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Power Control Ericsson

Gurgaon, Haryana, India
September 07, 2021

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Ch. Sateesh

India: +91-950*******

Skype: chsateesh1


Career Objective:

To provide value addition to the organization by utilizing my technical knowledge.

To grow in the organization by accomplishing the tasks allotted to me sincerely,

There by becoming an asset to the organization.

Desired Position: Assistant Manager/RF Optimization- LTE Network

Work Experience- 10.11 years.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited.

Asst. Manager-LTE KPI Analysis and Optimization: Jan 2016 to Feb2020

Samsung (Reliance-LTE-Mumbai)-Evolve Technologies

Sr. LTE_RF Optimization Engineer: Feb 2105 to Jan-2016

LTE, VOLTE & Network Modernization

Daily worst VOLTE-2300/1800/850 cell analysis & optimization for accessibility, retainability (DCR) & Mobility (handovers).

Experience on LTE network 5MHz, 10MHz,15MHz & 20MHz & Up to 3 LTE carrier load balancing & optimization for EnodeB and Small cell/IBS

Daily performance monitoring, worst cells optimization and recommendation of parameters change to meet the KPI requirement for customer acceptance.

Network parameter audit & capacity/congestion optimization.

Knowledge and practice of OSS, Reporting & Optimization tools:

KPIs/ counter report creation on Mycom/reporting Tool

Advance Parameter tuning for VOLTE, troubleshoot VOLTE tickets and recommend changes to improve VOLTE experience

Implementation of new features and tuning LTE radio network parameters

Analyzing traces and Drive logs of LTE/UMTS, checking MIMO behavior, throughput, SINR, Uplink/Coverage, layer3 events, access, drops failure using ActixOne & Truecall

RSRP, SINR, PUSCCH/PUCCH RSSI/ MSC & CQI analysis and optimization to meet site KPIs target.

Analyzing traces and Drive test of the first LTE call, checking MIMO behavior, throughput, SINR, Uplink power over PUSCH.

Layer3 & Event analysis for A2, A3 & A5, PCI serving cell dominances analysis.

Mobility optimization,preparation & excitation phase, X2 relation check analysis Baseline parameter check for eNodeB

Low Throughput analysis and optimization, Parameter modification such as a2ThresholdRsrpPrim, threshServingLow, p0NumPucch, p0NumPuSch, RRC connection reestablishment etc.

Designing PCI plans, and checking PCI collisions and confusions Adjusting ANR parameters to improve its functionality according to the network characteristics.

Daily OSS status (Mycom/LSMR) analysis to tuned KPIs.

Huawei (Omantel-LTE/3G/2G-Oman)-LCC Middle East

RF Post Processing & Optimization Engineer: Jan 2014 to Jan 2016

Huawei & Ericsson (Wataniya SRAN-LTE/3G/2G-Kuwait) - LCC Middle East

SwissQual & RF Optimization Engineer: April 2013 to Dec 2013

Reliance (LTE Job Responsibilities):

Oman & Kuwait (Job Responsibility):

Verifying LTE, 3G & 2G SSV's check list, drive log files and Cluster Drive reports of Huawei and Ericsson for Wataniya Swap project.

Preparing pre and Post for SRAN/ LTE-Swap Cluster Drive reports by using SwissQual NQDI,Tems 14.6, Genex Probe & Assistant 3.5, Actix and MapInfo 11.

Comparing Pre & Post KPI reports from Reporting Suite-NSN and M2000/Business Objective for Huawei & Ericsson vendor for Post Swapped sites.

Analyzing Pre and Post drive log files in SwissQual Tools and making reports of Benchmark, Cluster drive, Highway Roads, VIP Complaints and submit to Operator.

Handling Customer complaints and optimization of network to resolve the Normal and VIP customer problems

Huawei (Omantel-LTE/3G/2G)-LCC Middle East

RF Post Processing & Optimization (Oman) March 2012 to April 2013

Job Responsibility:

Checking the parameters (PCI,RSRP,RSRQ,SNR,MCS,ResourceBlock,RBSize,PDCCH Downlink count,BLER)

Checking Data Throughput in different Bandwidth.

Observing handovers form one eNodeB to another eNodeB.

