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Manager Design

San Diego, California, 92130, United States
March 13, 2011

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**** ******** ***** *** ***, San Diego, CA 92130 - (858)***-**** (H) (858)***-**** (m)



Build career in enterprise software architecture, design, development & management function with active role in entire software life cycle, leveraging my diverse technical / managerial skills & experience.


Software professional with 20+ years of design/ development, architectural & Managerial experience, extensive knowledge working with various middleware products BEA-WebLogic (WLI & Portal), IBM-MQ, TIBCO/AE, Tuxedo/ jolt, .Net, SAP/ PI 7.1, IBM-Data Power, Life Ray

Databases: Oracle10g, 9i, Sybase 11, SQL Server, DB2/2, and Informix.

Application/ Verticals Knowledge: eCommerce, Telecom, Banking, insurance, Travel, Retail.

Operating systems: Linux, UNIX (SUN, HP), Windows, OS/2.

Middle-Tier Products: BEA-Web Logic, BEA-WLI, EJB/MDB, JMS, TIBCO-Active Enterprise, TIBCO-SDK (C++, JAVA), TIBCO-HAWK, TIBCO-Message Broker, TIB-RV, TIB-Business Works 5.1.2/ 5.1.3, IBM-MQ, BEA-Tuxedo/ Jolt, COM+/ DCOM, Microsoft .Net. Business Objects, Hibernate, Oracle-Top LINK, Billing & Rating engines, SAP/ PI 7.1, ECC 6.4, FSCD, FSCM, ICM & FI-GL.

Products architected/ designed: CTOS/ BTOS based Financial Applications, TIBCO – Message Broker, BEA/ Siebel Adaptor, Onyx-CRM features, SAP/ PI integrations, B2B, ECC Financial

Languages: JAVA, BPEL, C++, C#, C, Perl, JSP, PL/SQL, assembly, JavaScript, Python, Groovy, Perl.

ETL Tools: SAP/ Business Object, MSFT/ SSIS


T-Mobile, Bellevue, WA

Mobile Applications Initiatives on Android/ Blackberry smart phones (10/2010 -)

Platform: Java/ J2EE, jQuery, JSP, WCS Commerce Server, Nuance, Kiosk, ASP.Net, Web Service, ESB, ALU –MCS (Alcatel Lucent platform), SAP SD, Amdocs/ billing, TIBCO

Responsibilities: As a Lead Solutions Architect (hands-on) lead architecture changes and enhancement requests from business analysts, and later as a lead in design & implementation of various enhancements in

• Nuance mobile application server changes to support for new content.

• Application Catalog business process changes in Web sphere commerce server.

• Alcatel Lucent MCS (multimedia content server), application promotions, search, purchase on handset and web using Transcoder.

ICW Group, San Diego, CA (11/2007 – 10/2010 )

SAP for Insurance Implementation

Platform: Java / J2EE, AXIS 2.0, Web Services, ESB, Business Objects /DI, spring framework & related Technologies (Hibernate 3, Axis2, iBatis2.5), SAP/ PI 7.1, ECC 6.4, SAP/ FS-CM, SAP/FS-CD, SAP/ ICM & SAP/FI modules interfaces, SAP/ Bill(er) Direct, IBM-Data Power, business objects-ETL, SSIS.

Responsibilities: As an architect/ technical manager hands-on in initial phases and later as a lead in design & implementation of various ACORD/ XSD standards based internal and external B2B interfaces such as:

• Policy Management System (Workers Comp) to create Business Partner(s), Brokers/ Agents, Insurance Object, Contract Accounts, Provider, Policy Search.

• Integrating premium accounting – policy premium, deposit, fees & assessment computations. SME role in policy life cycle, transactions.

• ISO Claim validation & regulatory reporting

• Bank Of America payment gateway integration credit/ Debit card, statements, billing transactions

• ECM/ Live Link – Enterprise Content Management integration Check imaging & processing, Michell bill review SAP integrations.

• FSCD – Collection & Disbursement, FSCM – Claims Management, ICM – Commissions & Agency Management, FI-GL, AP interfaces using IDoc, Web Services, RFC, ECC-Proxy, User Exits.

• Leading Legacy (Mainframe), claims, business partners, insurance policy, data conversion/ Migration / data cleansing using SAP Business Objects & SSIS tools, KCLJ.

