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Mechanical Designer Engineer

Londonderry, NH, 03053
April 26, 2022

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Robert K. Gaudion

** ******* **** **** ***********, NH, 03053 603-***-****

Robert Gaudion is a senior electro-mechanical designer and manager with many years of professional experience. He offers extensive expertise in numerous software applications, including Inventor, SolidWorks, Creo, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD Electrical, PDM, SAP, and several PLC languages. He is a proven self-starter who works well independently or managing small to large teams. Robert has successfully completed projects in diverse applications, including waterjet cutting; laser welding and cutting; dispensing and pc board building; and testing and many positioning systems. Robert also holds a DOD Secret Clearance.


L3Harris Ayer, MA August 15th to October 13 2020

Brough in as an eletriacal engineer. Also did mechanical design work as well. Did a great deal design modifications and rework on large scale radomes. Maintaned and made new schematics for the radome systems using solid works and mechanical autocad. All work done with pdm.

DesktopMetal May 1,2018 To May 1st 2020

Burlington, MA

Brought in as an independent contractor to do Electrical design. I started the company on Solid works electrical, they were using Autocad electrical which I am very familiar with. I set up the program along with the network setup. I am using the solid works electrical to build a large project to control a machine. The project has 71 sheets of schematics and 229 cable assembly drawings. I have built and setup the symbols files as well. I have done two other system documentation packages as well. I also have been doing mechanical deisgn as well using Sloid Works 2017. Good understanding of Geometric tolerancing. I Worked on new designs as ell as ECO’s and ECN’s

DAPR Engineering July 2017 to March 9, 2018

19 Columbia Drive

Amherst, NH

Brought in as a contractor to fill an Electro-Mechanical Engineering roll, Set the company up with AutoCAD Electrical and built up a library of electrical symbols. Produced full sets of schematics for two different systems. One set was forty pages. I also did redlines for existing schematics and designs. Also used Solid Works to produce enclosure models and panel models. Also did design work on some mechanical parts and assemblies

Warner Power March to July 2017

Mechanical Designer

Warner, NH

As a contractor I was brought in to Design and create a drawing set for a large electrical enclosure with an internal high power power supply. All work done in Autodesk Inventor. Design was eight weeks behind schedule when I got it and finished it by the later part of June. I was brought in for that assignment only and they did not have the budget for more of my time.

Inert Systems June 2016 to March 2017

Electrical Engineer

Amesbury, MA

As an employee of Inert I was in charge of all Electrical design using solidworks electrical. Mostly control design of PLC based control systems. Because Inert was a small company when there was not enough electrical work I would work on mechanical designs and charges. I was also responsible for component selection, design layouts and schematics. Unfortunately sales slowed and they were forced to lay me off.

Mit Lincoln Labs September, 2015 to March 2016

Cable Designer

Lexington, MA

As a contractor for Entegee I was selected to go to work for Mit Lincoln Labs as a cable designer.Using Creo I worked for div 7 group 77 which is a rapid prototyping group. I work on several projects at one time. I am unable to talk about the specific projects due to my DOD security clearance Agreement. I will say that I design, select and procure all components, create drawings and BOMS. I then supervise the production of military and aerospace cable assemblies. I work with my experience with Mechanical, Electrical and Electromechanical experience.

Project Engineer November 2014 – October 1, 2015

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics

Merrimack, NH 03054

As a contractor for Hill Standard Works I am the project manager for the upgrade of the control system for a large Laminator. All controls to be upgraded to the latest technologies. Including HMI, PLC, new motors and drives, data collection components, load cells and complete unwinder control and winder control on and off the main Colander Stack drive. All speed regulated from belt tension and windup roll diameter. Temperatures monitored and controlled by the HMI and PLC.

Using SolidWorks and AutoCAD electrical, Robert redesigned the entire control set with a five man review team.

Robert dealt with and selected three vendors for the system.

After vendor was awarded a contract Robert manage the details of the design and fabrication of the control system.

Sr. Electrical Designer IV May 2013 – September 2014

GT Advanced Technologies: GT Solar

GT Solar produces furnaces and crystal growers for the photovoltaic industry. Robert is primarily dedicated to a new furnace being built in Arizona for treating wafers. All heaters were resistive and or Halogen..

Using AutoCAD Electrical and SolidWorks, design the main control cabinet, power cabinet, plc panel, SSR panel and relay panel (inside and out), two operator HMI’s.

Work up electrical system layout in five enclosures. Produce system schematics and enclosure drawings.

