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Executive Assistant, peer recovery specialist

Washington, DC
July 27, 2022

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Professional Summary:

Organized, extremely sentient, and highly motivated, self-starting individual with 9+ years of experience as an executive assistant and 11+ years of experience in business management, whom is looking to join a reputable company as an executive assistant (or in any other needed capacity). I am eager to take advantage of my proactive approach to problem solving, organizational & administrative expertise, legal skills, law enforcement skills/strategies, marketing skills, communication skills and great attention to detail, in a fast paced environment. I am a team player with a high emotional intelligence quotient whom respects and values the chain of command & protocols set in place; With the ability to maintain a realistic balance between priorities & the ability to exercise good judgement in a variety of situations, I would definitely be a humble asset to any organization.

Awards & Acknowledgements:

I briefly attended QBCC to study criminal Justice and forensic psychology to be able to transfer into John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I did not complete my studies in this field because I was balancing two jobs and school. However, I still gained knowledge that I have successfully employed in all my employment opportunities.

Assistant arbitrator at small claims court in Jamaica, New York, for Mr. Richard Neubarth, ESQ of Richard Neubarth & Associates PLLC.

Volunteer judge for Regional Speech & Debate Team Championships

I am certified by DBHDS (Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services) as a peer recovery specialist. I will be applying for my state certification, as I have successfully completed 500+ hours of volunteer work in the field.

I facilitated meetings at RACSB as a PRS (peer recovery specialist) for almost two years as a volunteer.

I have a couple more state recognized certificates in this field.

I have spoken at mens prisons, inspiring hope and helping them to find purpose and meaning in life. Self-efficacy building.

I gave prisoners (while speaking at prisons) references for them to go to upon release. Two of the inmates, upon release, contacted some of the services and are now upstanding citizens; Having properly acclimated back into society upon release, they are staying on top of their sobriety & recovery, and are gainfully employed.

Studying to be an Internationally Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Instructor

Student of hypnosis and hypnosis centered methods of treatment

Neuro linguistic programming techniques & methods practitioner

Board Member Of VA Cares 2019-2020

I devised a neurolinguistic programming treatment plan that I hope to one-day use on the inmate population, probationers, and people in recovery. This treatment plan was presented to the Re-Entry Organization Board, VA CARES, of which I was a participating board member.

I am a volunteer at FAM (Fredericksburg Area Museum). I have worked at the front desk, and at the entry desk of their outside gatherings.

Pioneer mentor at The Thurman Brisben Center’s Mobility Mentoring Program where I worked with individuals on a one on one basis handling their case load and progress while at the center. Our meetings included structured formats that were to be followed accordingly. These meetings were carefully documented. Participant participation in said notes was encouraged. I found that greatly aided in their successful, upwards progress. The participants were able to successfully acclimate back into society, finding proper housing and employment.

Opioid overdose treatment & Nalaxone Distribution Training Certificate

Virginia’s Medically Assisted Treatment Support Training – Certificate of Completion by SAARA of Virginia

Certificates &. Credits via SAMHSA on Substance Abuse Disorders, Mental Health Conditions, Dual Diagnosis, co-occurring conditions & disorders, homelessness, youth homelessness, trauma, PTSD, incarceration & recidivism.

Red Cross CPR Certified

VA CARES : Women of Vision Program graduate & guest speaker at the ceremony.

I began a production company in December 2021

Documentarian of the homeless epidemic in Downtown, Fredericksburg, VA

Non-profit organization in (embryonic) development

The Top Recruiter of the Liberty Division

The Top Consultant of the Liberty Division

President & CEO of “Apollo Enterprise LLC” a Consulting Firm - Established June 16, 2022

Fluent in Spanish

Intermediate in Italian


Graduated from Saint Francis Preparatory in 2002

Queens College (liberal arts/ advanced psychology ) 2002-2004

BramsonOrt (business management & business law) 2005-2007

Queensborough Community College (criminal justice & forensic psychology) 2008-2009

NYCI (paralegal studies) 2009-2011

Professional Work Experience:

Apollo Enterprise LLC Fredericksburg,VA President & CEO June 2022-


Owner & Operator

Consulting Firm

Business Consulting

Recovery Services

KOF Associates Fredericksburg, VA

Liberty Division’s Traveling Consultant & Recruiter Mar 2022 - CURRENT

Regional Sales Consultant

Regional Recruiter

Interview and assess potential candidates

Hire and train accepted candidates

Facilitate company orientations

Teach candidates about company policies, pay structure, & ethics.

Instruct candidates on how to implement company expectations

Assist in field training with my hired recruits

Distributorship Consultant

Assist & instruct offices in my division in areas they are lacking

Set up new offices in my division by hiring new candidates

Assist new offices by teaching them company policies to ensure long lasting success in accordance with company programs and practices

Regional Business Consultant

Dealer Power Specialist

Recruitment Specialist

Regional Instructor

Senior manager & supervisor

Field Capacity = Eight States

District 21 Probation & Parole/ Virginia Department Of Corrections Fredericksburg, VA

Peer Recovery Specialist February 2022- CURRENT

Licensed by the Department Of Behavioural Health & Developmental Services

Assist in the recovery & sobriety process of probationers with substance abuse disorders

Assist probationers with mental health conditions

FREELANCE WORK Fredericksburg, VA

Writer, photographer, videographer, & project manager Oct.2021 – Feb. 2021

Wrote biographies for a producers web page

Filmed for and during various events

Editor for a producers web page

Took photos for and during events

Wrote assessments

Project management for a small, local, construction company on their various contracted jobs

