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Incharge Care Nurse

Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya
April 07, 2022

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Vivian Namukuru Okutoyi

Date of Birth:

18th October 1992


** *****.



National ID No.:




Marital Status:


Place of Birth:





Shianda- Marenyo




Kiswahili, English, Luhya, Luo, Kikuyu

Mobile phone No

+254*********/ +257********


Permanent Address:

80100, Mombasa

Career Objectives:

To work in a dynamic challenging and rewarding environment which will give me an opportunity to demonstrate both acquired and professional skills, towards self-actualization and professional achievement while at the same time help people enhance and effectively utilization their own problem solving and coping capacity.

March 2021 to dates


Bachelors of science nursing at AghaKhan university Nairobi. PART TIME BASIS

Sept. 2019- Oct 2020:

Sept 2012-Sept 2016:

Higher National Diploma in oncology nursing at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital College of Health Sciences

Pursued Diploma in Nursing at Kenya Medical Training Bondo and attained Certificate as Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse, registered and licensed by Nursing council of Kenya.

Jan. 2006-Nov.2010:

Went to St. Stephen’s Shiatsala Secondary School in Kakamega County and achieved Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Jan. 1998-Nov.2005:

Went to Bubala primary school in Kakamega County and attained Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.


October 2021:

Sept 2020 :

May 2021:

August 2018:

May 2017:

Trained in online course Night Vision Goggles by FAA safety Team Aviation Learning Centre Online Course

Trained in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support/Basic Life Support for American Heart Association, by Quality Care.

Trained on various types of mechanical ventilators by Philips company in Kenya

Long term family planning (intra uterine contraceptive device). By AFYA HALISI

Trained in Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care for one week at Bondo Pride in Hotel

April 2017:

New HIV a logarithm management at Ahero County hospital Kisumu. By NASCOP Organization.

November 2016:

Adolescent package of care (APOC) training at pinecone Hotel Kisumu.

September 2016:

New Algorithm in HIV testing and services (HTS) Training at Hillside villa Hotel, in Kisumu.

August 2016:

Multi- drug Resistance (MDR) training at Metro park Hotel Kisumu. Funded by NASCCOP Organization.


Dec 2021 – update

Jan 2021 to Nov 2021:

April 2020 to Dec 2020:

Nairobi adventist Hospital to commence oncology services as per the scope oncology nursing by the Nursing council of Kenya.

Working at the critical care unit and high dependency unit as on job trained critical care nurse.

Main roles: Admission and assessment of critically ill patients.

Performing diagnostic tests such as arterial blood gases and interpreting their meaning.

Providing care to patients suffering from cardiac diseases, brain injuries, accident victims and patients recovering from complex surgeries.

Monitoring exact, detailed reports and records of the critical ICU patients

Monitoring and recording symptoms and changes in patient’s conditions and information to the physician.

Carefully observing and documenting patient information and vital signs

Documenting patient treatment plans, interventions, outcomes or plan revisions.

Consulting and coordinating with health care team members about whole patient care plans

Active use of ACLS BLS in responding to life threatening emergencies, administering treatment, monitoring fluid input and output,

Assisting physician and anesthetists in procedures such as endo tracheal intubation, endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and elective cardio version.

Operating mechanical ventilators and ensuring all equipment’s are in use, identifying malfunctioning equipment or devices.

Oncology nurse at Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital and deputy matron of the cancer Centre, with the following roles;

Main roles were;

-preparation of duties

-Team leader of the oncology unit,

-Organizing meetings in the department, mentorship programs, CME’s,

-Compilation of patient data on their treatment outcomes, and adherence.

_Involved in evidence based practices in the continuum of cancer treatment

Chemotherapy administration to cancer patients.

Conducting cancer health education and awareness to patients, families and communities, with key emphasis on cancer risk factors, prevention, need for routine screening, HPV vaccination among girls and availability of cancer services.

Participating in admitting patients in the oncology unit, history taking, head to toe physical assessments, taking vitals and calculating body surface area (BSA)Counseling and emotionally supporting newly diagnosed patents and their families; with emphasis on intended treatments, side effects, expected outcomes and availability of useful community resources for patients and their families

Reconstituting and administering chemotherapy, after pre-medications-and monitoring for any adverse reactions

Ensuring safety for self, patients, relatives, other staff and the environment during chemotherapy administration through use of relevant PPE and waste management and disposal precautions.