* Software Architecture & Dev. Consulting (02/2003 -11/2007)

Visage Mobile, San Francisco, CA

Mobile services platform for ordering, provisioning, billing, mediation for MVNO(s).

Platform: Java/ J2EE (Spring, Hibernate, Struts), BEA-WebLogic/ WLI - ESB, Web Services/ SOAP/WSDL, XML, XSD, XQuery, XSL, Siebel 7, Bright Point, Converges/ Geneva, Vertex, Payment-Tech, Telcordia, Equifax, Oracle 10g, Life Ray portal.

Responsibilities: As a Sr. Architect/ Designer/ developer responsible to lead design of integrating backend systems to create MVNO business processes.

• Requirements analysis with business & designing business processes.

• Designing integration infrastructural pieces with back-end applications Siebel, Geneva

• Leading design/ development team in implementing the core Java/ J2EE modules, scripting in Python, Groovy.

• Customer portal based on Life ray for bill review.

• Billing/ Rating engine customization and interface

Fannie Mae/ BEA Sys, Herndon, VA

Banking/ Mortgage Financial system implementation & integration

Platform: BEA-WebLogic 8.1 sp4 (WLI), Liquid Data, Bloomberg (DL), Workflow, Telerate/Market-Data (LIBOR), Web-Services (Java & .Net)/XSD, XQuery, SOAP/WSDL, BPEL, Active Directory Security, Business Objects (DI), Cape Clear/ ESB, CICS & Summit (financial app), Perl, Oracle 9.2, Sybase11, IBM (mainframe), Struts, Hibernate, UML, JSP, ILOG/ JRule, EJB.

Responsibilities: As a Sr. WebLogic J2EE/ SOA Solutions Architect, responsible in leading design/ development effort also to help in productize the integration application, (leading team of 9 engineers)

• Designing business processes around external and internal applications using data driven extensible topology.

• Integrating various data models from applications like: Bloomberg (Data Access), Legacy CICS jobs, Telerate/ LIBOR data feeds, GL, MBS (Mortgage Based Securities), Mortgage Pools, and Power Builder etc.

• Workflows for exceptions, external scripts, .Net inter-op.

• Extending EAI infrastructure with .Net & Java Web-Services to access stand-alone applications.

• Extending application level security from enterprise level company wide Active Directory Security & I-Planet.

• Implementation of Web Service Orchestration services for external businesses like Bloomberg, Telerate/ Libor, BPEL

• Database transaction layer for audit & redelivery (Hibernate).

• Creating performance matrix, process scheduling, removing performance bottlenecks.

• Oracle Schema design, performance fixes.

Cingular Wireless, Dallas, TX

Wireless Billing & partner communication feature enhancements

Platform: BEA-WebLogic 8.1/ WLI, Java/ J2EE, Hibernate, Struts/ JSP, XSD/ XSL, WebService (SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI), TIB/ BW 5.1.3, TIB/BC 3.5, Cingular/ CARE & Amdocs/ Telegence, Comverse/ Fun-Dial, Hibernate, Workflow, ESB/ BPEL

Responsibility: As a Sr. Technical Architect, responsible for designing and leading implementation of features in J2EE bases Common Services Infrastructure.

• Analyzing new partner configurations for Comverse, Nokia & Eriksson.

• Designing J2EE based Web Services around Partner Transactions for: Provisioning, Activation, Billing/ rating, Reconciliation, Cancellations.

• Hibernate data access infrastructure to support new services.

Siemens Business Services, Cincinnati, OH

CRM Call Center integration and workflow management

Platform: Clarify/CRM, Remedy/CRM, Siebel/CRM, Tibco/BW 5.1.2, TIBCO/E4JMS, TIBCO/Smart Mapper, TIBCO/ Remedy-adaptor, Express Matrix (ITIL/ Asset Mgmt), TIBCO/ Clarify-Adaptor, Java/ J2EE, struts, JSP, BEA-Web Logic 8.1 (Portal), Oracle 9i, PL/SQL,).

Responsibilities: As an EAI- Architect re/ manager (leading team of 6), responsible for analyzing integration requirements from SBS internal customer, architecting and presenting SOA solutions driven by ITIL specifications. I was also responsible to provide time-line estimations & scope.