Birdwell Brothers Moving & Storage Fredericksburg, VA

Bookkeeper & Financial Advisor Apr.2021 – Oct. 2021

Financial advisor & consultant, since inception, for a privately owned moving company

Assist with company “start up” tasks

Contract logging: kept accounts of independent, contracted jobs

Kept logs of major contracted accounts with a larger moving company

Focused on daily accounting

Cash flow tracking

Expert, business start up, expenses advisor

Cornerstone Moving & Storage Fredericksburg, VA

Professional Packer/Inventory Specialist Apr.2021 - Aug.2021

Professional packer, trained to carefully and quickly pack household belongings in the safest way possible

Expertly wrapped and boxed items in a household

Efficiently packed all items in a household

Trained to pack fragile goods, so that they will not break during transport

Contracted, but not limited to, military moves

33,000lbs of furniture and household items packed and ready for transport in under twelve hours with a crew of three

Expertly assessed and took inventory of all items to be packaged and moved to another location

Expertly assessed and tagged items to be moved in a strategic manner

Expertly assessed and logged the current state of furniture and items to be moved and/or packed prior to doing so

Understanding of and compliance with all company inventory shipping & receiving protocols

Anthropological & Sociological Study Of Under Represented Groups Fredericksburg, VA

Investigative Researcher & Data Collector Oct. 2020-Apr.2021

Information given upon request

FAM -The Fredericksburg Area Museum Fredericksburg, VA

Front desk ( VOLUNTEER ) Sep 2019 - Oct. 2020

Worked at the main entrance (accepting entrance fees & donations ) for their outside events.

Information given upon request

Front desk attendant

Accepted donations

Assisted customers in purchasing memberships

Accepted membership fees

Answered questions in regards to the museum and it’s exhibits

Answered questions about the town’s history

Exhibit attendant

Arts & Crafts booth attendant


Kept museum logs up to date

Logged statistics

The Thurman Brisben Center Fredericksburg, VA

Mobility Mentor (VOLUNTEER) July 2019 – Sept. 2020

Mentored Thurman Brisben clients one on one thru the mobility mentoring program

Each meeting had a scheduled topic. Topics included finances, counseling, help with future living arrangements and planning, self help, outside sources etc

Monthly, documented assessments.

Participants were always involved in my written progress reports on them.

Participation proved to be beneficial by way of reinforcing all of their positive, upwards progress.

RACSB Fredericksburg, VA

Peer Recovery Specialist ( VOLUNTEER) Apr. 2019 – Oct. 2020

Facilitated recovery meetings, twice a week

Facilitated meetings for the drug court mandates

Signed attendance logs for weekly submission to the Drug Court Judge

Facilitated meetings for clients of “The Sunshine Lady House” which was a two week, crisis stabilization center.

Devised introspective worksheets, focusing on topics geared towards managing sustained sobriety and recovery.

Statistical analysis showed that over 83% of meeting attendees successfully maintained their sobriety

Statistical analysis showed that more than 70% of meeting attendees found and maintained employment

Encouraging attendees to participate in worksheet activities proved to be effective in keeping them positively, actively engaged in their recovery

Over 90% of attendees continued attending the meetings, after they were no longer required to attend

Over 99% of attendees stated that these meetings greatly aided and strengthened their resolve in remaining sober

Over 90% of attendees stated that these meetings helped them to remain positively active in their recovery

The Apollo Family Fredericksburg, VA

Caregiver & Health Aide Apr.2015 – Apr. 2019

Full time, in- home caregiver to two, ill and elderly people

Assisted my father in caring for my ill grandparents

Administered medications

Assisted with routine daily care

Drove them to their Doctor’s appointments

Assisted in daily functioning activities

Assisted with daily routines for well being



Translator (Spanish/English)

Financial assistant

Jim Nikitakis’s Restaurants and Bars Fredericksburg, VA

Front Of House Manager/Server/Trainer June 2018 – Nov. 2018

Served at Spirits Restaurant and trained new employees.

I bartended during private parties at Grapevine restaurant

I was the main bartender and head of house manager during poker nights at JP’s Billiards and bartended their private events as well.

Richard Neubarth & Associates, PLLC New York City, NY

Paralegal Aug. 2010 – Jan. 2012

Assisted Mr. Richard Neubarth, Esq on his caseload

Specialized in real estate law and wills, trusts & estates.

Assisted during small claims court arbitration

Granted authority over the final decisions of the cases presented to us at court.

Richard LaSalle, Esq New York City, NY

Administration & Campaign Strategist Jun. 2010 – Sep. 2010

Petition signer

Promoted within two weeks to office manager/administrator


Organizing the areas for my petition signers to go to

Socioeconomic and socio demographic statistical/analysis

Delegating responsibilities, specifically, to my core group of petitioners to propel Mr. LaSalle’s chances to win the campaign for Senate

Campaign tactics against opponent Mr. Jose Peralta

Olympia Court Corporation Forest Hills,NY

Commercial Real Estate Agent/ Executive Assistant Feb.2006 – Apr.2015

Commercial real estate specialist for two years, then promoted to Executive Assistant to the President

I assisted the president of this commercial real estate company in handling everything and anything having to do with running his business.

Handling major accounts

Property hunting and management

Lease transactions and negotiations

Handling the presidents stocks

Brainstorming to come up with proper business placements

Statistical analysis (socioeconomic demographics etc.

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