Following up patients on chemotherapy and radiotherapy for side effect-profiling and offering remedies for expected side effects including body image changes that occur during treatment

Answering patients ‘questions and concerns pertaining their treatments and expected prognosis

Mentoring nursing students and junior staff on safety during chemotherapy administration, including right use of PPE

Screening for breast, cervical and prostate cancer while working with other departments like radiology for screening investigations

Administering blood and blood products to patients and monitoring for reactions; and other treatments

Managing chemotherapy spills as per the nursing protocols on chemo spills

Participating in bedside nursing care and assisting patients meet their activities of daily living

Taking part in infection prevention practices on the unit-including Covid-19 preventive policies; and reverse precautions for immunosuppressed patients undergoing cancer treatment

Translating theory into practice through assessing patients, developing nursing care plans and executing them with a holistic focus

Assessing and managing cancer pain using analgesics such as NSAIDS, opioids and educating patients on side effects of these treatments

Monitoring patients on cancer treatments from time to time and updating oncologists and other disciplines on changes on patient statuses

Responding promptly to oncologic emergencies, for example tumor lysis syndrome and neutropenia fever according to oncology nursing protocols

Participating actively in ongoing oncology researches in breast, cervical, prostate, multiple myeloma, lymphomas, and had the following roles in clinical research:

1.Having conversations with the breast cancer survivors who were part of the target

Market on Trastuzumab.

2. Examining the psychological needs and adjustments of breast cancer patients, their quality of life, treatment, decision making preferences, needs of information and communication, preferences about advance directives and pain perceptions in the context o0f cancer journey.

3. Evaluating the effects of cancer disease on breast cancer survivors, families and on older patients.

4. Understanding breast cancer survivors’ social and cultural phenomena they experience on treatment and post chemotherapy treatment and on Trastuzumab.

5.generating and confirming theory arising from empirical observation rather than to test predetermined hypothesis

6. Studying illness experience of breast cancer survivors who were on Trastuzumab.

7. Through use of qualitative research techniques, I was charged to identify and overcome inaccurate assumptions about sociocultural factors that play a role in the cancer illness experience of breast cancer survivors.

8.Collecting,analyzing and interpreting non numerical data in the study of breast cancer patients on Trastuzumab

9. Understanding individuals perceptions and their meanings to their social reality.

10.Using qualitative methods of research which include focused group discussions, in depth interviews and observations in conducting the study.



Compare the role of the qualitative researcher with the role of standardized instruments, measures, and methods in quantitative analysis.

Apply qualitative standards of credibility, dependability, and transferability to the processes of:

oMonitoring and reducing bias,

oDeveloping competence in one's methods,

oCollecting the data,

oAnalyzing the data, and

oPresenting the findings.

Jan 2017 –August 2019

Staff Nurse at Bondo Sub-County Hospital, and Siaya County Referral Hospital in Siaya County.The main roles and responsibilities were

Maternal and child healthcare services.

Head of neonatal audit committee at Bondo sub county hospital by facilitating quality initiatives towards reduction of numbers of neonatal deaths and complications

Early identification of obstetric emergencies, quick notification and collaboration with other health professionals in intervening through use of multi-disciplinary approach

Admission of mothers in labor and sick gravid mothers.

Performing routine physical exams to pregnant mothers in labour,also taking of vital signs, interpreting them as well.

Identification of indicators leading to poor maternal services uptake through research

Mentoring of students from medical training colleges during clinical placements in the ward.

Team leader during ACLS BLS in the labor ward

Planning and coordinating monthly neonatal audit meetings

Labor and conducting deliveries, management of minor illnesses and referrals.

Sept 2016-Dec 2016

Nursing Job a Bondo Medical Centre In Medical Surgical Ward. The main roles and responsibilities were general nursing care i.e. pre-operative cares, post-operative care, IV fluids administration, blood transfusion, detailed documentations of procedures done and nursing care outcome.

Understand the level of functionality of health services (public and private) and their actors in the referral pathway within the hospital catchment area

Respond to emergency and non-emergency health needs of the targeted population after assessment, strategic decision, coherent implementation and monitoring

Identify and support the community referral system to appropriate health services and management of mortal remains

Support or run all or part of different PHC components to adequately respond to the health needs in PHC facilities or Mobile Health Units

Ensure a continuum of care for beneficiaries from the community (support to First Aid and TBA networks) to hospital care, from support to existing Emergency Medical Systems and safe access to hospital care

Identify gaps in emergency hospital services and provide support with the hospital team for evaluation and involvement when needed

Ensure regular medical supplies in respect of MedLog ordering, storing and delivering norms

Communicate to relevant stakeholders and report internally on health context, needs, programme results and challenges

Within the Health in Detention Framework, guarantee that detainees have access to quality care corresponding to standards outside the detention place using a public health approach, including the follow up of ill-treatment

Qualities and Skills:

Open minded personality with good social, communication and listening skills.

Good coordination of self and of colleagues for the achievement of a common goal.

Ability to work harmoniously with colleagues from varied cultures and professional background.

Ability to organize and carry out work with minimal supervision with high sense of responsibility.

Able to work under pressure and lead a multicultural team in a complex environment

Previous experience in international humanitarian projects in the field of Primary Health Care

Positive, flexible and able to adapt to challenging living conditions and/or unstable security environment

Proficient user of IT tools (word, excel etc.) in IQ care and ADT.

A professional, flexible and conscientious registered nurse with ability to build a harmonious, energetic and cohesive relationship with patients and coworkers.

Interests and hobbies:

Community outreach services, travelling interacting and socializing
















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