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Mountain View, CA
April 28, 2021

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Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media and Web Technology



Native iOS – 7 years

Swift – 5+ years

Objective-C – 7 years


Nicholas Grier

Phone: 408-***-****


Professional Profile

Over 7 years of experience in design and development of customer-facing mobile apps supporting high volume traffic in iOS working in Xcode and coding in Swift versions Swift 1 – Swift 5 and Objective-C.

Professional Competencies

•Experience with Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, iOS versions, debugging tools, memory management, multi-threading techniques, UI design.

•Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various other social media APIs via third party SDKs and RESTful calls.

•Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle and continuous integration.

•Adept at integrating various native and 3rd party frameworks such as CoreLocation, MapKit, CoreGraphics, CoreData, SQLite, Google APIs, Social Framework, CoreAnimation, EventKit, AVFoundation, UIKit, CloudKit, Core Bluetooth.

•Experienced with Agile SCRUM methodologies such as Sprints, SCRUMs.

•Ensures clean, stale code through Test Driven Environment (TDD) and unit tests using the XCTest framework.

•Mentored junior developers in Scrum and pair programming sessions and code reviews.

•Utilized MVVM architecture to help keep codebase organized and keep classes decoupled.

•Built Rich User Interface applications, integrating with various Databases and Client - Server applications in iPhone/iPad. Application development using Objective-C, Swift, Cocos2D, Cocoa Touch, UIKit.

•Constructed and implemented UI designs using Storyboards with AutoLayout constraints, XIB files, and programmatically following Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines

•Strong knowledge in implementing core Frameworks like CoreLocation, CoreGraphics, MapKit, UIKit, and EventKit Frameworks.

•Familiar with implementations using AVFoundation for playing/streaming content as well as barcode scanning

•Worked extensively on XCode, Interface Builder and Instrument.

•Strong at using the third-party frameworks effectively.

•Highly-experienced with design patterns such as MVC, MVVM, Viper, Delegation, Singleton, Categories, Notification, KVC, KVO, Blocks.

•Experienced persisting data device-side using Core Data and SQLite

•Experience integrating with multiple RESTful web services and parsing JSON responses

Technical Skills

Programming Languages



C++, C#, Java, Unity, Python, JavaScript






Version Control:

Git, SVN, GitHub




Core Data

Operating Systems




Web Services







Push Notifications

Apple Push Notification (APNS)

Firebase Cloud Messaging

Local Notifications






Core Location (framework)


Location Kit

Google Maps API

iOS Tools






Agile Scrum

Daily Scrums, Sprints, Sprint Planning, Stories, Tasks, Retrospectives, Backlog, Git, JIRA, Jenkins, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Kanban



Unit Testing

XCTest (framework)

Automated Testing

Jenkins CI/CD





Auto Layout, Storyboard, Xib, Interface Builder, UIKit



Views and View Controllers

Adaptive Layout

UI State Preservation

Gesture Recognizers

Cocoa Touch

App Extension


Document Picker



UIKit Dynamics


Professional Experience

Senior Mobile iOS Engineer March 2020 – Present

Intuit, Inc. Mountain View, CA

BUPNative – Enterprise Application

IXPsdk – Enterprise Application

•Translated Java SDK updates for Swift

•Managed Jira and Git Pipelines hooks with Jenkins

•Debugged Java and iOS tests

•Mobile Stress Tests

•Automation tests with EarlGrey and XCUITest

•Worked on MarketPlace interface for other company apps to use

•Worked on Experiment team to work on frameworks to track and manage user data for experiments

•Used iOS Player framework for UI components on MarketPlace team

•Primarily used MVVM architecture throughout the application

•Agile process with daily scrums and 2-week sprints

•Exclusively worked with Swift 5 delivering the most up to date code and experience to the application

•Implemented a wide range of feature updates throughout the application.

•There were 2 primary development teams actively worked on.

