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Associate Marketing Human Resources

Nanuet, NY
June 06, 2022

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Mr. Eric Goodwin

** ****** **

Nanuet, NY ***** United States

Mobile: 845-***-****

Evening Phone: 845-***-****


Work Experience:


Fort Totten

Bayside, NY 11359 United States

02/1988 - Present

Human Resources Technician

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Human Resources Technician G1-Human Resources-Military (Chief Warrant Officer 3/4)

-Technical advisor to the Human Resources Branch Chief (G-1) regarding Soldiers mobilizing and demobilizing through Joint Base Dix McGuire in support of the current mobilization platform.

-Responsible for the processing of Involuntary Mobilization Orders (12302), Voluntary Mobilization orders (12301(d))

-Process Temporary Change of Station Orders (TCS), NATO Orders, Active Duty for Operational Support ADOS-RC orders for Reserve and National Guard Soldiers and MRP-E orders for Soldiers on medical hold status prior to movement to the Warrior Transition Unit (WTU).

-Responsible for the validation of all mobilized Soldiers and units by conducting Alpha Roster scrubs ensuring that they cleared in The Deployment and Reconstitution Tracking System (DARTS), ensure that the ISOPREP is 100% complete for the entire unit.

-Process 25 Day REFRADS, Early Releases, End of Tours and any other special actions in support of the various stages in the Mobilization and Demobilization process.

-Ensures that subordinate units met the Army metrics regarding the personnel readiness as it relates to the strategy and strategic direction of the fighting force.

-Ensures that the command remains below the Army’s Key Performance Indicators

Chief, Postal Plans and Operations

-Provide Postal Human Resources Company with both long- and short-term postal planning, operational management, technical support and directory services when postal platoons are attached to the company to facilitate the HR (Postal) Company's ability to execute postal tasks in a war time scenario

-Manage directory service for all associated postal platoons

Contracting Officer Representative

-Planned technical aspects of the postal contract in the areas of mail handlers, the movement of the mail either via ground or air and the building of Army Post Offices in accordance to USPS standards and requirements

-Anticipated the risk of potential challenges that the US government and contractor would face in regards to the movement, management and storage of mail

-Helped establish appropriate intervals and milestones for the contract

-Provided technical expertise to assist the Contracting Officer to determine the appropriate type(s) of contract to allow the government to reach its desired goals and objectives within an acceptable level of risk

-Provided technical expertise needed to convey the governments requirement in understandable and precise terms for solicitation

Detachment Commander

-Commander of a Personnel Services Detachment consisting of 51 soldiers

-Responsible for command and control of the unit to include mobilization preparedness, operations, training, pay administration, logistics, maintenance, budgeting and associated activities

-Served overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2005-2006)

-Responsible for the maintenance, serviceability, and accountability of over $3 million worth of equipment

-Provided personnel services support to over 15,000 Soldiers and civilian personnel within Theater (Southern Iraq)

Human Resources Technician (Chief Warrant Officer 2)

-Manages functions which support the Army's personnel management system

-Performs as the Chief of a Records Branch, Personnel Actions Branch, and performs similar duties in a Military Personnel Office or Personnel Services Detachment

-Makes decisions based on a variety of information sources, personnel, and command requirements

-Initiates and prepares correspondence or messages to other organizations, both military and civilian, and individuals in response to requests for information, policy or guidance

-Oversees the overall dispensing of customer services to include management of the personnel services center appointment systems, management of the soldier suspense program, and management of the identification card system to include update of the DEERS/RAPIDS data base

-Processing medical disqualifications, involuntary separations/ assignments

-Officer Candidate School direct appointments/applications/mandatory removals, area of concentration

-MOS reclassification's/ resignation's/ branch transfers/ mandatory & unit vacancy promotions, selective retention boards, and unit vacancy boards

-Congressional inquiries regarding military personnel actions and various other personnel actions

Personnel Sergeant /Retention NCO

-Organize, maintain, review and audit personnel records

-Initiate promotion orders

-Handle casualty reports

-Prepared DD Form 4 for all Soldiers eligible for promotion or extension

-Counseled Soldiers regarding re-enlistment and extension opportunities

-Manage all unit personnel for the 77th Reserve Support Command

-Handle personnel life insurance policy, soldier educational benefits, bonuses, and other entitlements

