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Manager Office

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
February 02, 2021

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Full Name: Amanda Pretorius

Nationality: South African

ID No: 720**********

Residence: Springs

Languages: Afrikaans and English

Availability: Immediately


I have 29 years of work experience in Administrative or Clerical with exposure to Retail as well as management experience, including a mid-level position.


Shaw academy

Diploma in Social media marketing Diploma in Digital marketing

Excel course (Incomplete)

Module 1-4 on professional diploma in leadership & management

Year: 2017 & 2020

Hugenote skool, Springs

Grade 12


Other certificates:

Course on virtual auctioneering, Prime auctions - 2 2020

Two day course by Virtec for sales - 2020 telesales for insurance

Unified Healthcare - 2020 telesales for PPE

Busy with sales course to complete


●Internet : Firefox, google, chrome, microsoft edge, firefox, thunderbird, internet explorer

●Media player

●You tube

●E mails – hotmail, gmail, outlook, Microsoft outlook, webmail, Mozilla thunderbird

●PDF reader

●Foxit reader


●Skype & zoom

●Excel & word

●Powerpoint - I know it but never used

●Each company also had their own websites I worked on to do the work

●Facebook, twitter & instagram

●Can do advertising on webs to put adds



●Love people and to have people around me ; I am a very patient person, don’t get angry easily

●I can talk to anyone whether I know the person or not, doesn’t matter age or race I can communicate to anyone

●Positive person

●Believe in myself, job and teamwork.

●Honest person

●Always take my job serious and put in extra for my job without asking anything in return

●Believe communication important

●Not afraid of changes and to learn new things

●Like challenges

●Not afraid to make decisions and take responsibility for decision or action

●Very dedicated to my job

●Loyal to my job and colleagues

●Soft hearted

●Will always try to help people where I can and listen ; good listener

●Like to do collections also

●Telephone skilled

●Computer skilled

●Flexible & adapt quickly to changes and circumstances

●Problem solving

●Excellent customer services

●Like to read, watch movies, walk around, watch people, nature, listen to music

●Working hours & overtime not problem to work

●Fast learner

●Don’t smoke and drink alcohol

●I believe to always be an example for my staff and not afraid to jump in and do job myself of is help needed somewhere


●My two marketing diplomas I’ve received because never done marketing. I’m also busy with sales course now to complete

●My greatest achievement was when I worked at Caliber on their site Sondela village. I was thrown in to deep water and had to swim by myself because didn’t receive any training to do the job. I had to teach myself and learn what to do by myself. I am proud to say I managed and did the job very well. They entrusted the whole complex to me to handle everything as well quotes and contractors. The tenants and children loved me also. I still receive messages and phone calls from the tenants saying they miss me and I was the best manager as well the staff also still phone me saying missing me. Even at Growthpoint Properties when I was building supervisor to manager two shopping centres with staff and tenants I also received always positive feedback of how I’ve done my job to keep everyone happy. I will always go out of my way to keep my staff and tenants happy because without tenants won’t have a job. I believe happy staff will be positive and perform to do their job as well as happy tenants will stay then we will all have a job.





Caliber Properties

Complex manager

Aug 2017 - Mar 2020

Growthpoint Properties

Receptionist/ Building Supervisor/ Office administrator and PA

Feb 2008 - Jan 2017


Branch Manager

Aug 2007 - Feb 2008


Branch Manager

Jul 2004 - Jul 2007



Mar 2004 - Jul 2004

Hideout Canteen


Jan 2004 - Feb 2004

N17 Private hospital


Oct 2003 - Dec 2003

New Athenian Café and takeaways


Jan 2003 - Sep 2003

Telkom SA

Position: Service consultant or back office consultant

Jan 1991 - Dec 2002


Caliber Properties

Complex Manager

Aug 2017 - Mar 2020


●Managing 246 flats with tenants as well as five security guards, one cleaner lady, three garden guys and one handyman. Contractors also.

●Day to day tasks to manage the complex and keep it running smoothly.

●Liaise with tenants to solve queries related to water and electricity with Protea metering because of prepaid electricity.

●Resolve any other query with regards to rent, maintenance, problems or DSTV related problems to sort out.

●Doing own leases as well as lease renewals

●Do viewings with potential applicants as well as market the complex

●Make sure gardens kept clean and grass short as well as rubbish removed

●Manage two shifts of security with access control

●Contact handymen to do maintenance in flats as well as empty and paint apartments for new tenants.

●Order and buy own maintenance accessories and paint

●See contractors for maintenance work to be done and collect quotes to decide who to use.

●Collect invoices for payment from contractors to send to the head office for payment.

●Follow up leads from internet to phone if interested in renting flat

●Follow up debtor list for collections if in arrears with rent.

●Deliver rent statement, letters or letter of demand to tenants

●Doing vacate inspections with photo’s if tenant moved out

●Make sure all lawnmowers and wheat eaters in working condition otherwise need to buy what’s needed for instance petrol, grease or oil.

