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Case Aide Medical Billing

Miami, FL
October 22, 2021

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Johanna Oviedo

Research experience

Miami, FL ***96


Demonstrated success in performed routine and specially tests in medical diagnosis and microbiological analysis. Also, Skilled in different lab tests as such quality product evaluation in chemical products. Ability to performed Phlebotomy procedures and specimen collection for sending or testing to the lab. Assisted the physician with patient medical diagnosis and treatment. I have experience conducting different type of research clinical and general. Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Clinical Lab Assistant

MedRite Urgent Care - Miami, FL

February 2021 to September 2021

Collected lab specimen for patients to perform Covid-19 and other test in the lab. Prepared medical records to new and old patients. Working in the urgent care office doing patient insurance verification and doing medical appointments. Coordinated Doctors meetings with other medical staffs. Lab Assistant

University of Miami - Miami, FL

February 2020 to January 2021

• Answering incoming patient and customer calls.

• Follow hospital guidelines and policies to solve patient and client issues, answer any questions, and relay any complaints and/or concerns to direct supervisor

• Prepared test form for the technician

• Accessioning specimens for testing and diagnosis. General Case Aide Manager

Comprehensive Healthcare - Miami, FL

February 2019 to January 2020

• Assisted Case Manager with legal paper work documents.

• Provided management support to the client families, case manager, social workers and other employees.

• Supported Case Management teams with routine or daily responsibilities, including but not limited to filing, copying, data entry and other duties as assigned.

• Prepared, reviewed, sanded, received, and tracked new credentialing packages for completeness and compliance.

Lab Technician

National Veterinary Lab - Miami, FL

November 2017 to January 2019

Medical Lab testing

• Performed Phlebotomy functions. Collecting blood and body fluid specimens.

• Received and Processed patient specimens for lab testing.

• Maintained, calibrated and troubleshot pH probes, EC meters, balances, automatic pipettes, diluters and diagnosis test while accurately documenting results to sustain quality controls.

• Prepared dilutions, media and other assays for lab testing.

• Performed Serology, Urinalysis, Hematology and other lab testing for diagnosis.

• Reported lab results using Scotty lab computer system. Lab Assistant

LabCorp - Miami, FL

August 2017 to November 2018

• Performed Phlebotomy functions. Collecting blood and body fluid specimens.

• Accessioned specimens by sorting into groups and setting up in designated areas.

• Recorded patient data in lab corp patient database.

• Adhered to safety procedures when handling specimens and working in the laboratory.

• Prepared specimens for analysis and established proper chronological priorities in testing.

• Provided thorough supervision for day-to-day operations of facility in accordance with set policies and guidelines.

Clinical Research Assistant

Medical Staffing Solutions LLC - Miami, FL

January 2017 to November 2018

• Collected and searched new data for clinical trial and publications.

• Recruited patient for clinical trial.

• Monitor patient treatments under physician supervision.

• Processed clinical research data and publications.

• Performed phlebotomist functions for lab testing and clinical trials.

• Made rapid tests (Strep A, Influenza, and RSV) and accomplished in hematology Manager assistant Director Campaigns

Voter Organization - Miami, FL

August 2014 to November 2018

• Promoting political candidates Ideas or collecting sign petition for a specific political issue.

• Contacting registered voters to persuade them going to vote for the candidate.

• Organized and trained canvassing team for political campaigns or other type of campaigns.

• Assisted new canvassers with paper work documentation by processing background checks.

• Performed office work duties like answered phone calls, sending an Email, Faxing documents and other general clerical

• Prepared banquet hall for political party celebrations. Biology senior internship

Optical All - Miami, FL

March 2016 to June 2017

• Observed patient appointments for health issues such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and other health issued.

• Assisted the patient with the visual camp test and prepared their record.

• Worked in the front desk by receiving new patients, answering phone calls and health insurance verification.

• Collected payments from patients and doing new appointments. Customer Service

Walmart - Miami, FL

July 2014 to February 2016

• Assisted customers with store and product complaints.

• Worked under strict deadlines and responded to service requests and emergency call-outs.

• Communicated all merchandise needs or issues to appropriate supervisors.

• Processed customer payments in the register.

• Bagged merchandise by following standard procedures.