• Architecting and designing EAI infrastructure for integrating various Call Center end points essentially CRM (customer relationship management) platforms such as Clarify/ CRM, Remedy & Siebel.

• Design of J2EE/ JSP User interface & data access layer to manage the manual user interventions.

• Development of business processes & Java/ J2EE framework on web Logic 8.1 for transaction management and special backend services access.

• Implementation of Web Services access to T&E SBS management services, compliant to ITIL standards.

Fox Racing, San Jose, CA

TIBCO Business processes for B2B workflow/ transactions

Platform: TIBCO/ BW 5.1.2 & 5.1.3, TIBCO/ Business Connect, TIB/HAWK, TIB/RV, TIB/Active-DB, TIB/File Adapter, TIB-EDI 4010/ 4050 - VICS (850, 832, 856, 810) – X12, JBoss, EJB, JAVA, JMS, Linux, SQL-Server 2000, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, security, XML/ XSD, SOAP.

Responsibilities: As an EAI Architect and engineer, responsible to provide Integration solution to manage B2B integration with business partners like Federated, Bell-Howell and Pac-Sun. Also responsible for back-end processes architecture to support dataflow from B2B system to existing enterprise applications for managing Orders, Invoicing, Packaging & shipment,

• Architect and design of business processes to handle various B2B business partner transactions (QRS, Federated, Pac-Sun, Bell-Howell) on established protocols on VAN network using TIBCO/ Business Connect

• Design for XML schemas for File (positional), File (delimited), EDI (850, 832, 856, 810 & 997) based communication.

• Back-end system interfaces using JMS messaging on Queue design and development.

• Designing an extension to existing inventory & product management Java/ J2EE system to integrate with Partner communications using SOAP messages.

QPASS Inc, Seattle, WA

Wireless Billing and Activity/ workflow management system

Platform: Web-logic 7.0/ J2EE, Oracle 8i/9i, PL/SQL, Linux, SUN/ Solaris, Xalan/ Xerces (XSD/ XML/ XSL), Web Services (SOAP, WSDL), Apache/Tomcat 4.1, Axis, JMX, MDB/ EJB, Ant, shell scripting, struts, JSP.

Responsibilities: As a Java/ J2EE Sr. Engineer/ Architect, I am involved in architectural design as well as development of new features for billing system product for wireless network providers like AT&T, Cingular wireless and other wireless content providers. The main features were activity management system to manage activities such as purchase, quote, bill/ revenue split, also worked on user interface module “Quick-Start” design with offshore development team; highlights of my responsibilities are as follows:

• Activity Message processing beans for purchase and refund modules.

• XSD/ XSL document validation and transformation modules.

• Design “Quick-Start” user interface modules using Tomcat, struts, MySQL & Oracle.

• Core module enhancements for Cyber-source credit & debit card validation on HTTP/ SOAP. Enhancements in application integration with Cyber-source using BEA-WLI.

• Enhancements in Web-Logic Message queue monitoring application using Linux scripting and Message driven bean.

Amdocs Inc, Champaign, IL

Value Added Distribution (Telecom billing) system integrating wireless services for Nextel & Motorola business Processes

Platform: Web-Logic 7/ J2EE, IBM-MQ, IBM-Workflow, Top Link 9i, JRUN, ANT, Oracle 8i/ 9i, SUN/ Solaris, Motorola/ EDI (electronic data interchange).

Responsibilities: As a sr. java Architect, involved is architectural design of enhancement and adding new features to Amdocs Value Added Distribution system, which deals with B2B wireless phone and accessories ordering system between Motorola and Nextel. The main features I worked is to eliminate the bottle-neck in transaction, which was due to EDI file based messaging between two of these partners using IBM-MQ based JMS messages. Following is task list associated with this and other enhancements:

• Message driven beans for order, acknowledgment and CSR.

• Conversion of EDI based messaging to XML based JMS 2.x messaging between business partners (i.e. Nextel and Motorola).

• IBM workflow design and implementation for groups related to order & acknowledgment.

• Implementation of utility modules for checking/ reconciling order status between Nextel and Motorola systems

• Design and code reviews.

• Implementation and enhancement of new database access layer using Oracle-Top Link 9i.

