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Home Administrator Executive Director

Long Beach, CA
July 31, 2021

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Charles “Tucker” Brugh, MS, MBA, DBA

(contact information of final page)

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator #7544 (California)

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator #4226 (Montana)

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (pending – Nevada)

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (pending – Arizona)

Certified AIT Preceptor - California

Residential Care Facility Administrator Certification – Elderly #559*******

Certified Nursing Assistant & Restorative Nursing Assistant, CDPH #00802722

Formerly, Board of Directors: Charter Hawaiian Gardens Regional Medical Center

***Tied highest score on Federal NHA licensing exam (140)

***Top 5% score (91%) – California NHA licensing exam

***AANAC certification RAC-CT (MDS recertified, 2/2018)

***SAFE SERVE food handling certification

***CNA/RNA certification w/Acute Care/Respiratory Care

***Social Service Designee Certificate (recertified, 2018)

*** Former “Top Gun” Kindred Leadership Administrator

POSITION: Administrator or Executive Director


Haywood University DBA/(Doctorate)/ Organizational Behavior

Tulane University MBA/Management Administration

The Ohio State University MS/Clinical-Counseling Psychology

The Ohio State University BS/Psychology & Physiology

Hagerstown Community College AA/Biology & Psychology


Graduate Sch. Of Professional

Psychology/Stanford University Doctoral Studies/21-hrs. Clinical Psychology

The Ohio State University Doctoral Studies/45 hrs. Clinical Psychology

Long Beach City College FAA/Airframe & Powerplant Licensure

Western State University Legal Writing and Contract Law

SPECIALTY - Facility and multi-facility leadership that ensures accountability for:

Implementation of strategies designed to achieve census and financial objectives

Adherence to the vision, mission and values defined by Corporate leaders

Successful survey results and strategies to improve CMS 5-Star ratings

Improve market share, competitive strategies and census objectives;

Development of facility leaders and teams to implement strategies that are specific, achievable and measurable.

Ensure outstanding clinical quality of care measures are strictly in compliance;

Set and establish effective goals and timetables for all performance objectives

Operations that require leadership to articulate a positioning strategy that establishes a facilities competitive advantage; then ability to translate that vision into strategic operations, outcomes and performance.

Turnaround, start-ups or reorganization strategies.


Interim Administrator – Health Services/SNF San Francisco Towers CCRC/Covia

(450-bed IA/AL; 55-bed SNF)

1661 Pine St.

San Francisco, Ca. 94109

(June, 2021 – Current)

Interim appointment to manage SNF operations, with a particular early focus to ensure COVID mitigation compliance and preparation for pending Annual CMS Federal and State Survey. Covia has offered a fulltime appointment as Associate Executive Director for San Francisco Towers (I am also RCFE licensed), and promotion opportunities next year with expansion and merger of operations with FrontPorch Communities in Southern California. Full SNF management responsibilities that also includes all licensed nursing services to residents in the Independent Living/Assisted Living operations.

Interim Administrator (COVID/Survey intervention) Sapphire of Tucson Nursing &

Rehabilitation (240 beds)

2900 E. Milber St.

Tucson, Az. 85714

(Dec. 2020 – April, 2021)

A 2-story (6 units) 240 beds building: 120-beds (3-units) “behavioral”, secured; 120 beds rehabilitation and long-term care. Intervention management to address a CMS 1-Star, Abuse designated facility with critically poor staffing; significant 1-Star, F-tag Surveys; and a public COVID crisis with a large number of cases and deaths that were heavily publicized in the press.

CMS Annual Survey lasting 9-days, 3/1 – 3/11 after over two years since prior full survey (1/9/19).