●Regular checks if electric fence in working order as well as all lighting inside the complex and twelve blocks with three levels and 21 flats each.

●Mange painting of flats and maintenance to bring back to rentable flat

●Manage paid parking as well as store rooms rented out to collect rent

●Make sure pest control done in complex

●24 hours on standby and available for tenants, security, maintenance or potential tenants.

●Handling petty cash.

●Worked nine hours extra a week to be more visible and available for tenants.

●Used her own time every second Saturday or after work to go and buy necessary maintenance accessories, cleaning products, windows, pest control or petrol etc.

●Nov’19 new owners. Sondela became government project for social housing


Growthpoint Properties

Receptionist/ Building Supervisor/ Office administrator and PA

Sep 13 - Jan 2017


Maintenance coordinator

●Managing daily complaints relating to maintenance for four shopping centres.

●As well as aircon related problems; complains; Security and cleaning.

●Managing R&M.

●Managing contractors for four shopping centres.

●Liaison with tenants, deal with complaints from tenants and give feedback.

●Issue orders for contractors for four shopping centres.

●Collecting invoices to send to the head office for payment.

●Send orders to contractors for work to be done at four shopping centres and oversee work of contractors.

General office administration

●Exhibitions-Assisting marketing lady with queries; set up and keeping security informed of exhibitors at centres.

●Download foot counts on three shopping centres.

●Send figures out to tenants at centres.

●Meter readings daily for two shopping centres.

●Answer switchboard. Keep reception clean and tidy.

●Calls answered correctly and re-directed.

●Messages recorded accurately.

●Sending out rent statements to tenants every month.

●Ordering stationery for office.

●Typing letters for tenants. Assisting marketing with letters to be sent out to tenants.

●Checking RMS remittances on Nicor every month before the closing date for two shopping centres.

●Manage posters for tenants in the centre for advertising.

●Registers for sump pump and roller shutters at both shopping centres .

●Filing to be done also.

●Keep a key register of all keys of centres.

●Manage petty cash monthly to buy office needs.

●Assist property manager when needed.


●Collecting monies on four turnstiles.

●Manage floats, check turnstiles in working order and manage reports daily. Banking to be done on money and reports to balance.


●Meet deadlines and make sure schedules are up to date.

●Collect turnovers every month from tenants at two shopping centres.

● Tenancy schedules to be done for both centres and updated on schedules.

●Send letters out to tenants for turnovers.

●Update nicor also monthly with figures for two centres.

●All reports updated and sent to management.


●Managing stock of toilet paper, refuse bags, deo blocks, air fresheners and hand soap for four shopping centres.

●Distribute stock out to cleaners for centres as well as soap and refuse bags for cleaning companies.

●Balance back on sheets.

●Order stock every month for four centres and ensure it was distributed timeously.

●If ordered for other two centres ensure to inform security about delivery and how many to sign for to send back to me for records.

●If the operation manager is not available or on leave, Amanda would stand in for him together with her own work. Have good relationships with tenants, security, cleaning staff and contractors.

●Moved between two buildings to supervise security, cleaning, handyman and contractors. As well as interacting with tenants, but since changes and all extra duties as receptionist the admin keep me busy to be in the office the whole day.

Building Supervisor

Apr 2011 - Aug 2013


●Managing two shopping centres on site, all daily tasks including security and cleaning. Maintenance call centre for five shopping centres as well as air conditioning.

●All maintenance to be done daily with a handyman.

●Managing twenty security guards and sixteen cleaners with supervisors.

●All air conditioning queries, managing daily complaints and R&M.

●Liaison with tenants and complains as well as shoppers.

●Gave work to contractors and supervised if done to arrange for payment.

●General office administration included monthly training reports, downloading of food counts for four shopping centres to be sent out.

●Meter reading to be done on a daily basis and sent through, writing of job cards for handyman and checking. Done Sunday trading report and petty cash as well as stationary.

●Walked every day for three paid restrooms turnstiles to empty the money boxes, come back and count monies.

●Managing floats for three paid restrooms with daily reports and banking. Checking if turnstiles working order.

●Collecting turnovers from tenants for four shopping centres on a monthly basis.

●Did consumables for restrooms for two shopping centres, stock given out and balanced back as well as stock ordered for five shopping centres on a monthly basis.

●Check ups on exhibitors of marketing managers, assisted if tenants did pay rent to follow up.

●Worked unsupervised for two years, moved between two buildings to supervise security, cleaning, contractors and handyman. Also interacted a lot with tenants.

●Assisted if tenants didn’t pay rent, closed shops for auctions and made arrangements, opened shops if tenants ran away.

●Maintenance included air-conditioning, waterproofing, plumbing problems, electrical problems, painting, gates, roofs, gutters, roller shutters etc

●Stand in a lot or assist the operations manager.

Office administrator and PA for portfolio manager

Aug 2009 - Mar 2011


●Assisting the portfolio manager with duties and appointments, doing monthly management reports, taking calls, doing personal stuff also. Worked with 12 colleagues.

