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New York, NY
October 21, 2021

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Cameron Wright

iOS Mobile Application Developer/Lead

Email: Phone:646-***-****


Well-versed in Xcode, programming with Swift and SwiftUI.

Program in Objective C and Java.

7 years of iOS application development experience programming and developing mobile solutions.

Constructed and implemented UI designs using Storyboards with Auto Layout constraints, XIB files and programmatic UI.

Valuable experience in the entire software development life cycle including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging and maintenance.

Familiar with implementations using 3rd-party frameworks, CocoaPods, Swift Packages and Carthage.

Highly experienced with design patterns such as MVC, MVVM, VIPER, Delegation, Singleton, Extensions, Notifications, Threads.

Use of Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) to perform tasks on different threads, allowing for a more fluid user experience.

Experienced in developing in an Agile/SCRUM project management environment.

Knowledgeable in integrating with multiple RESTful web services and parsing JSON responses.

Solid understanding and use of various iOS frameworks such as: UIKit, MapKit, Core Location, AVFoundation, Localization, Signing and Capabilities.

Experienced with AppStore Connect and the process of releasing TestFlight beta builds, App Store and internal distribution with Enterprises accounts.

Enthusiastic and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure tasks are delivered on time and to the highest standard.

Technical Skills

Languages: Swift, SwiftUI, Objective-C, Java.

Databases: Core Data, SQLite, Amazon Dynamo DB.

Frameworks: Cocoa Touch, Core Location, Foundational, UIKit, Core Graphics, MapKit, MKAnnotations, Twitter API, Social Framework, Instagram API, QR Code Encoder, Firebase, Fabric Crashlytics.

Web Services: RESTful, SOAP, JSON, XML.

IDEs: XCode.

Libraries: RxSwift, Alamofire, SceneKit, MapKit, Lottie, Combine.

Version Control: GIT, GitHub, SourceTree.

Methodologies: Scrum, Jira, TDD, Slack.

Tools: Storyboards, Auto Layout, Interface Builder, AVFoundation, Push Notifications, GCD, Size Classes, Localization, Instruments – Allocations, Leaks, Network, LLDB, Apple Pay.

Work Experience

NBC Universal, New York, NY January 2019 – Present

iOS Software Engineer Lead

The NBC App:

CloudPath is a NBCUniversal mobile framework that delivers NBCUniversal's Live streams with Server-Side Digital Ad Insertion and VOD content for integration into iOS/tvOS apps. CloudPath manages the broadcast and cable business logic for Live stream delivery for digital distribution partners with considerations for sports blackouts and device embargos. The main purpose of the CloudPath team is to support the streamline app integration and make the integration as efficient as possible for mobile app developers. Our implementors include NBC, Bravo, E!, Oxygen, Syfy, USA, Telemundo, NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, etc.

I have been working as the iOS Software Engineer Lead on NBC’s CloudPath framework team. As soon as I started working on the CloudPath framework team, I oversaw the refactoring of the project, since it was implemented in a multi-project workspace with a very coupled integration between them. After that, I oversaw the creation of a new structure in the project and converted the static library into a dynamic framework. By doing that, we were able to start taking advantages on the interoperability between both Objective-C and Swift languages for our framework. The majority of the project was created in Objective C, but we were able to implement some new classes and UI Testing using Swift 5.2. XCode 10 to XCode 11 was used as the IDE.


Lead an iOS team of 4 people. Collaborate with an Android team of 4 people and OTT team of 3 people.

Work with on-site and offshore teams.

Objective-C framework using MVVM architectural pattern with Objective-C as the SDK code and Swift 5.2 used for the UI automation tests and test harness apps.

Swift unit testing and test harness app to implement SDK.

Work with Git code repository with SourceTree Git client.

Unit tests and automation linked to Jenkins’ server with SonarQube monitoring.

Fastlane implementation for automation.

Work with analytics using with Firebase used to create custom analytics.

Use Fabric Crashlytics for crash reporting.

App Center and HockeyApp used for QA application distribution and testing and TestFlight for Internal beta distribution.

Implementation of third-party frameworks for our SDK via binary frameworks CocoaPods and Carthage.

Implementation of weak linking for SDK dependencies.

Daily standup meetings and biweekly sprint planning with the developer team.

Bug bash meetings with QA team before every update of the SDK to catch any potential issue within the beta build.

Once weekly meetings for planning and reviewing reports with the automation team.

Creation of new unit tests and improved our code coverage for the SDK project.

IOS test harness app in Objective-C and Swift (using bridging header) for demonstration of the SDK capabilities on iOS and iPadOS devices.

TvOS test harness app in Swift for demonstration of the SDK capabilities on Apple TV devices.

Work with IDE XCode 10.1 and XCode 11.0 in Objective-C, and Swift 4.2/5.2.

Code review methodology for pull requests created by the team members.