Observing Interfaces X2,S1,S11,S5

Checking Data throughput in TDD and FDD Technology mode.

Preparing SFT Reports and submitting to Client on daily basis

Understanding the knowledge of LTE (OFDMA, SC-FDMA,S-GW, P-GW, X2, S1, S11, S5, MME, Bandwidth…

Performing Dense Drive after doing SFT functionality, observing handovers form Uu to eNodeB and from one eNodeB to another.

Observing Serving and Neighboring cell list from the tool (Serving cell, Listed cell, Detected cell)

Solid understanding of LTE Network Architecture, LTE Air Interface, LTE Handover Procedures

LTE RF Parameters, Fundamentals of Evolved Packet Core, Fundamentals of LTE

4G/3G/2G SSV,Cluster drives & Overshooting at borders drive test with TEMS 14.1 & 14.6 Version for Ericsson & Huawei sites

Making the pre and post drive reports in SwissQual NQDI and submitting to customer

3G/2G Drive Test Motorola and Ericsson to Huawei SWAP Project (Omantel network)

3G Drive Test Complaints and SSV.

LTE Technical Site Survey.

LTE DriveTest complaints,SSV and cluster drives

Using Tools Genex Probe ver 3.3,3.5, Genex Assistant ver 3.3,3.5

Making the pre and post drive reports in Genex Assistant 3.3 and submitting to customer.

Making Intra freq, Inter freq and IRAT neighbor list for UMTS network

Daily monitoring of network KPIs and in case of any degradation, send a complete analysis along with the recommendations to customer using Network statistics or field data in order to improve KPIs of Network or Cell level.

Huawei (AIRCEL 3G/2G)- Prithvi information solutions Pvt Ltd.

RF Optimization (Hyderabad, A.P) Feb 2011 to March 2012

Job Responsibility:

Verifying soft handover, 3G to 2G IRAT handover, 3G to 2G IRAT cell reselection, and Analysis of network performance, identification of problems and providing suitable solutions to performance abnormalities.

Monitoring 3G KPI by means of RRC connection setup rate, RRB Setup success rate for 2G to 3G IRAT cell reselection

Monitoring of RSCP & EC/Io level of 3G sites.

Trouble shooting and resolving issues like call drop and handover failure

Analysis of layer 3 message.

Finding the best possible configuration for antenna heights, tilts and azimuths for all the cells/sectors in the network and thus responsible for optimization of the network

Handling customer complaints related to EDGE/HSDPA and Video call.

Monitoring of Node B traffic trend

Recommend Node B rollouts to resolve coverage issues

Analyze post-processed drive test data to benchmark network performance against competitors, check dropped call, coverage and dominance issues, verify need to modify antenna electrical/mechanical tilt, antenna orientation or re-engineer existing BTSs, recommend need for parameter adjustments, etc.

Analysis on network/RNC level and give recommendations to change parameter Speech, Video, PS and HSPA, CS AMR, CS 64, PS and HSDPA dropped rate.

Drive test for 3G network and analyzing the report.

KPI for the improvement of network.

Daily KPI monitoring for BSCs, RNCs and Report if any KPIs are abnormal.

Worst Cluster Analysis and give recommendation to Improve KPI.

Planning of new Micro and COW NodeBs.

Coordinated with DT teams and Customer in getting 3G RF AT Signed.

Responsible for maintaining good KPI’s.(RRCSR, HOSR-SOFT, RRB, SD Blocking, AFR)

Monitoring Key Performance Identification (KPI) of 2G by means of SDCCH/TCH drop calls, call set up success rate, handover success rate and congestion rate, and conducting Final acceptance Report by means of statistics and drive test measurements. Compile sites in BSC for any locked hardware and TRX related disabilities. Top Handover Fails, SDCCH traffic deltas and TCHblocking cells.

Performing interference analysis. Distinguishing internal and external interference. Resolving internal interference by hardware checking, frequency optimization (replacing frequency, frequency hopping, power control, etc), site survey. Resolving outside interference by locating interference source.

Database consistency checking for parameter setting and LAC & BSIC & BCCH mismatches. Analyzing neighboring cell definition and optimizing Neighboring cell relation including outside neighbor cells.