●Still maintenance call centre for five shopping centres, downloaded footcounts and send out, managed telephone system and reports of calls. Did petty cash, for monthly groceries to be bought for office, pick ups and managing paid restrooms, managing floats daily and counting of money and banking, consumables done for restrooms, did orders for contractors, sent to contractors and followed up with invoices for payment.

●When received invoices coded for payment and sent to the head office, did utilities for two shopping centres.

●Filing for five shopping centres. Managed stationary as well as all printers to be serviced to be in working order.


Feb 2008 - Jul 2009


●Receptionist for three people.

●Daily office tasks, answering of switchboard, faxes done, filing done, petty cash, stationary and maintenance call centre.

●Assisted with some monthly reports.

REASON FOR LEAVING : No growth opportunities.


Branch Manager

Aug 2007 - Feb 2008


●Managed performance and development of two consultants in the branch, managing daily functions of the branch.

●Managing cash loans and collections done by customers who didn’t pay instalments.

●To achieve daily targets on all products, personal interaction with customers.

●Solve all problems related to jobs.

●Report daily to the area manager on activities on branch.

●Various spreadsheets done for the area manager.

●Branch correspondence via fax or e-mails.

●Handling a lot of cash on a daily basis and banking at the bank.

●Filing and capturing off all data and info on systems. Petty cash for branches.

●Systems used were Ellerines website, groupwise

REASON FOR LEAVING : Worked seven months, then closed branch.


Branch Manager

Jul 2004 - Jul 2007


●Managed performance and development of three consultants in the branch.

●Manage daily functions for selling loans, cell phones, funeral cover, home loans, medical aid and vehicle finance.

●Sales and marketing on all products to reach daily targets.

●Interaction with customers and staff.

●Solve all queries, report on a daily basis to the area manager. Various spreadsheets to be done, branch correspondence via fax or e-mails. Calculations of commissions due for agents on monthly basis as well as incentives for staff.

●Handling cash payments for customers and then banking at the bank.

●Filing and capturing of all data on systems and filing. Petty cash for branches.

●Systems used were smartfin, ecora, Microsoft outlook, word, excel, paperport to scan, internet, acrobat, compuscan, NLR, Experian, Kag website.

REASON FOR LEAVING : Company sold and wanted a higher pay and benefits.



Mar 2004 - Jul 2004


●Managing daily tasks of the branch as well as thirty staff.

●Ran shop for owner.

●Make sure all food is prepared on time and handed to customers, handling shifts and staff.

●Stock taking every week, ordering of stock for the shop, as well as cashiering when needed.

●when closed, to count daily takings and bank at ATM, cleaning process of shop and opening and closing of shop.

REASON FOR LEAVING : Needed a more stable job with higher pay

Hideout Canteen


Jan 2004 - Feb 2004


●Ran the canteen at the factory on a daily basis.

●Handling of staff and to see food prepared and served on time.

●Cashier also.

REASON FOR LEAVING : Owner sold the business.

N17 Private hospital


Oct 2003 - Dec 2003


●Casualties receptionist who handled appointments of patients to see doctors and emergencies.

●Admitting patients to wards, followed up outstanding accounts of private patients and medical aids.

●Telephone calls as well as capturing info of patients on systems. Follow up outstanding accounts.

●Systems used were eminence for capturing and following up accounts.


New Athenian Café and takeaways


Jan 2003 - Sep 2003


●Managing daily tasks of cash coming in, buying of stock, ordering of stock, managing three staff.

●Cashiers, working with bookkeepers, working out shifts and working out and paying salaries every week, paying suppliers with deliveries, opened seven days a week.

●Made sure to take away food on standard and not take too long for customers.

REASON FOR LEAVING : Long hours, eventually gave the position to a family member.

Telkom SA

Position: Service consultant

Jan 1991 - Dec 2002


Feb 2001 - Dec 2002


●Went back to the back office, did dismantlement of lines, restoration of lines if customers paid accounts.

●Queries of customer and telephone calls involved.

●Several reports to be followed up for management on a daily basis and weekly basis.

●Final accounts to be followed up and customers to be traced to pay outstanding accounts.

●Credit limits followed up and discussed with customers.

●Handling of disputes daily & feedback given to customers.

●Followed up unpaid debit orders and rejected cheques for payment.

Position: Service consultant

Oct 2098 - Jan 2001


●Worked in the back office, did dismantlement of lines for non-payment.

Position: Back office consultant

Mar 1993 - Sep 1998


●Did meter queries, investigation of high meter calls, payment queries if payments made didn’t appear on statement, to trace and put back on statement.

●Dismantlement of non payment for accounts not being paid in full.

●Suspension of lines for non payment, restoration of lines if paid.

Position: Back office consultant

Jan 2091 - Feb 2093


●Did applications for new telephone lines, telephone calls and queries involved.

●Ensure minimum down time on installation.

●Telephone directories to be updated with customers details for next issues

REASON FOR LEAVING : Worked twelve years for Telkom, resignation due to medical condition.

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