-Managed all of the following Army Human Resources systems: (EDAS), TOPMIS II, PERNET, ATRRS, eMILPO, DEERS/RAPIDS, RLAS, and IPPS-A

-Served as advisor on matters relating to the Army Retention Program, under the

operational supervision of the RC Career Counselor

-Maintain and provide monthly, quarterly, an yearly stats for the Commander

Supervisor: MAJ Elizabeth Houser

Department of the Army 411th Engineer Brigade

410 Raz Ave

New Windsor, NY 12553 United States

03/2019 – 06/2022

Human Resources Specialist

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Responsible for coordinating and executing military personnel management functions at the Brigade level with subordinate elements geographically dispersed across one or more states and dependent on the headquarters for functional staff guidance. Provides guidance and assistance on military personnel management to subordinate elements of the organization. Exercises responsibility for accomplishing work associated with the internal control management program.

1. Coordinates and executes the unit’s military personnel management activities such as recruitment and retention; Officer and Enlisted management; reclassifications, assignment and utilization; evaluations and transfers; discharge and retirement; selective retention; personnel actions and services; troop conduct and safety; strength reporting; medical readiness; casualty operations; Human Resources information systems; leave and passes; mandatory removal rosters; ADOS-RC packets; and AGR packets. May be involved with complex and/or sensitive issues. Serves as a technical advisor on these programs. May provide support to Soldier welfare and quality of life programs. Analyzes a variety of data (e.g., strength, MOS, grades, availability of requirements) extracted from automated sources for required strength reporting. Coordinates various boards, such as appointment boards, elimination boards, and selective retention boards. Investigates Congressional and other special inquiries to determine the facts of each case and composes Command response. Coordinates actions, as appropriate, with the Adjutant General, the Army Human Resources Command, and other interested staff offices.

2. Reviews and interprets regulations, directives, policies, and reports related to military personnel management functions and advises on appropriate courses of action. Identifies the impact of changes on regulations, policies, and procedures for the headquarters (HQs) and subordinate organizations. Based upon analysis of requirements of higher echelons and needs within the organization, initiates, and recommends action to implement programs designed to provide optimum manning and personnel support. Provides instruction, training and/or briefings on current and proposed polices for staff within the HQs and subordinate elements. Maintains liaison with higher HQs concerning military personnel management and reporting. Responds to questions concerning the Army Reserve and refers interested individuals to appropriate recruiting and/or reenlistment authorities.

3. Provides technical guidance, support, and assistance to subordinate elements on military personnel functions and actions. Maintains frequent contact with subordinate elements and participates in staff visits to aid and ensure compliance with policies and regulations. Reviews and validates the Commander’s unit status reports to ensure unit readiness. Monitors Command-wide timeliness and accuracy of statistics for Troop Program Unit (TPU) members through a variety of Army military personnel automated systems.

4. Provides technical guidance to employees assigned to assist in the S-1 area. Monitors personnel actions to ensure compliance with policies and regulations. Approves personnel action requests in accordance with Commander and higher headquarters (HQs) policies and relevant regulations. Ensures proper maintenance of military personnel data, records, and files. Counsels and advises key personnel of the organization and Soldiers on benefits of the Army Reserve Program, promotional opportunities, career planning, military education, training, and related subjects. May oversee mail operations.

5. Develops budgetary input relative to military personnel administration operations. Provides detailed budget projections based upon historical data, known priorities, special exercises and projects, mission changes which affect budget requirements. Receives funding allotments and monitors the expenditure of funds. Determines the need for and initiates action for additional funds. Assures the maintenance of internal accounting records.

