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Software Engineer

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
April 20, 2021

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Parsa P. Hadidi

949-***-**** ● ●


University of California, Irvine Major GPA: 3.6 June 2020

• Bachelor of Science, Computer Science with Specialization in Information Systems Certificates + Training

[SAA-C02] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Estimated Completion: June 2021

• Currently working toward the Solutions Architect Associate certificate using Udemy online courses Skills

• Languages: C#; Java; JavaScript; React.js; Node.js; C++; Python; C; Splunk Search Processing; HTML; JSON; XML; SOAP; YAML; SQL; MySQL Stored Procedures; Assembly

• Applications: AWS; Splunk; Demisto/Cortex XSOAR; AWS; GitHub; Apache Tomcat; Postman; Microsoft SQL Server; MySQL; Google Firebase; MongoDB; GraphQL; Appium; Heroku; Android Studio; PuTTY

• IDEs: Eclipse; IntelliJ; NetBeans; Visual Studio 2017; Anaconda/Jupyter Notebook; PyTest; PyCharm; Python IDE; CLion

• Other: Unit Testing; REST APIs; Serverless Architecture; Vulnerability Scanning, Red/Blue/Purple Team Testing, Penetration Testing, White/Grey/Black-Box Testing, and Risk Assessment Attributes and Qualifications

• Passionate about working on web application stacks and cloud database infrastructures that are highly-reliable, responsive, maintainable and scalable

• Strong analytical problem-solving skills

• Experience in information security’s importance on design decisions

• Solid verbal/written communication skills

• Organized self-starter who can work independently and with a team

• Willingness to learn new skills and improve on my current ones Professional Experience + Relevant Project Experience Information Security, Intern October 2020 – December 2020 WarnerMedia, Burbank

• Measurement and creation of efficiencies in the WarnerMedia Security Operations Center, emphasizing the relevance of Mean Time to Remediation

• Designed Splunk dashboard visualizations and reports based on security data retrieved from a Python API interacting with Demisto/Cortex XSOAR

• Collaboration with counter threat unit team members on the development of business unit applications, security monitoring and incident response tactics, tools and techniques

• Participation in training practices covering cybersecurity fundamentals and operations University of California, Irvine September 2015 – June 2020

• AWS + Android: Developed a webapp using Java Servlets, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, and HTML that implemented and hosted a website in an instance of Ubuntu Amazon EC2 running on Apache Tomcat web server with MySQL database interactions, plus an Android companion app written in Java

• Information Retrieval: Developed a web crawling and search results ranking algorithm in Python as part of a university project

• Machine Learning Algorithms + Artificial Intelligence (AI): Developed a Linear Regression/Classifier algorithm using Naïve Bayes, KNN, & SVM using Python, and a Minesweeper game agent in Java

• Software Process Models: Implemented knowledge of waterfall, extreme programming, & Agile into a software development hypothetical example as part of a university project July 2020 – Present

• Serverless Framework + AWS Certificate: Practiced AWS serverless architecture with EC2 instances, Lambda functions, Node.js, & Microservices, and currently working towards SAA-C02 certificate

• REST APIs: Developed REST APIs in Node.js for extracurricular projects, including WeatherStack API integration and an online chatroom webapp

• React.js + CSS & GraphQL: Developed sample webapps in React.js that made use of webhooks and Redux, with additional CSS stylesheets, and practiced GraphQL queries within a React.js interface

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