Re-establish a staffing grid and ratio’s based on acuity

Formalize a morning reporting agenda at StandUp for critical review

Re-establish a QAPI program dropped when COVID-19 spread in the facility\

Re-implement care rounds, IDT, Baseline and Comprehensive Care Conference meeting

QAPI special improvement projects to address –

Wounds and wound prevention practices

Falls prevention

Incontinence care and issues

Resolved missing resident personal belongings and clothing issues\

Set-up “facetime” video chats for families using I-Pads

Re-established referral practices with the VA and the local community hospital (clinical

care issues that blocked admissions)\

Hired a new DON & ADON; Social Service Director; Resident Liaison; developed a new

Admissions and Business Office team

I brought a positive and professional, high energy, high visibility leadership style to a

team demoralized from a severe COVID-19 crisis in the building; to a facility that

needed a new vision and new leadership in a very competitive market.

Senior Administrator/Executive Director Coveview Nursing and

Rehabilitation Group, LLC

4851 Coveview Dr.

Huntington Beach, Ca. 92649

(June, 2017 – Dec. 2020)

Oversight of 3-skilled nursing and 1-Assisted Living building. This is my 2nd Administrative appointment for Coveview Nursing and Assisted Living - having served as the initial, start-up Administrator from June 2012 to July 2014 (see below).

Key accomplishments:

*Facilitated joint-ownership agreement with multiple partners to acquire the company’s first

skilled nursing facility and assisted living building.

*Spearheaded the ownership acquisition and set-up of 2 additional skilled nursing facilities.

*Multi-facility, administrator supervision and leadership initiatives for all facility

Operations, including: budgeting, cost containment and census development; quality

Initiatives, CMS Survey preparation, and CMS designed QAPI programs; hiring

building leadership, department heads and ensure that staffing goals are met; Leadership

and teambuilding strategies and training.

*Formulated positioning strategies and competitive business development initiatives for

company growth, financial objectives and individual building market penetration.

*Oversight and implementation of quality initiatives and CMS designed QAPI programs.

*Medical Director and physician recruitment;

Administrator South Pasadena Care Center


904 Mission St.

South Pasadena, Ca. 91030

(March, 2016 – June, 2017)

1.Turnaround/relicensing Administrator of a 156-bed, former Rockport facility, that was delicensed by the State in January, 2105, following several years of threatened compliance action, deficiencies and a suicide.

2.The facility had become a chronic problem for both the State and local South Pasadena residents, due to the inappropriate nature of admissions that constituted more of a psychiatric population than a skilled nursing facility.

3.New ownership took possession in July 2015. A re-licensing survey was conducted by the Orange County licensing survey team in Feb. 2016, but the facility was denied licensure and issued a 200-page, 2567 deficiency list.

4.I assumed the Administrator position thereafter, and corrected all deficiencies to prepare the facility for a second licensing survey, which was successfully passed in Sept. 2016. Three minor nursing service/clinical deficiencies were cited, and 2-physical plant deficiencies.

5.I coordinated and directly managed a 3-million dollar+ complete renovation of the physical plant, resident accommodations and facility upgrade to new Survey standards to exceed Standards for the impending survey.

6.Implemented a new business model, “South Pasadena Complex-Medical Rehabilitation and Recovery”, to capitalize on the growing discharges of higher acuity residents from the acute care hospitals in the community.

7. Recruited a very well qualified and talented DON who helped recruit, train and develop a new clinical rehabilitation model. Hired all Department Managers: MDS, DSD, Maintenance, Dietary staffing, Medical Records and additional 70+ staff to maintain staffing ratio’s and operations with census growth.

8. From final relicensing and approval, increased census from 9, to 80+ in 7-months; 15 ADC Medicare upon initial approval from the San Gabriel CDPH office.