• Checked prices and arranged for carry-outs to customer vehicles. Research Assistant Intern

Miami Dade College - Miami, FL

May 2014 to December 2015

• Collected and monitors the collection and processing of patient samples, in accordance with the protocol.

• Performed a variety of research, database and clerical duties of a routine and technical nature in support of clinical trials to ensure adherence to protocols and quality of information received

• Conducted several biotechnology testing to determine or compare DNA species, enzyme activities, and bacterial culture, mutagenesis, and others.

• Prepared research lab for student science classes. Administrative Assistant

Angel travel - Miami, FL

April 2010 to July 2012

• Handling office tasks, such as filing, generating reports and presentations, setting up for meetings, and reordering supplies.

• Using computers to generate reports, transcribe minutes from meetings, create presentations, and conduct research. Greet and assist visitors.


Miami Dade college - Miami, FL

September 2010 to April 2011

Teaching deferent subjects to Middles school and elementary school children. Chemical lab assistant

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell, MA

September 2007 to April 2009

• Designed and conducted applied biodiesel or biofuels research projects on topics such as transport, thermodynamics, mixing, filtration, distillation, fermentation, extraction and separation.

• Inspected finished products for quality and adherence to customer specifications.

• Read and interpreted standard operating procedures to complete work in an accurate and efficient manner.

• Changed equipment over to new product.

• Managed quality control and maintained high customer satisfaction. Assessments

Problem Solving-Completed Jan2019

• Measures a candidate's ability to analyze relevant information when solving problems. Full results: Lab Technician

National BioVet Lab - Miami, FL

September 2021

• Performs laboratory procedures in Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Serology, Microbiology and Spirometry.

• Performs phlebotomy: including venipuncture, finger sticks and heel sticks.

• Properly prepares specimens for reference lab send outs; including resulting and billing information.

• Reviews and signs the Laboratory Policy & Procedure Manual annually.

• Understands and follows proper laboratory testing techniques per manufacture guidelines, for each test listed in the Pediatric Associates Laboratory Manual. Education

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology in Biotechnology Miami Dade College - Miami, FL



• Hematology (1 year)

• General Laboratory (5 years)

• Quality assurance (1 year)

• quality control (1 year)

• Serology (1 year),

• Chemistry

• Lab Tech

• Biology

• Lab Technician

• Biochemistry

• Microbiology

• Medical Laboratory (3 years),

• Food Science

• MLT, Ascp, CPR (1 year)

• retail sales (3 years)

• training (3 years)

• Documentation (4 years)

• Microsoft Word (10+ years)

• Typing (10+ years)

• Organizational Skills (3 years)

• Customer Service (6 years)

• Client Management (2 years)

• Political campaign and marketing skill (5 years)

• Administrative Assistant (3 years),

• Administrative Support (2 years),

• Delivery driver (2 years),

• Administrative Experience (2 years)

• CPR Certified

• Documentation

• Microsoft Office

• Powerpoint

• Case Management

• Microsoft Excel

• Organizational Skills

• Receptionist

• Classroom Management

• Medical Office Experience

• Clinical Trials

• Phlebotomy

• EMR Systems

• Medical Terminology

• Medical Records

• Clinical Research

• Hospital Experience

• Venipuncture

• Epic

• Patient Care

• Vital Signs

• Triage

• Recruiting

• Transcription

• Data Collection

• Medical Scheduling

• Insurance Verification

• Basic math


• Customer service

• Spanish

• English

• Data entry

• Computer literacy

• Laboratory experience


• Documentation review

• Clinical laboratory experience

• Medical Billing

• ICD-10

• Experience Administering Injections

• Nursing


• FDA Regulations

• Time management

• Manufacturing

• Conflict management

• Multilingual

• Microsoft Word

• Western blot

• Microsoft Outlook


• Records management

• Cash handling

• Google Docs

• Microsoft Powerpoint

• Office experience

• Process improvement

• Supervising experience

• Medical coding

• Health information management


• DNA isolation

• Order fulfillment

• Administrative experience

• Chromatography

• Anatomy Knowledge

• Teaching

• Salesforce

• Project planning

• Software troubleshooting

Certifications and Licenses

First Aid Certification

CPR Certification

BLS Certification



October 2019

Tendency to be dependable and come to work

Full results: Expert

Middle School Classroom Management — Proficient

January 2020

Minimizing classroom disruption and engaging students Full results: Proficient

Warehouse Associate — Familiar

December 2019

Assesses the tendencies that are important for success in warehouse roles. Full results: Familiar

Phone Sales $60k - $100k+ ...UPSCALE MEDICAL OFFICE / LASER CENTER — Proficient

October 2019

Persuading reluctant customers to buy products or services, and influencing and negotiating with customers to meet sales goals.