Performance stats/KPI analysis for drop calls, TCH congestion, SDCCH congestion, location area update, handover success rate and paging.

Drive Test Data analyzing then Optimizing parameters like C/I, C/A, Coverage, Call Handover, Call Drop & Rx Quality, SQI and Network Performance analyze.

Huawei (AIRCEL 2G)-GTL Innovsource Pvt Ltd.

RF Drive Test & Optimization (Hyderabad, A.P) March 2009 to Feb-2011

Job Responsibility:


Detailed RF design, including BSC location and new site selection.

Planned New town sites based on marketing and sales requirement

Monitoring some parameters of KPI’s (HSR, TCH Blocking, and SD Blocking) and planning to keep those values with in Bench Marks. Detailed Planning of IBS & Link Budgeting.

Analyze the drive test data and identifies problem areas with recommended solutions.

Radio Network Optimization using Drive Test Tool TEMS 14.1 Version, GENEX PROBE, GENEX ASSISTANT& TEMS Investigation GSM 6.0, post processing with TEMS route analyzer 6.0.

Perform antenna audit to assure the correct setup based on the RF design. Recommend and implement changes in various network parameters, antenna configurations, etc.

Collect performance metrics and generate plots to highlight performance improvements.

Keep an up to date documentation of optimization related actions, also maintain archives of all collected data for future reference perform the Optimization System Performance Support: Troubleshoot areas with poor RF performance. Request drive tests, analyze data, and recommend network changes.

Performance stats/KPI analysis for drop calls, TCH congestion, SDCCH congestion, location area update, handover success rate and paging.

Drive Test Data analyzing then Optimizing parameters like C/I, C/A, Coverage, Call Handover, Call Drop & Rx Quality, SQI and Network Performance analyze.

Drive Data Analyzing then Optimizing activities include change of frequency, change of power, Re-orientations, mechanical tilt, electrical tilt, and height changes.

Job Profile:

RF &TND Survey:

RF nominal planning and providing the search rings.

Choosing the site options so as to be in grid.

Designing Antenna height and Orientation for RF Coverage.

Identification of null area and proposing the solutions to the customer to enhance


Clutter definitions and its prioritization.

Capacity enhancement solutions.

LOS survey:

Checking for obstacle details that may obstruct the transmission path of MW link

as planned.

Extraction of AMSL values from topo maps.

On field obstacle heights collection of transmission path of PTP mw link.

Path Profile generation and verification for the PTP Microwave links using RL tool.

Proposing the optimum height of antenna keeping in view the height of obstacles

and clearance criteria.

Generation and submission of LOS survey reports.

Tools used

Mycom, LSMR, True Caller, JCP,Vuze,Netspan, Xcap, Xcall for Analysis and to fetch KPI reports

Google Earth: To check out details of clutter while planning new sites.

SwissQualRanger,SwissQulipoc,SwissqualBenchmark,Swissqual NQDI,Swissqual NQ view

Actix for post processing & Analyzing logs

MapInfo, MCOM, Global Mapper, (GSM Application etc)

Thorough skills on drive test on Tems 14.1 ver,GENEX PROBE 1.5,2.3,3.3,3.5 GENEX ASSISTANT 1.5,2.3,3.3,3.5 &TEMS Investigation 8.0.2,10.03,04,14.2,14.3,14.6 Layer 2 & 3 analysis to troubleshoot a problem. Post processing in Tems Investigation / MapInfo (Optpcs).

M2000 for getting the reports from BSC.

Genex Naster fetching the reports from BSC and M2000 & cross verification of RF Engg Parameters.

Genex Probe & Assistant for drive test and analysis.

M2000/Business Objective for generating KPIS & Alarms for Huawei /Ericsson.

Atoll/RND for predication and AFP (Automatic frequency tunning/NeighborPlanning).

Professional Qualification:

B.Tech from JNTU. Uiversity in 2008.

About Myself

High Energy and a drive to excel have differentiated me throughout my Career. Taking initiative is definitely strength but I also see differently every task I take up. Respect for time and ability to work hard are other strengths.

Personal Details:

Father's Name : Mr. Ch.Kanakachandru

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Telugu, Beginner Arabic

Passport No & Validity : J4303737 &10-03-2021


Place: Hyderabad (Ch.Sateesh)

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