLD


* High-Speed System Design Using Programmable Generic Array Logic Application Note

* 1993 Programmable Logic Devices Databook and Design Guide Data Book

* 1990 Programmable Logic Devices Databook and Design Guide Data Book

* MAPL Design Guide

Data Book

* OPAL Manual

Software Manual

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