* Onyx Software Inc, Bellevue, WA (02/2000 – 02/2003)

N-Tier Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product & call-Center feature

Platform: Windows 2000, sun-Solaris, XML/ XSL, SQLServer 7/ 2000, Oracle 8i/ 9i, TIBCO-Active Enterprise, TIBCO-SDK, TIBCO-Hawk, TIBCO/ Business Works 2.x, Java2/ WebLogic 8.1, JMS1.1, COM+/C++, .Net/C#, Siebel, Genesis (Call Center)

Responsibilities: As a Software Architect/ Team Lead – Involved in Architecture and Design of CRM product features like database independent data access layer to support easy CRM application customization. Designed, developed and managed following:

• Product design reviews and architectural design process of call center feature.

• Web Services around healthcare and financial verticals for onyx CRM using .Net & SOAP.

• Customer, consultants & product marketing requirements analysis process.

• Middle-tier business COM+ components and two cache components.

• A custom application (AS-400) adapter design and process flow for Australian bank (using TIBCO/java SDK) and TIBCO Integration Manager (initially), TIB-Business Work and Hawk.

o JMS Message processing using TIBCO enterprise messaging service.

o TIB/ rvrd and TIB/rv

o Business works business process design & deployment

• Designed Batch job processing windows service component.

• Call center scripting bench marking using Siebel, Genesis call center products.

• Prototyped and designed business-tier data access layer in Java2 (WebLogic/J2EE)

o Design of Enterprise java beans to support

XSL transformation to create dynamic SQL and stored procedure calls

Input and output Xml validation

Result-set processing and XML transformation/ creation.

* Software Design and Dev. Consulting (10/1996 -02/2000)

* BEA Sys, San Jose, CA

BEA e-Commerce outbound adapter for Siebel/ CRM application

Platform: HP-UX 11.0, BEA-Tuxedo, BEA-WebLogic/ WLI, Java/ C++ & Siebel/ CRM.

Responsibilities: As a Tech Team leader/ Project manager (leading team of 8)- custom Siebel adapter using BEA products involved:

• Requirements analysis (talking to BEA sys Tech team).

• Adapter design/ prototype for feedback from BEA.

• Implementation of 25 outbound and 5 inbound Tuxedo services. Configuration of Tuxedo services and WebLogic controls.

• Unit and integration testing adapter with BEA-Tuxedo/ BEA-WebLogic and Siebel.

• Design/ develop WebLogic EJB to test with other applications.

* TIBCO Software, San Diego, CA

Customer care e-Commerce system (for TIBCO/ Gateway computers, CA)

Platform: Tibco-Active-Enterprise, C++, Java, Oracle 8.0, JD Edwards (configuration system), Rational Rose, MTS/ COM.

Responsibilities: As a TIBCO middle-tier expert, involved in:

• Design/ development of TIBCO message broker product between business adapters and MTS/ COM middle-tier and ASP UI components.

• Involved in configuration and deployment of different environments like development, testing and production for all of the TIBCO - Active enterprise tools like TIBCO-Rendezvous, TIBCO-IM, TIBCO-Repository, TIBCO-Message Broker, and Custom Adapter in the load balancing and fault tolerance mode.

• Involved in configuration and deployment of TIBCO-Hawk and its rule bases.

• Development of part of application interface layer for JD Edward TIBCO-adapter system.

• Implemented TIBCO-fault tolerance API calls blended with MTS connection pool architecture.

• Extending help for MTS and UI middle-tier developers in unit and integration testing (especially TIBCO related issues).

* Mastek Inc, Denver, CO

Global Customer Care System (GCSS)

Platform: BEA-Tuxedo 6.4, Jolt/ Java, C++, Sun-Solaris, Rouge wave 7d, Rational Rose 98, Oracle 8, Data Compression Libraries (zlib), IBM-MQ.

Responsibilities: As a BEA-Tuxedo and Java developer I was involved in:

• Design and implementation of infrastructure classes and templates necessary to code Tuxedo database access services using rouge wave classes. Like dynamic sql-generation, stored procedure call.

• Implementation of data compression logic and some of Tuxedo data access services.

• Java coding of jolt client.

• Implemented Data compression java & C++ classes for shipping related business objects.