9.CMS/Medicare 5-Star certification - 5-Star ranking. (3-nursing care deficiencies)

Administrator –Windsor Healthcare Windsor Palms Care Center of

Artesia (300-beds; 5 building campus)

Palm Terrace East/53 beds

Palm Terrace West/53beds

Palm Garden/56 beds

Palm Court/59 beds

Palm Grove/72 bed

11900 East Artesia Blvd.

Artesia, Ca. 90701

(July, 2014 from below – Mar. 2016)

Five-building campus of all Axis I diagnosis, behavioral health & skilled nursing. This building had the distinction of being the “last resort” for dysfunctional and problematic residents in other nursing facilities. Facility turnaround management for the largest Windsor Healthcare skilled nursing facility with monthly operating losses (net income) of approximately -60K/month. Multi-building and facility operations of 300 total beds within a secured campus of 5 distinct buildings. Successfully achieved a positive 34K net income within 60 days through:

1.Expense management and cost control measures; contract renegotiations; management

of staff realignment;

2.An intensive marketing strategy targeting local acute medical facilities, physician

groups, and local HMO/managed care contacts established within the target market;

realign payor-mix for increased Medicare and HMO census

3.Freed up “locked” beds from long term, Medi-Cal residents who were candidates for a

lower level of care.

4.Increased VA census and admissions from both Long Beach and Los Angeles thru networking and physician contacts.

5.Implemented a short-term, clinically complex medical model for one of our buildings that allowed the acute med-surge facilities to quickly transfer patients to a lower level of care, but still requiring 24-hour skilled nursing for short stay recovery.

The above approach resulted in reduced financial pressures for the acute hospitals with low funded, short stay DRG’s, allowing them to avoid 5-8 day stays that would typically only be authorized for 3-5 days reimbursement. - a win-win for both parties. Routine facility operations for supervision of all Department Heads; Budgeting; HR; State and Federal regulation compliance; responsible fiscal expense management; income and financial statement analysis with monthly reporting responsibilities and subsequent corrective action plans.

Administrator – Windsor Healthcare Windsor Gardens of Long Beach (198 beds)

3232 E. Artesia Blvd.

Long Beach, Ca. 90805


Overall management responsibilities for the 2nd largest skilled nursing facility for Windsor Healthcare. Achieved substantial reductions in overtime percent and maintained a stable cost controls management, while retaining all management staff. Provided senior management leadership training to Department Heads, and team building training to team leaders and unit supervisors. Upon the announcement of my promotion to Windsor’s largest facility, the direct-line staff petitioned the Corporate office to have me remain at the facility.

Executive Director/Administrator Coveview Nursing and Assisted

Living (75-beds skilled/50 assist)

4851 Coveview Dr.

Huntington Beach, Ca. 92649

(June, 2012 – July, 2014)

Start-up operations for a new Parent company with a newly acquired nursing facility converting 50 of the 125 beds to ALF-Elderly. Directed development and implementation of: operational procedures; staffing, human resources and training; licensure and certification; financial and budgeting oversight; market and census building strategies. The facility currently operates at 92% + occupancy since opening. International location.

Administrator Infinity Care of East Los Angeles (99 beds)

101 S. Fickett st., Los Angeles, Ca. 90033

(Feb. 2011 – June, 2012)

Turnaround appointment to address a pending annual State/Federal Survey, negative census and payor-mix variables, and poor fiscal operations that resulted in negative operating income each month during the prior year. The former Administrator and DON were both terminated on the same day that the annual Medicare Survey team arrived for the 5-7 day re-certification survey. Addressed twelve (12), 2567 deficiencies successfully with no changes or modifications required by the State. Increased census, specifically Medicare payor-mix by ten (10) ADC within 30 days with targeted marketing by both the Administrator and Marketing Director. Reduced operating expenses by $400,000 annually by renegotiating all service contracts. Combined, this resulted in a positive monthly cash flow exceeding $100K/month. Initiated physical plant and operational improvements within the nursing stations, resident rooms, security and overall appearance of the facility. Resolved substantial resident and work safety issues with dated electrical wiring and plumbing for this 100-year-old facility. Redesigned and modified kitchen ventilation to reduce working environment temperatures from the upper 90’s, to a more worker friendly upper 70 – low 80’s.