6. Manages battle rosters for all deployable units within the command through the DMD and MARRS-N


Department of Veteran Affairs

130 West Kingsbridge Rd

Bronx, NY 10468 United States

12/2008 – 3/2019

Human Resources Specialist

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Developed and modified position descriptions, determine the appropriate title, series, and grade of positions through comparison with Office of Personnel Management (OPM) position classification standards and guides and provide advice to management officials on varied classification and position management issues. Provides position classification and position management support to the agency’s human resources offices. Classifies jobs and prepares necessary documentation in the Federal Wage System and General Schedule classification and job grading systems. Provides human resource managers and employees with information and interpretations of the organization’s classification policies, procedures, and guidelines. Determines the state of regulatory compliance, classification accuracy, and other classification program requirements for subordinate human resource offices. Makes changes in program requirements to ensure that compliance is maintained. Reviews draft regulations, standards, or other guidance for impact on the serviced organizations. Reviews new proposed human resources policies, procedures and guidelines and makes recommendations to management on the need for changes in existing policies. Provides agency management with interpretations of policy and procedures. Develops methods of measurement that provide a valid assessment of the success of the classification program or related initiatives. Ensures measurement methods adequately identify the impact of changes to serve as a useful tool for different levels of decision makers. Ensures that assigned classification programs meet requirements outlined in agency self-assessment guidance.

Supervisor: Soundeep Patel

77th RRC, G1, TTHS

200 Duwane Rd

Bayside, NY 11359 United States

05/2007 - 12/2008

Human Resources Specialist

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Developed command wide policies regarding individuals within the command and control of the 77th RRC's down-trace in accordance with AR 570-4. Establishes the commands personnel plans and assures that the policies and procedures are developed and established because of regulatory or legal media and are complied with by all echelons and elements of the command within the 77th RRC and 2 Training Divisions. Furnish guidance and training to personnel technicians and specialist. Review, analyze and interpret regulations, directives and other materials relating to all facets of military personnel management. Managed the Holdees and Student Account Manager within TTHS, where I manage the career development of over 400 Branch Officers, Warrant Officers, and enlisted Soldiers in matters regarding medical, disciplinary or pre-separation issues. Monitor the scheduling and training of Soldiers' Military Occupation Specialties. Compose correspondence relating to military personnel management. Duties involve coordinating with JAG on matters regarding the separation of Soldiers from the United States Army Reserves as well as the relinquishing of military appointments and Commissions. Plan work to be accomplished by subordinates, set, and adjust short-term and long-term priorities. Instruct and supervise employees on both work and administrative matters. Develop/coordinate and benchmark manpower program changes and monthly updates. Provide military strength statistics to the G1. Report TTHS and Operating Strength Deviation to the 77th G1 and HRC. Project losses, gains, TTHS, and operating strength by rank. Develop the Army Reserves Program Objective Forces (POF). Validate program requirements.

Recommend program and resource alternatives to achieve program objectives more efficiently. Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of programs in meeting their objectives. Monitor execution of all component's manpower programs (M2PR). Provide information and recommendations on all component's manpower programs to the Army's Senior Leadership. Responsible for the planning, analysis, and coordination of the 77th RSC G-1 position on planned force structure changes proposed by the Army G-3 as it related to the TTHS program. I was the G-1 representative regarding TTHS role within the CFO Strategic Plan. Provided Statistical data to Office of the Chief, Army Reserve (OCAR), Human Resources Command (HRC) and United States Army Reserve Command (USARC)

Supervisor: Gregory Gittens

Department of the Army 301st Regional Support Group

Fort Totten, NY United States

06/2004 - 03/2007

Staff Operations Training Specialist

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Represents the Commander and Staff in establishing policy for the organization and operation of the Brigade Support Center and in analyzing and preparing annual plans and programs.

Supervises and directs the day-to-day activities associated with training, administration, logistics, and operations.

Coordinate all training (S3) and security (S2) issues and need for an entire Brigade/ Group size element and all subordinate commands.

Prepare unit mobilization plan and reviews mobilization plans and directives issues by higher headquarters and those prepared by subordinate units for compliance with plans and objectives.

Approves all ammunition expenditures (forecast, issuance, and turn-ins) within the Brigade prior to submission to the applicable Ammunition Supply Point (ASP).

Prepares ammunition analyses for the current and projected status of all ammunition within the Brigade.

Receives, reviews, and approves all training support requirements for other training support requirements for other training and similar training activities.

