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Sergeant Major Platoon Leader

Lantana, FL, 33462
August 01, 2022

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W H I T E H E A D J R .




*** ***** ***** ******* *******, Florida 33462


Hardworking United States Army Private with [Type] specialization and [Type] training. Contributes to unit success by consistently going beyond basic requirements to maximize support. Trained in combat weaponry and maneuvers. Proficient and highly experienced [Rank] [Job Title] with demonstrated record of exceptional service in United States [Branch]. Trained in mission planning and readiness operations to support offensive and defensive tactical needs. Specializes in [Area of expertise].

Always looking for opportunities to use [Type] and [Type] expertise to support the team and advance the group's readiness for any challenge. Background includes supporting mission organization, communication and planning. Highly observant, detail-oriented and methodical in covering every important area.


Oversee maneuvers Combat weaponry

Problem-solving Assess threats



US Army Central Command Army Element Senior Enlisted Leader, US Army, Jan 2009 Aug 2011, Tampa (Macdill AFB), FL

Coordinated global mission planning needs, including refueling, deliveries and battlefield illumination.

Supported team missions with reliable attention to detail and follow through on critical assignments.

Completed advanced tactical navigation and threat assessments to support the troops involved in combat operations.

Set up communications system for base and combat operations, including field stations to relay critical communications.

Scheduled, tracked, and dispatched tactical aircraft missions. Specialized in combat weaponry to support troops in field. Supported weaponry control systems by eliminating interference and implemented successful corrective actions to resolve the various problems encountered in combat situations.

Supervised the installation and operation of tactical equipment such as power, security and satellite devices.


Maintained open and effective communication systems to deliver orders and receive information from the field.

Brigade Operations Sergeant Major, US Army, Mar 2008 Mar 2009, Clarksville (Fort Campbell, KY

Participated again in Operation Iraqi Freedom

Upon completion of the mission I was awarded the Bronze Star Delivered all-source intelligence information and assessments to the group commander.

Predicted the impact of tactical strategies and movements on local cultures and environments.

Promoted positive public image and cultivated favorable relations with members of press.

US Army Sergeant Major Academy Student, US Army, Feb 2006 Feb 2008, El Paso, TX Consulted with engineering staff to evaluate interface between software and hardware.

Trained end-users on the functions and optimal use of new software applications. Maintained product quality by analyzing feedback, managing integration, and performing continual tests.

Collected and defined customer requirements to create successful systems meeting the unique needs of each client.

US Army Senior ROTC Instructor, US Army, May 2004 Mar 2006, Grambling, LA Reviewed weekly training schedules to prepare instructional materials and visual aids. Maintained record of cadet grades to show performance levels against school benchmarks.

Rendered aid to cadets in instances of injury or other medical emergencies. Challenged, motivated, and positively influenced cadets to develop skills for military success.

Stayed current on qualifications requirements to offer cadets exceptional instruction across learning areas.

US Army Mechanized Infantry First Sergeant, US Army, Nov 2001 May 2004, Freiburg, Germany

During this assignment I participated in combat operation Iraqi Freedom Iraq. Upon completion I was awarded two Bronze Star medals. Upheld the strictest standards for order and discipline to minimize disturbances and keep the peace.

Provided peace, security, and safety within correction facility by skillfully managing tense situations.

Established work schedules and supervised work of correctional officers maintaining safe custody, discipline, and welfare of inmates.

Enforced institutional policies, rules, procedures, regulations, and policies to maintain compliance with relevant laws.

Airborne Ranger Platoon Sergeant, US Army, Jan 1998 Sep 2001, Anchorage, (Fort Richardson, AK

Evaluated combat readiness of platoon members and verified proficiency in weapons and equipment operation.

Maintained firing capability and organized platoon defense to supervise platoon and support company.

Advised and assisted platoon leader and commander and led platoon on fill-in basis. Taught and supported junior personnel to develop key leadership talents for platoon needs.

Enforced technical and tactical training standards to support unit mission readiness. Advised senior leaders on platoon equipment, training needs, and mission readiness. Predicted the impact of tactical strategies and movements on local cultures and environments.

Coordinated threat analyses concerning the movement of troops, insurgent activities and site changes.

US Army Senior Drill Sergeant, US Army, Mar 1996 Nov 1998, Columbus (Fort Benning), GA

Immersed basic trainees in real-world scenarios through the use of strategies such as role-playing and simulations.

Employed wide range of teaching strategies, hands-on activities and combat proven techniques to keep training classes fresh and interesting. Coordinated the spaces, materials and instructors necessary for successful training classes.

Kept training program operations within strict guidelines of the US Army Infantry Center.

Followed established guidelines and procedures.

US Army Ranger School Instructor, US Army, Mar 1993 Nov 1996, Elgin AFB, FL Established and communicated clear objectives for learning activities through [Type] system to reach parents.

Adapted [Combat proven) methods to meet needs of each student with interactive and meaningful learning materials.

Observed and evaluated students' performance through various approaches to determine most successful teaching methods.

Maintained positive learning environments to encourage active student participation. Implemented well-organized and approved lesson plans using (Lesson Plans) developed by the US Army Infantry Center.

Taught students using approved modifications and accommodations based on IEPs. US Army Airborne Ranger 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, US Army Department of Defense, Mar 1988 Mar 1993, Savannah, GA

I served as a member of the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. During my assignment I served as a Ranger rifleman, Grenadier, Machine Gunner, Team Leader, Squad Leader, and Weapons Squad Leader.

While assigned to this duty station I participated in the combat operation “Just Cause” in May 2007

Panama 1989. During that operation I executed a Night Combat Mass Tactical Airborne insertion. Upon completion of that operation I received the Combat Infantry Mans Badge, Combat jump wings with Gold Star, Army Accommodation Medal, Presidential Unit Award, Armed Forces Expeditionary Metal, and Meritorious Unit Award. In 1990/1991 I was deployed again combat participating in combat operation “Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Upon completion of this combat operation I was awarded the Kuwait liberation medal of Kuwait, Meritorious Unit Award with oak leaf Cluster, and Armed Forces expeditionary medal with bronze star, and arrowhead. Set up communications system for base and combat operations, including field stations to relay critical communications.

Operated wheeled and tracked vehicles to resupply units across [Location]. Diagnosed and solved the maintenance problems routinely encountered on [Type] systems.


Associate of Arts, Administration Management

Excelsior College New York, NY

GPA 3.5

Graduated with distinction.

Volunteer, Louisiana School Board

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