Executive Director - Interim Kindred/Kennedy Park Medical and

Rehabilitation center (148 beds)

Wausau, Wisconsin

(90-day, interim appointment)

Nov. 2010 – Feb. 2011

Day-to-day senior executive responsibilities for facility-wide operations. Kennedy Park is the 2nd highest performing facility in the Wisconsin District, and required changes in operating expenses and marketing functions/census building to retain profitability immediately after Medicare reimbursement rates were decreased in Oct. 2011. Temporary appointment with Kindred while anticipating a facility position back in California.

Executive Director – Interim Kindred/Hacienda Rehab. & Nursing

(120 beds) Sierra Vista, AZ.

(30 day, interim appointment)

Oct. 2010 – Nov. 2010 Day-to-day facility oversight and operations until the arrival of a recently hired ED. Due to the extensive wildfires that started the first day of my appointment, the facility was immediately challenged with preparation and potential implementation of the emergency evacuation/disaster plan. I was required to provide twice daily briefings and updates on preparations and evacuation readiness to the Arizona Dept. of Health and Human Services, and attended community fire briefings nightly on fire encroachment possibly threatening the facility and residents. Identical briefings were provided to Regional and District Kindred executives.

Kindred Executive Fellow/AIT (Oct. 2009 – Oct. 2010)

Kindred/Brea Hospital – LTAC (48 beds)

Sub-Acute (38-beds). Brea, Ca.

Rotations in Respiratory Therapy, PT/OT/ST; Activities; Medical Records; MDS/Case

Management; and 8 weeks as the Acting Director of Social Services.

Kindred/Desert Life Nursing and Rehabilitation

(220 beds). Tuscon, AZ.

Rotations in Accounts Receivable and Business Office Management.

Kindred/Village Square Nursing and Rehab.

(120 beds). San Marcos, Ca.

Rotations in Accounts Payable and Payroll/Benefits Coordination

Kindred/Foothill Nursing and Rehabilitation

(120 beds). Glendora, Ca.

Rotations in Admissions; Dietary; Housekeeping; maintenance; Laundry; Pharmacy;

Laboratory; X-Ray and support ancillary services

I received Business Office management training at the Corporate Regional Office in Salt Lake City that encompassed: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll/Benefits and overall Business Office Management.


Executive Director/Administrator Hospital Healthcare Management

Los Angeles, Ca 90703

(Sept. 1996 – Oct. 2009)

CEO/Administrator CMC/Charter Hospital of Long Beach

Long Beach, Ca. 90805 (227 beds)

(Feb. 1992 – Sept. 1996)

CEO/Administrator PIA/Laural Oaks Hospital (80 beds) Orlando, Fl. 32821

(Dec. 1992 – Feb. 1992)

CEO/Administrator PIA/Medfield Hospital (64 beds) &

Residential Treatment Center (60 beds)

Largo, Fl. 34648

(May 1991 – Dec. 1992)

CEO/Administrator FHC/St. Augustine Psychiatric Center

(50 beds). St. Augustine, Fl. 32086

(June 1989 – May 1991)

Associate Administrator (8 mo) PIA/Sarasota Palms Hospital (160 beds)

Assistant Administrator (4 mo) Sarasota, Fl. 34239

(May 1988 – June 1989)


My first “hospital” position was as a Laboratory Assistant & Phlebotomist in a 400-bed acute care facility laboratory (1973-75). Details on my initial, frontline clinical positions and advancement through several supervisory positions (1973 – 1988) are available on request.

Associate Professor of Management and Marketing. California International University, Los Angeles, Ca. MBA program adjunct faculty appointment instructing graduate MBA courses in: General Management (2 sem); Marketing Principles and Practices (2 sem); International Business; Importing and Exporting.

Professional/Corporate Pilot. Caterer’s Limited, Long Beach, Ca. Professional Pilot services provided to a Dairy/cattle ranch owner with operations throughout California, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Kansas. FAA/Commercial, single and multi-engine land, instrument airplane ratings. Type certificated in TBM 750 & 800 turbo-prop; L39 jet aircraft.

The John Maxwell Team: Certified Independent Coach, Trainer and Speaker


Long Beach, Ca. 90804

PH: 562-***-****

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