•First team was to add new features to an internal framework to let other client apps use to display marketplace data for users, updated how the UI was displayed, structured with 5 iOS developers

•Second team is working with an internal framework for managing user data with a database of analytics experiments, there were feature updates and new stress testing, included 2 iOS, 1 Android, 1 iOS/Android

•Managed multiple frameworks on 2nd team

•Antlr4 grammar integration updates with one of the frameworks

Senior iOS Mobile Developer May 2018 – March, 2020

Walmart Grocery Shopping Bentonville, AR

•Developed using Swift 4 and Xcode 10 with Git for code repository and source version control.

•Worked as part of a small development team and provided front-end and back-end (full-stack) services.

•Consumed RESTful web services with Alamofire for network communications.

•Performed JSON serialization using Codable after consuming RESTful endpoints

•Used GCD (Grand Central Dispatch) along with Alamofire for asynchronously downloading and presenting images without interrupting the user experience.

•Worked on geolocation services and map services to locate nearby supermarkets using MapKit and CoreLocation.

•Implemented many features like, MVVM design architecture, asynchronous programming with RxSwift and Core Data as a data helper.

•Implemented additional custom behavior in maps by leveraging MapKit framework.

•Offered several design elements that added great value to the application and improved the UX.

•Worked with Storyboards, Size Classes and AutoLayout constraints for graceful orientation-handling and dynamically-sized views to support for various iPhone and iPad devices.

•Implemented search and refine search functionality and tightly-bound data to the view using RxSwift.

•Segregated API-Handler classes based on the workflows, login services, user profile, search items, categories and coupons.

•Employed UIControl, UIResponder, etc, and various action and delegate methods.

•Was part of the full Agile-based software development lifecycle.

•Core Data used to persist user data and to prepopulate UITextfields with persisted data from prior access.

•Profiled the application extensively using Instruments to improve performance throughout multiple sprints.

•Made use of Agile Scrum with daily scrums and bi-weekly sprints.

•Ensured quality with Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology, and continuous integration and testing.

•Continuously provide input to project management activities throughout the project life cycle, influencing scope, risk plan, project plan, issues and status.

•Mentored junior developers and monitored unit tests created for use with XCTest.

•SiteCatalyst was used to provide insights by tracking user behavior.

iOS Developer April 2017 – April 2018

Southwest Airlines Dallas, TX

•UI implemented using XIB files, and programmatic means; constraints created via interface builder and with programmatic helper methods as well.

•Custom UI designed and built with use of wireframes from UX team.

•Backend communications parsed with NSJSONSerialization and placed into model objects.

•Used Restkit library to make connections to server, and handle authentication .challenges along with AlamoFire Swift library and parsed JSON objects with NSJSONSERIALIZATION.

•Develop an iOS application using MVVM architecture along with RxSwift and RxCocoa.

•Core Data was used to store the users progress.

•Performed all roles from UI design to writing code.

•Jenkins was used for continuous integration testing.

•Regularly performed code reviews to ensure efficiency, readability, and maintainability.

•Participated in review meetings and took the initiative to meet the QA testing targets.

•Worked with testing team to develop and document test plans and test cases with the help of unit Testing

•SDLC used for implementation cycle was Agile based.

•UI implemented using UIKit and Core Graphics; fully programmatic and manual.

•Designed as a universal application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

•Connection to web service was achieved using URLSession.

•Delegate methods implemented to handle reception of response, data, error, and load finish.

•Worked on adding localization to the app to handle different languages.

•Response from web service is XML and was parsed using TouchXM.

•Implemented logic to connect to server in order to download document data using GCD.

•Helped setup deployment of application over the internet for testing purposes.

•Created test cases to streamline and optimize code with XCTest.

•Fixed bugs when found by QA and documented in JIRA.

•Profiled the iOS app using Instruments and Time Allocations.

iOS Application Developer June 2016 – March 2017

Zulily Seattle, WA

•Worked closely with iOS app design and product teams to design and architect improvements to UI/UX by simplifying layouts, revising navigation workflows and more

•Worked in Swift code-base and refactored Swift 2.0 code to Swift 3.0 to take advantage of improvements in iOS development using Xcode.

•Worked with services team to integrate new RESTful web services using Alamofire with Swift code to make RESTful requests back-end to the iOS app.