• Integration with existing IBM-MQ server (calling IBM-MQ from Tuxedo business logic services).

Volume and Unit performance testing/analysis of Local Telephone ordering system (for AT&T, VA)

Platform: HP9000, C++, NeuronData, Tuxedo 6.0

Responsibilities: As a C++ developer I was involved in:

• Design and develop test cases for volume testing of Tuxedo transactions.

• Placing low overhead software hooks in Tuxedo services to collect performance data.

• Data analysis and reporting in Excel charts.

• Analyzing the bottlenecks in Tuxedo services code for developers to fix.

* Bell Atlantic, New York, NY

Telecom Transactions & Billing system Enhancements

Platform: IBM-3270, x86 client, C++

Responsibilities: As a C++ designer/ developer I was involved in:

• Telecom proprietary Billing system study, enhancement analysis and presentation.

• Implemented system level calls enhancements.

• Fixes in JCL(s) pertaining to billing.

• Design changes in UI to handle enhanced tariff calculations returned.

* Intersolv Inc, Raleigh, NC

Enhancement and porting of Multi-platform ODBC drivers from 2.5 to 3.0 versions.

Platform: Oracle, DB/2, SQLBase, Sybase, SQLServer, Informix, text on x86, HP, DEC-Alpha, AIX machines, C++.

Responsibilities: As a technical team leader (5 developers) I was involved in

• Customer interaction, Analysis of feature scope, implementation details.

• Design/ prototype for enhancements in C++

• Technical issue resolutions such as handling/ accessing large binary objects in DB/2.

* National Bank Of Detroit (NBD), Detroit, MI (10/1994 – 10/1996)

TCP/ IP connectivity to the proprietary ACCORD Network

Platform: C++, x86, IBM 3270, OS2/Warp, win-socket 1.1, NetBIOS.

Responsibilities: As a tech team leader (3 developers) I was involved in existing system study (master-cluster Accord architecture) Study of CTOS messaging architecture. Design of new ACCORD kernel level embedded system calls Implementation of a state machine for converting TCP/IP socket calls to CTOS messages in embedded-C and assembly.

Business & Home reporting for Cash Management system

Platform: x86, windows workgroup, C++, ACCORD/ CTOS messaging network, IBM 3270 backend.

Responsibilities: As a tech team leader (1 developer) I was involved in Requirements analysis & initial prototyping of report screens. User request/ response mechanism/ Calls on ACCORD/ CTOS network.

Enhancements in Network file system manager for multiple files request calls

Platform: x86, windows workgroup, ACCORD/ CTOS messaging network, embedded-C, x86 assembly

Responsibilities: As an embedded C/ Assembly developer I was involved in Study the ACCORD/ CTOS kernel module. Implementation (C/ assembly) and unit testing

*R&D Crompton Greaves Ltd, Mumbai, India (03/1990 – 9/1994)

Requirement analysis of Enterprise resource planning needs for Electrical/ Motor division

Platform: SAP, ABAP, Sun Solaris

Responsibilities: As a software analyst I was involved in collecting information on various business processes in production scheduling process like, raw material lead time, inventory requirements, creating matrix for seasonal changes in production, vendor analysis.

Automatic testing system for Industrial Range energy meters (for Schlumberger, France)

System software for automatic testing of motors, 0.35 hp to 150 hp (for ABB-Asia Brown Boveri)

Software Driver for industrial Data acquisition and control system (for Intellution inc )

* R&D Advani-Oerlikon Ltd, Pune, MS (03/89 – 03/90)

• Wide area network monitoring system for electrostatic dust precipitators (Steel/ cement) plants

• Microprocessor based FSK communication driver for underwater signal detection. (for Defense Research Organization, India)

• Microprocessor/ computer based semi automatic gasket selection system (for Honda Corporation)


Master of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Feb. 1988.

Master of Applied Physics (Electronics), Pune University, Apr. 1986.

Bachelor of Science (Electronics), Pune University, Apr. 1984

Certificate in BEA-WLI (WebLogic Integration) Feb 2003

TIBCO-Active Enterprise 4-day workshop @TIBCO, CA Mar 2003

Published Work: A feasibility study of realizing a Microprocessor chip using Joseph-son junctions. at National Symposium on Physics of Electronic Communication, Burdwan. 1987.

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