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Laboratory Manager

April 29, 2022

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(Sr. Executive Laboratory)

Pakistan Oilfields Limited (Attock Group)

(ISO-17025, ISO-9000, ISO-14001 and ISO 45001:2018) Pakistan Oilfields Limited, Mobile: +923*********

Central Lab, POL House Morgah, Office: +920********* Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Email: Thirteen (13+) Years Of Oil and Gas (E&P) Lab’s Experience and 03 Years Research Laboratories Experience (as an M.Phil Research Scholar) with Good Analytical, Instrumental, Research and Managements Skills in ISO-17025 Accredited Laboratories.

Skills and Experience for Lab Working and Operation; General Skills:

*Lab Operation as per ISO/IEC-17025:2017 and ISO-9001.

*Lab Testing as per ASTM, UOP, IP and Advance Analytical and Instrumental Methods.

*Lab Chemicals Preparation, Standardization and Inventory Managements (Oracle Data base).

*Lab SOPs Development, Review and Implementation.

*Lab Reference Test Methods Validation and Verification.

*Lab Tests Uncertainties and Accuracy determination.

*Lab Test Quality Control Charts Preparation.

*Lab Instruments Operation, Calibration & Troubleshooting.

*Lab Test Results Verification, Interpretation and Reporting

*Joint Testing with Clients and Services Companies.

*Product Specification Checks For Custody Transfer as per Regulation and Agreements.

*Lab Internal Audit as per ISO-17025.

Special Skills:

*Producing Well’s and Plant Process Streams Samples Analysis of Gas (Sweet & Sour), Crude Oil, LPG, Solvent Oil, Gasoline and Sulpher etc.

*Water samples Analysis for Reservoirs Characterization, Corrosion and Scaling Tendency.

*Wet Chemistry; Various Titrimetric, Colorimetric and Gravimetric analysis.

*Plant Effluents and Exhaust Gases monitoring.

*Working on Operational Chemicals, Such as

Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, De-emulsifiers, Amines (MEA&MDEA), Glycols, Hypochlorite, Biocides, Algaecides, Oxygen & H2S Scavengers etc.

*Drilling Fluids Rheology/Properties Test.

*ISO 17025 Assessor Training Course and EMS-

14001 & OHSAS 18001 internal Audit Courses.


Sr. Executive Lab (Lab Supervisor/Manager)

Pakistan Oilfields Limited.

Central Lab. (Since 2008)

Key Responsibilities:

Responsible for Field's Lab Operations, Testing, Trend Analysis, Data Compilation, Evaluation and Reporting for smooth production activities.

Lab and Operational Chemicals Preparation, Performance Check, Technical Evaluation and Inventory Managements.

Lab Instruments and Equipment’s Operation, Calibration, Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Ensure timely analysis and submission of daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Engagement and coordination with Drilling, Production and Reservoir Department based on Lab data.

Coordination and Joint Testing with service and chemical supplier companies to get best service from them. 2

Lab Testing/Analysis:

All Producing Well’s and Plant Process Stream Samples Lab Testing and Analysis Results Verification, Evaluation, Compilation and Reporting For;

Petroleum Products Quality Testing; Crude Oil, LPG, Solvent Oil, Gasoline and Sulpher quality testing.

Gas Samples Analysis, by GC (TCD&FID), H2S in Gas & Crude, Tail Gas Analysis (SRU), Flue Gas Analysis.

Water Analysis, Produced Water, Injection Water (EOR), Boilers Water, Engine Radiator Water, Cooling Water, R.O-Unite Water, Drinking Water and Plant Effluents analysis using AAS (GTA), Spectrophotometer and Conventional Methods.

Amine and Glycol Analysis, Amine (MEA, MDEA) & Glycol (MEG & TEG) Analysis.

Lube Oil Analysis, Turbine, Expender and Engine Oil Quality Analysis.

Scales Sample Analysis, Scale Composition Analysis using conventional methods and AAS technique.

Barite, Bentonit’s and KCl Samples Quality Analysis for Drilling Use.

Environmental Monitoring, Plant Effluent and Engines Exhaust Gases Analysis.

Operational Chemicals Analysis and Performance, Analysis and performance check for various Oil field Chemicals by means of their Reactivity, Compatibility, Dosage Rate Optimization; like Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors, Demulsifiers, Coagulants, Flocculants, Biocides, Algaecides, Oxygen & H2S Scavengers etc.

Chemical Injection Jobs, Down-hole batch treatment of the wells with recommended Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor solution and arrange for remedial actions to mitigate it.