Processes actions related to attendance at service and other schools, training courses, or classes through ATRRS for all assigned personnel.

Allocates slots, reviews submissions for regulatory compliance, and processes request for orders.

Insures that all personnel assigned are MOSQ or enrolled in the appropriate MOS producing course.

Performs assistance visits and inspections to ensure that units are fully informed and compliant with directives, procedures, and training requirements. Integrate strength levels, grade levels, and dollars.

Submit audited strength reports. Develop the Active Army Program Objective Forces (POF). Produce an achievable POF by MOS/GRADE/YOS.

Develop five-year promotion plans by identity (BO/WO/ENL). Analyze force manpower strategies for BO/WO/ENL forces. Assemble, report, and query historical manpower data.

Department of the Army 306th MP Battalion

Uniondale, NY United States

06/2003 - 06/2004

Unit Administrator

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Counsels and advises unit personnel in the nature of training required to enhance career progression.

Provides hands on training in unit functional areas as needed.

Arranges for the acquisition of training aids

Manages personnel, finance, and automated systems activities.

Manages and provides technical review of completed personnel actions (i.e., recruitment, discharges, transfers, request for MOS changes, security clearances, retirements, promotions, awards, officer evaluation reports (OER), NCO Evaluated Reports (NCOER), unit training and attendance and disciplinary actions).

Performs record management duties to include establishing, maintaining, consolidating, and purging personnel and individual modification, and medical records in accordance with regulatory requirements and policies.

Department of the Army 77th Regional Readiness Command

Fort Totten, NY United States

07/2002 - 06/2003

Unit Administrator

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Served as a liaison between the various units under the Regional Readiness Command and Family Readiness. Managed the Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS). Issued out Common Access Cards (CAC) to all military and Department of Defense personnel as well as dependent identification cards to applicable defendants. Managed family readiness database.

Kaplan Educational Centers

New York, NY United States

08/1997 - 08/2002

Associate Director of On Campus Programs

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Associate Director of On Campus Programs

Initiate special deals with department heads, special program heads and human resource managers.

Initiate, plan and organize promotional events.

Forge relationships with other organizations to increase potential success of various marketing events.

Implement new preparatory courses at various sites.

Handle A/R report to ensure that all special participants in special school deals are paid in full.

Ensure that all-special needs are satisfied to ensure the smooth operation off various courses at various sites.

Associate Marketing Manager

Plan, develop and implement direct marketing programs to identify prospects, qualify leads and help build event awareness.

Analyze campaign effectiveness by monitoring responses to various marketing events.

Manage and monitor marketing and advertising budgets for centers throughout the Tri-State region (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut).

Manage marketing database by ensuring that all leads are entered into the system in a timely manner.

Produce Ad Hoc reports to Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers and Center Manager throughout the region.

Partners In Care

1250 Broadway

New York, NY United States

08/1995 - 08/1997

Home Health Aide Supervisor

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Supervised anywhere between 75 and 100 Home Health Aides in delivering service in the Home Care setting and to coordinate / relate the various day-to-day administrative and payroll responsibilities that exist.

Acted as a liaison between the various outside local, state, and federal agencies to include Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Department of Social Services, Police departments and various hospitals throughout New York City.


Morris College Sumter, SC United States

Bachelor's Degree 7 /1995

Major: Marketing

Job Related Training:

Contracting Officer Representative Course 2005

Postal Operations Course Jan 2009

Postal Supervisor Course Feb 2009

Warrant Officer Advance Course (Human Resources Technician 420A MOS) May 2008

Anti Terrorism Course April 2007

Equal Opportunity Representative Course Feb 2007

Warrant Officer Basic Course (Human Resources Technician 420A MOS) Oct 2004

Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) course May 2005

Action Officer Course Nov 2005

Manager Development Course (MDC) Dec 2005

Supervisory Development Course (SDC) Jan 2005

NSPS Course Jan 2008


Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc - Member

Additional Information:

Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (2), Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal (3), Army Certificate of Achievement, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal (4), National Defense Service Medal (2), Southwest Asia Service medal with Bronze Service Star

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