Work with Atlassian JIRA, Wiki, GitHub, and SourceTree.

Work with Git as the version control tool.

Continuous integration via Jenkins CI server for quality assurance.

Evaluation of Jenkins reports from the scheduled jobs.

Regression testing for iOS 14 to detect any potential issue.

Use TestFlight for beta distribution within the team.

Use HockeyApp/AppCenter for distribution with external members.

Apply Moat, Comscore, Conviva and other video tracking libraries.

Apply static libraries and dynamic frameworks.

Produce weekly generation reports about the test coverage.

Use Slack for team communication.

Technologies Used: Objective-C, Swift 5.2, GitHub, GCD, SourceTree, Google Firebase, Fabric, Crashlytics, TestFlight, HockeyApp, App Center, Jenkins CI Server, Fastlane Automation Tool, SonarQube, Jira, Slack, Charles Proxy.

Citrix ShareFile, Raleigh, NC July 2018 – December 2018

Sr. iOS Software Engineer

Citrix Files:

The Citrix ShareFile app is an enterprise file manager that offers secure data sharing, file storage, customizable usage and settings between different devices and accounts, and more tools that allow companies to collaborate more easily and get their work done from any device at anytime, anywhere.

When I started working on the Citrix ShareFile app, I was in charge of the implementation of a new navigation between views by custom gestures. The main application was entirely created in Objective-C, and I used XCode 9.4 as IDE. Later I oversaw the management of the User Interface Test Automation. I created over 40 new UI test cases and I implemented them using Swift 4.1 (later updated to Swift 4.2) using XCode 10.0.


Objective-C application using MVVM architectural pattern, with coding in Objective-C for the main application Citrix ShareFile and Swift 4.2. for the UI automation tests.

Worked with the UI via XIB files, storyboard and programmatically.

Managed new custom navigation between folders and files using custom gestures.

Attended daily scrum meetings, weekly sprint planning with the developer team.

Participated in bug bash meetings before every update of the app to catch any potential issue within the beta build.

Attended twice weekly meetings, planning and reviewing with the automation team.

Created of 40+ UI tests for the iOS mobile application using XCTest framework.

Implemented BluePill for running automation tests in parallel by using multiple simulators.

Implemented Keychain Sharing to share sensitive data between libraries supported by different teams.

Worked with IDE Xcode 9.4 and Xcode 10.0 in Objective-C, and Swift 4.1/4.2.

Applied code review methodology for pull requests created by the team members.

Worked with Atlassian JIRA to track issues and assign tasks.

Worked with Bitbucket as the Git code repository with SourceTree Git client.

Applied Jenkins for continuous integration quality assurance.

Evaluated Jenkins’ reports from the daily scheduled job.

Performed regression testing for iOS 12 to detect potential issues.

Performed regression testing for new devices like iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

Worked with an iOS team of 10 people. Collaborated with an Android team of 6 people.

Worked with offshore team with weekly meetings.

Worked with logging and analytics tools like Fabric and Google Analytics.

Used Crashlytics to detect bugs in production releases.

Used TestFlight for beta distribution within the team.

Used Crashlytics Beta for alpha distribution with the team members.

Worked with qTest for the management of the tests.

Used Charles Proxy as the debugging tool.

Weekly generation of reports about the test coverage.

Technologies Used: Objective-C, Swift 4.2. for the UI automation tests, Bitbucket, SourceTree, Google Analytics, Fabric Analytics, GCD, Custom Analytics, Crashlytics, TestFlight, Jenkins CI Server, Blue Pill Testing Tool, qTest, Test Management Tool, Jira, Charles Proxy.

Home Box Office, Inc., New York, NY October 2016 – July 2018

iOS Software Engineer Consultant

HBO ViP App:

HBO ViP is a web and mobile application which allows the users to watch media content: Movies, Series, Seasons, Trailers, Sneak Peek, etc. This content is distributed directly from HBO or from any partner (like Turner Broadcasting System) to selected customers that are part of the service of screening pre-air or post-air content.

I was on the Media Software Engineer Team as a Senior iOS Developer. My participation on the project produced three iOS released applications: 1) HBO ViP Screener (iOS and tvOS apps), 2) HBO ViP Admin (iOS), and 3) HBO Promo (iOS). And one application that was developed but finally not released due the termination of the project: HBO ViP Screening Room (iOS and tvOS apps).


Responsible for iOS mobile application development with Swift using Xcode IDE.

Programming performed in Swift 4.1 and Objective-C amongst all mobile applications developed.

Integration of Objective-C libraries and mixed-codebase with a bridging-header.

Led workshop: “Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Swift development.” for engineers both on-site and offshore.

Implemented FairPlay playback implementation.

Integrated layback of encrypted HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and offline HLS playback.

Developed download manager and file management for assets. (with Sessions Management for concurrent downloads in the background)

Architected secure solution for persistence with File Encryption.