Corrosion & Scale Monitoring; Corrosion & Scale Monitoring and Anti-Corrosion/Scalants Injection & Performance Check.

New Well Testing For Formation Fluid Characterization.

Acid Jobs, Well Acid Stimulation, Acid Compatibility with Formation Fluids and Downhole Scale Cleaning.

Drilling Fluids Testing; Drilling Mud and Well Cement Slurry Rheologies (PV, YP, Fluid Loss, Gel Strength & M. Funnel Viscosity) and Thickening Time Tests. OPERATIONAL KNOWLEDGE:

Crude Oil Sweetening and Stabilization Process.

LPG, Solvent Oil and Gasoline Recovery Process.

Gas Sweetening Process Using MEA & MDEA.

Sulpher Recovery Process (SRU).

Glycol Dehydration Process Using MEG & TEG.

Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR) Process.

Well downhole Corrosion Inhibitor injection and Scale Cleaning jobs.

Well Cementation and Acid Stimulation jobs.



With Chemical Engineers on Operational Chemical Performance and Vessels/Tanks Cleanings;

Reservoir and Drilling Engineers for Current and Past Lab Data of Different Producing Zones;

Production Engineers for Formation Fluid Characterization during New Well Testing;

Drilling Fluid Engineer for Drilling Fluids Characterization and Rheologies;

Service Companies Engineers for Operational Chemicals Proposal and Joint Testing;


With Managers and Team Leaders to Identify and Resolve Resources Issues. KEY ACHIVEMENTS:

POL Lab Accreditation (ISO17025). (

Lab SOP’s Compilation as per ASTM, UOP and IP Standard Methods.

Lab Operational Manual, QSPs (quality standard procedures), Report Formats and Work Instruction preparation and implementation.

International PT participation for various Lab Testing.

Risk Identification and Assessment

Reservoir produced water study base on Lab analysis results.

Environmental analysis of all plant area and Engines exhausts.

Lab Internal Audits base on ISO-17025 Technical and Management requirement.

Routine Maintenance and Preventive measures for Lab Equipments and Apparatus.

Training of New Inducted and less experience lab staff. TRAININGS/COURSES:

Lead Assessor Training Course Based On ISO/IEC 17025 Requirements for competence of testing and Calibration Laboratories. (05 Days, HKV Hong Kong via IPS (Pk).

Lab Assessor Training Course Based On ISO/IEC 17025 Requirements for competence of testing and Calibration Laboratories. (05 days, Conducted by PNAC)

Lab Management System, Standard ISO-17025:2017. (Conducted By: TUV Austria (Pk)

ISO 17025 Advance Course. (QMS.9000, Pakistan)

Lab Internal Audit based on ISO 17025. (QMS.9000, Pakistan)

Internal Audit ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001. (QMS.9000, Pakistan)

GC (TCD&FID) Working & Operation. (Perkin Elmer (AMS))

HSE (Oil & Gas). (POL Pakistan)

Work Permit System. (PTW) (POL Pakistan)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). (ISO-17025)

Fire Fighting, Prevention & Control. (POL Pakistan)

H2S Training. (Rutledge Pakistan)

The 05 Choices to extra Ordinary Productivity. (Franklin Convey Pk).

Communication Skills. (Pakistan Society for Training Development). 4


Petrochemical Process.

Pollution Control Technology.

Applied Polymer Chemistry.

Surface Chemistry.

Advance Physical Chemistry.

Special Topics In Analytical Chemistry.

Special Topics In Physical Chemistry.

Polymers In Controlled Drug Delivery.


M.Phil. (Chemistry): CGPA=3.4/4

Institute of Chemical Sciences University of Peshawar, Pakistan. (Session: 2005-2007).

M.Sc. (Chemistry):

From, Gomal University D.I.Khan, Pakistan. (Session: 2001-2003).

B.Sc. (Biological Sciences):

From, Gomal University D.I.Khan, Pakistan. (Session: 2000).

B.Ed (Teaching Of Science):

Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Pakistan. (Session: 2007).

F.Sc. (Medical Sciences):

From, B.I.S.E Bannu, Pakistan. (Session: 1998).

Metric (Science Group):

From, B.I.S.E Bannu, Pakistan. (Session: 1995).


Name: Wali Ullah

Father’s Name: Zabar Dest Khan

Date of Birth: 20-10-1979

Nationality: Pakistani

N.I.C. No: 21506-7415359-9

Passport No: AF6793591

Marital Status: Married.

Postal Address: House#29, Street#02, Sector-B, Township Bannu, Disst. Bannu. Pakistan. References can be furnish on demand

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