•Developed iOS unit tests in Swift for various features using XCTest framework.

•Jira used for story and task tracking with Jenkins for continuous integration for iOS teams.

•Oversaw the development of pages and UI elements employing Storyboards, Size Classes, Auto Layout constraints as per design specifications from the iOS mobile design team.

•Utilized size classes in the UI development to further support various screen resolutions for various iOS devices.

•Wrote a multitude of unit tests in XCTest framework to validate the business logic in the application and ensure no issues were introduced.

•Managed testing and bug fixing using NSLog statements, Breakpoints, LLDB statements, and Instruments as per QA feedback.

•Experienced using Jenkins for continuous integration and testing in iOS.

•Project code stored in Git repository with SourceTree for version control.

•Actively involved in requirement analysis, design, implementation and deployment of iOS apps.

•Implemented push notifications by creating APNS certificates and displayed all the notices in one location in Notices Tab and handled push notifications effectively with server for integration.

•Implemented clean iOS app navigation for ease of use, collaborating with UX designers and managing the development team on implementation.

•Worked on a team of 5 developers in an Agile SCRUM environment, mentoring 3 junior developers (in addition to my regular 5) in pair programming sessions to introduce them to the code base.

•Used TDD which includes the Unit test cases for each class to increase the App quality.

•Optimized image handling with SDWebImage for downloading, caching, and displaying images.

iOS Mobile App Developer June 2015 – May 2016

UPS Mobile Atlanta, GA

•Worked closely with design and product teams to design and architect improvements to iOS app UI/UX by simplifying layouts, revising navigation workflows and more.

•Used Jenkins and TestFlight to resolve iOS app bugs tracked through JIRA.

•Jira used for story and task tracking with Jenkins for continuous integration.

•Worked primarily in Swift, with a short migration over to Swift from Objective-C early-on in the development cycle.

•App UI developed using storyboards with auto layout constraints and size classes utilized to handle all possible screen sizes; priorities were used to ensure no conflicts arose between constraints.

•Accounts framework and Keychains integrated to allow users to login and manage their account information.

•Implemented the iOS mobile app in Xcode with Swift.

•Worked with junior iOS developers in pair programming sessions to introduce them to the Swift code base in iOS development.

•Developed various UI elements used throughout the app.

•Worked closely with product team to determine requirements and business logic.

•Worked closely with TDD, developing unit tests to validate functionality and business logic as per determined requirements documentation.

•Created POCs working with Swift for potential new features and functionality.

•Invoked RESTful web services to pull down the latest information, sand requests; NSJSONSerialization used to parse service JSON responses.

•JIRA was used for tracking and assigning of bugs.

•Continuous integration handled with Jenkins.

•Customized Navigation Controllers, Navigation Bars & Tab Bars for an improved navigation flow through app.

•Wrote Unit Tests for code using XCTest library

•Used Jenkins and SVN for continuous integration testing

•Performed to complete unit testing, integration testing and regression testing the application.

•Helped setup deployment of application over the Internet for testing purposes.

Junior iOS Developer May 2014 – June 2015

Zipcar Cambridge, MA

•Accounts framework and Keychains integrated to allow users to login and manage their account information

•Developed various UI elements used throughout the app

•Worked closely with product team to determine requirements and business logic

•Worked closely with TDD, developing unit tests to validate functionality and business logic as per determined requirements documentation

•Created POCs working with Swift for potential new features and functionality

•Invoked RESTful web services to pull down the latest information, previous orders or sending out order requests; NSJSONSerialization used to parse service JSON responses.

•JIRA was used for tracking and assigning of bugs.

•Continuous integration handled with Jenkins.

•Used SDWebImage for image caching and downloading.

•Performed Error Analysis and Trace Checks to handle errors and bugs.

•Implemented Unit test scripts for Android applications by using Java Script

•Performed web services deployment and testing on devices.

•Tested and recorded bugs in iOS apps for the quality assurance team

•Tested applications on iPhone Simulator, iPod Touch, and iPhone device.

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