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Risk Manager

Lagos, Nigeria
December 23, 2020

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N** Nanzo Street, Atlantic View Estate, Alpha Beach, Lekki, Lagos State

Phone/Email: / 070********


Seasoned risk and internal control expert over Ten (10) years of successful work experience with in-depth knowledge of financial services industry in Nigeria.


Developed a successful Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control System that covers operations of the five newly established branches and cash center. No material weaknesses noted by External Auditors and CBN Examiners during that year audit and CBN routine examinations.

Constituted Risk Management Functions for Two(2) International Microfinance Banks in Nigeria ( La Fayette MFB & EDFIN MFB)

Introduced different Risk Report Templates and Dashboard, e.g., Vintage Curves, Transition Matrix, Operational Risk Indicators, Compliance Matrix

Led different successful projects to hence internal control system such as processes revise and development, digitalization of processes, authorization and approval matrix, etc.

Increased earnings by 30% annually through reductions of monthly operating cost, and invested surplus fund on other businesses and government securities such as treasury bills

Speared headed Internal Recovery Team that embarked on aggressive loan recovery, thereby reduced the Bank Non-Performing Loans by 60%


Operation and Control 1.Orbit banking application

Management of Financial Resources 2.Bankone banking application

Complex Problem Solving 3.Quickbook,tally,Peachtree

Monitoring 4.Sage accounting package

Judgment and Decision Making 5.Micro soft word, power point

Critical Thinking 6.Excel

Time Management

Active Listening


Head, Credit & Risk Management

EDFIN Microfinance Finance Bank Limited, Surulere, Lagos

Job Description Nov2018 till Date

Ensure compliance with risk appetite, credit portfolio limits and risk parameters established by the Group,

Design risk assessment systems, monitor quality of loan portfolio, identify problems and correct deficiencies and undertake loan review across the group.

Protect the quality of the entire loan portfolio by undertaking portfolio evaluations and conducting comprehensive studies on the environment to test the resilience of the loan portfolio, as per credit risk policy, on a quarterly basis.

Send alert to all the business units and other relevant functions for carrying out suitable corrective actions in case of breaches / deviations figured out during the risk monitoring process.

Monitor remediation of any breaches or misalignments reported per the above functions

Delivering of regular risk analysis reports to the Banks Management with actionable plans for avoiding or preventing potential threats at all levels.

Review internal and external audit reports to extract relevant risk and control information for use in reporting, remediation and system improvement.

Track and analyze incidences of frauds (successful and attempted) identify causes and implement with respective units measures to close loopholes.

Develop business continuity framework and plans for the bank and follow up with respective units on, their implementation.

Provide liquidity report detailing funding position, funding needs, funds management, etc.

Identifies potential threats to the financial stability of the company, including risk credit, investments, and portfolio inefficiencies.

Detects potential threats to operational efficiency including underperforming resources, personnel liabilities, property inefficiencies, and safety risks.

Recognizes potential threats to the company’s reputation including marketing missteps.

Designs and implements methods for avoiding potential threats using available risk metric software and personal knowledge of the industry.

Delivers regular risk analysis reports to company executives complete with actionable plans for avoiding or preventing potential threats at all levels.

Coordinates programs designed to minimize threats and anticipate threats to the company.

Develops insurance strategies and financing techniques to appropriately deal with any unanticipated losses.

Conducts regular risk assessments either through a team of risk management experts or personally on site.

Manages and prepares all documentation related to risk assessments and reviews of standard operating procedures.

Head, Credit & Risk Management July/2014 –Oct 2018

La Fayette Microfinance Bank, Oyo State.

Managed evaluation process of all the bank’s manuals annually to ensure completeness, accuracy and efficiency;

Established a system for the effective communication of all policies changes to the appropriate personnel at all levels of the bank including verification of understanding;

Ensured that all changes in policies and procedures are properly communicated to the bank staffs and that appropriate compliance training takes place;

Conducted analysis of operations of the company to identify risks and violation from set policies and standards and make recommendations for preventive actions such as:

-Portfolio behavior

-Systems of red flags

-Exceptional transaction reports

-Personnel rotations, etc.

Timely examine, analyze, and report of any compliance issues which can negatively affect the company operation and image;

If fraud or negligence occurs, detect violations at an early stage, thus limiting damage to immaterial amounts;

Conducted analysis of the reasons and circumstance that lead to the fraud/negligence, provide the management recommendations on the changes needed to protect company from such incidents;

Managed evaluation of the possible risks for the proposed new procedures, set up and manage internal controls during implementation of new procedure for the new products, functions and other changes to subsidiary operations;

Oversee and enforce risk management policies, such as credit manual, anti-money laundering (AML/CFT), HR policy etc and monitor compliance with those policies.

Manage a comprehensive AML Compliance program for the company in line with local regulations and internal policy requirements; report quarterly to Board Risk Committee

Developing systems to generate a robust MIS to identify, monitor, manage and control credit, market and operational risks.

Prepare and present daily, weekly & monthly risk report to the management.

Organize and lead report presentation to risk management function of the bank during the quarterly meeting :Board Risk Committee, Assets/Liabilities Committee and General Control and Compliance Committee

Evaluation of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the Company's systems and processes.

Adoption and review of processes to ensure that adequate controls are in place to achieve the overall goals of the Company.

Investigation of fraud, misuse or misappropriation of the Company's assets.

Maintenance of a sound system of internal controls that would provide assurance of accurate

Credit and Risk Supervisor February2010 -May2014

VIVA Microfinance Bank, Lagos State

Managed Balance Sheet size of #300million naira in Risk Assets

Micro leasing and Micro credit management.

Risk assessment which involves analyzing risks as well identifying, describing, and measuring risks affecting the bank’s business.

Evaluated credit risk inherent in any investment and loan disbursement and ensured proper pricing policy.

Ensured prudent level of portfolios diversification.

Defined material and credit risk exposure, approval limits on loans in line with the credit policy.

Ensured proper supervision and monitoring of the credit and delinquency management.

Credit administration and proper documentation of security document.

Internal Auditor January /2007 –August2009

Grassroot Microfinance Bank, Kano State

Ensured compliance with established internal control procedures by examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentation.

Verified assets and liabilities by comparing items to documentation.

Completed audit work papers by documenting audit tests and findings.

Appraised adequacy of internal control systems by completing audit questionnaires.

Maintained internal control systems by updating audit programs and questionnaires; recommending new policies and procedures.

Communicated audit findings by preparing a final report; discussing findings with auditees.

Complied with CBN Regulatory guidelines and policy for Microfinance Bank in Nigeria.

Prepared special audit and control reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing operating information and trends.


The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN)

Micro Finance Banks Certification Program (MCP) 2014

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

Chartered Accountant (ACA) 2008

The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

(HND) Accountancy (Upper Credit) 2004


Certified System Auditors (CISA) 2020


Deepen the practice of MFBs Operation through effective ERM 2015


Leadership, People Management and Emotional Feeling 2015


Fraud Management/Control 2015


Risk Management & Reporting 2014


Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) for MFBs in Nigeria 2014


International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 2014


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as Applicable to MFBs 2013


Managing Micro Finance Banks. 2012


Developing and Managing Internal Control System. 2011



Enterprise Risk Management. 2010




State of Origin: Oyo

Local Govt. : Ona Ara

Marital Status: Married

Religion: Christianity

Date of Birth: 2nd May, 1977


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