Integrated storage and data-modelling with both CoreData Database and Realm Database.

Integrated Remote Push Notifications and Rich push notifications that included metadata and action id.

Scheduled Local Notifications on the app for users.

Determined network availability using Reachability.

Contributed to UI/UX design using Sketch and Photoshop.

Experienced with Enterprise iOS Applications Distribution (Internal distribution of apps)

Involved in process of Apple Review feedback, App Store Distribution and Release, creation of entries in iTunes Connect, and both App Store and Apple TV Store deployment.

Managed development certificates, distribution certificates, APNs certificates, devices, and TestFlight tester users within App Store Management.

Developed and integrated TestFlight for beta testing.

Accomplished Universal App Development with custom UI for iPad and iOS.

Integrated Authentication and Biometric SDK with TouchID, FaceID, and Passcode.

Architected and developed Multi-factor Authentication Security within the mobile application.

Supported CocoaPods for shared frameworks, maintained and refactored architecture of several mobile components.

Performed App Transport Security Setup.

Maintained and developed SSL Certificate Pinning.

Validated and integrated Encrypted Keychain Storage.

Set up background modes for both Background fetch and remote silent notifications.

Set up Universal links and URL Schemes.

Experienced with Native tvOS development and architecture.

Technologies Used: XCode 9.3, Swift 2 - 4.1, Objective-C, Core Data, CocoaPods, Alamofire, Realm Database, HMSegmentedControl, GCD, NSOperations, SWRevealViewController, Kingfisher, BiometricAuthentication, UICircularProgressRing, GLDateUtils, ReachabilitySwift, SwiftyJSON, Sketch, Photoshop, UI Design.

YouNow, New York, NY February 2016 – October 2016

Mobile iOS Native Engineer


YouNow is the best way to watch and create interactive live stream videos. Discover talented broadcasters & chat live with people from around the world for free.

I worked on an Agile iOS development team responsible for optimizing the overall performance of the YouNow app, with focus covering the backend technical infrastructure to user interface/interaction issues.


Engineered solutions to optimize performance issues and resolve bugs for mobile development of application.

Utilized NSLog, Breakpoints and LLDB statements to pinpoint area of execution of bugs.

Profiled the application using several Instruments like Allocations, Leaks, Network to break down performance issues.

Engineered new views for profile summary and top fan view within Storyboards.

Utilized Twitter and Instagram APIs to enable sharing capabilities of YouNow content.

Completed Redesign of UIs in Storyboards using size classes and AutoLayout constraints.

Invoked RESTful web services using AFNetworking library.

Parsed and developed JSON responses received from networking using NSJSONSerialization into custom NSObjects subclasses.

Engineered networking solutions on background threads with REST APIs and NSURLSession

Engineering and development on project was managed using Agile/SCRUM methodology.

Code stored in Git repository; Version control functionality done using SourceTree.

Technologies Used: iOS8 SDK, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Storyboards, GCD, NSOperations, Instruments – Leaks, Allocations, Network, Size Classes, Twitter API, Instagram API, AFNetworking, RESTful, NSJSONSerialization, Git, Agile, SCRUM, SourceTree.

Groupon, Chicago, IL June 2014 – January 2016

iOS Developer


Groupon delivers unbeatable deals for 50—70% off the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 500 cities located mostly on earth.

I worked on an Agile iOS mobile app technology team responsible for fixing multiple technical and user interaction issues with the app, upgrading the user interface, and optimizing overall app functionality.


Refactored application UI for new iOS 7 flat, minimalistic look and feel using Storyboards with AutoLayout constraints.

Architectured new components, views, UI, in MVC with NSOperations for multithreading and concurrency.

Implemented iCloud SDK to ensure application sessions persisted from device to device.

Fixed several bugs and crash scenarios during time on project.

Resolved bugs using Breakpoints and NSLog statements along with LLDB statements.

Pinpointed performance issues by profiling app using different Instruments like Allocations and Leaks.

Added Localization to application to support other languages.

Implemented workflow in-app to add appointments to device calendar.

Added UIGestureRecognizers to simulate carousel effect during navigation between viewControllers.

Altered various workflows like the checkout experience by redesigning UIs based off wireframes from lead architect.

Worked with Apple Pay to add this functionality to the iPad version of the mobile application.

Invoked RESTful web services using NSURLSession.

Parsed JSON responses using NSJSONSerialization.

Utilized Core Location to present nearby Groupon establishments to user.

Worked on project with 4 other iOS Developers.

Developed, engineered and maintained codebase stored in Git repository.

Technologies Used: iOS7 SDK, iOS8 SDK, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Storyboards, Core Location, GCD, NSOperations, RESTful, NSJSONSerialization, UIGestureRecognizers, Localization, Apple Pay, Allocations, Leaks, Git.


BS, Computer Science, 2018, Georgia State University

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