Full results: Proficient

Delivery Driver — Familiar

December 2019

Interpreting instructions, reading maps, and solving problems. Full results: Familiar

Conscientiousness — Completed

December 2019

Tendency to be well-organized, rule-abiding, and hard-working. Full results: Completed

Attention to Detail — Completed

November 2019

Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information.

Full results: Completed

High School Classroom Management — Familiar

November 2019

Minimizing classroom disruption and engaging students Full results: Familiar

Customer Focus & Orientation — Proficient

November 2019

Responding to customer situations with sensitivity. Full results: Proficient

Filing & Organization — Familiar

November 2019

Arranging and managing information or materials using a set of rules. Full results: Familiar

Teaching Skills: Elementary Classroom Management — Familiar October 2019

Promoting learning in an elementary school environment by maintaining classroom order. Full results: Familiar

Personality: Hard-Working — Completed

October 2019

Measures a candidate's tendency to be rule-abiding, well-organized, hard-working, confident, and think before acting.

Full results: Completed

Receptionist — Proficient

October 2019

Evaluates the knowledge and skills essential to receptionist jobs. Full results: Proficient

Active Listening — Completed

June 2019

Actively listening and appropriately responding in conversations. Full results: Completed

First Aid — Familiar

June 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to identify treatments for common medical emergencies. Full results: Familiar

Electronic Medical Records Knowledge — Completed

June 2019

Knowledge of EMR data, associated privacy regulations, and best practices for EMR use. Full results: Completed

Medical Terminology — Familiar

June 2019

Understanding and using medical terminology

Full results: Familiar

Problem Solving — Completed

January 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to analyze relevant information when solving problems. Full results: Completed

Project Management Skills: Budgeting — Completed

January 2020

Managing project budgets by appropriately allocating and monitoring financial resources. Full results: Completed

Scheduling — Completed

January 2020

Cross-referencing agendas and itineraries to avoid scheduling conflicts. Full results: Completed

Supervisory Skills: Interpersonal Skills — Completed January 2020

Fostering a collaborative environment and conducting difficult conversations. Full results: Completed

Call Center Customer Service — Completed

January 2020

Applying customer service skills in a call center setting. Full results: Completed

Cognitive Ability — Familiar

January 2020

Combining pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions. Full results: Familiar

Reliability — Expert

January 2020

Tendency to be dependable and come to work

Full results: Expert

Research — Completed

January 2020

Following protocols, interpreting statistics and graphs, identifying errors, and choosing research methodology.

Full results: Completed

Problem Solving — Completed

January 2020

Measures a candidate's ability to analyze relevant information when solving problems Full results: Completed

Cognitive Ability — Familiar

January 2020

Combining pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions. Full results: Familiar

Nursing Skills: Patient Focus & Orientation — Completed January 2020

Addressing concerns and using sensitivity when responding to needs and feelings of patients Full results: Completed

Verbal Communication — Proficient

February 2020

Speaking clearly, correctly, and concisely

Full results: Proficient

Workplace English — Completed

February 2020

Understanding spoken and written English in work situations. Full results: Completed

Working with MS Word documents (intermediate) — Familiar March 2019

Intermediate Word techniques, including the use of formatting, Track Changes, and Comments. Full results: Familiar

Typing — Completed

July 2019

Transcribing text using a standard keyboard

Full results: Completed

Data entry: Accuracy — Completed

April 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to accurately input data and effectively manage databases. Full results: Completed

Analyzing data — Completed

January 2020

Interpreting and producing graphs, identifying trends, and drawing justifiable conclusions from data. Full results: Completed

Attention to detail — Completed

November 2020

Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information

Full results: Completed

Problem solving — Completed

January 2020

Measures a candidate's ability to analyze relevant information when solving problems Full results: Completed

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