Procure components for the completion of the system design package.

Working as a member of a three-person team in charge of the machine controls for the new furnace, help foster collaborative work environment that cultivates innovative ideas

Mechanical Engineer November 2012 – May 2013

McClellan Automation

McClellan Automation is a custom automation systems manufacturer. They build automation systems for assembly, testing, packaging and any other requests they had from customers. While there I was a mechanical engineer on the Generation one of an E cigarette assembly system for a very large cigarette producer in N Carolina. I designed the base frame and assembled the individual stations onto the base frame using Solidworks.

Robert was primarily dedicated to GEN1 system which is now in operation at a large cigarette producer in N Carolina in numerous quantities.

Using SolidWorks, Robert design the main base frame weld-ment which was 50 feet in length.

Procure components for the completion of the system design package

Working as a member of a four-person team in charge of the system from prototype to the GEN1 system, help foster collaborative work environment that cultivates innovative ideas

Electro-Mechanical Designer September 2011 – 2012

GT Advanced Technologies: GT Solar

GT Solar produces furnaces and crystal growers for the photovoltaic industry. Robert is primarily dedicated to a new crystal puller design (HiCZ200), which is revolutionizing the crystal growing process.

Using AutoCAD Electrical and SolidWorks, design the main control cabinet (inside and out), two operator pendants, and all seven I/O nodes

Procure components for the completion of the system design package

Design, lay out, and procure pneumatics system

Working as a member of a seven-person team in charge of the machine controls for the new puller, help foster collaborative work environment that cultivates innovative ideas

Electro-Mechanical Designer September 2010 – April 2011

Fujifilm Corp.: Dimatix Division/Aries Group

Fuji Film Dimatix is a supplier of high quality inkjet printers for diverse industries, including food (edible ink), advertising (billboards), packaging, etc.

Using SolidWorks, modify existing or design new parts and assemblies and electrical schematics

Build components and assembly and produce drawings for manufacture

Make design changes to existing drawings and models that required use of Mechanical Desktop

Senior Electro-Mechanical Designer May 2007 – January 2009

Warner Power Co Inc./Aries Group

Warner Power designs and builds transformers (some as large as tractor trailers), power supplies, and switch gear for auto companies.

Model transformers and engineer products

Produce manufacturing drawings

Designed sheet metal enclosures and component panels

Applying vast knowledge of structural work, sheet metal, welding symbols, design and model systems, enclosures, transformers, power supplies, assemblies, and subassemblies

Using Autodesk Inventor for CAD, process sketches and/or BOMs to create engineering drawings from initial to final design

CAD Designer June 2006 – February 2007

Core Detailing Co. Inc.

Core Detailing uses architectural construction drawings (for steelwork) and produces manufacturing drawings for fabrication shops.

Design stair systems and detailed, drafted various structural steel fabrications and parts

Use Inventor 11 software for 3D modeling and drafting

Produce submittal packages, approval sets, field check sets, and final drawings for construction projects and steel fabricators

CAD Designer June 2005 – June 2006

Ace Welding Co.

Ace Welding is a welding fabrication company that supplies diverse steel work, including beams, frames, brackets, stairs, etc.

Design stair systems, structures, and various mechanical designs using Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop 2006 and Inventor 10

Manage drafting computer system

Responsible for all aspects of CAD work and submittal packages

Owner/Principle Engineer March 2001 – June 2005

Specialty Machinery & Products, Inc.

Company founded after Ambrit (see below) closed to support previous customers and build equipment for new customers. Staff included assembly and testing personnel.

Support former Ambrit customers with service and spare parts

Design systems for Fuel Cell Energy to deposit electrolyte onto solar panels

Created many designs for various applications for controls and control circuits for custom applications using AutoCAD and MDT2004

Conduct field service consulting on various products built by Ambrit

Sub out the manufacture of parts made for designs and spare parts for Ambrit-produced machinery. Shop globally for machining of parts on Internet, enabling us to inexpensively conduct work compared with local machine shop rates. Quality was outstanding. Joined to obtain competitive bids.


Electrical engineering courses, Merrimack College


AutoCAD versions up to AutoCAD 2000, 2D, and 3D

Autodesk MDT2004 through MDT2008

PDM file management

Inventor 10, thru Inventor 2016

Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Project

Motor sizing software, Dos and Windows

PLC Languages, A/B, Siemens, Gettings & Lewis, Square D

Solid works 2010 thru 2018


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