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Engineer Developer

Chandigarh, Chandigarh capital, India
December 29, 2020

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Abhishek Jindal

Email Id:

Contact No: +91-946*******

LinkedIn Id: Permanent Address: Skype Id: live:cdb072a5f1867f67 #5, Mahesh Nagar,

Barnala-148101, Punjab

Career Objective

Motivated, Teamwork-oriented and Responsible Software Engineer with almost 2 years in creating innovative software solutions to enhance business productivity. Experienced in various aspects of software development life cycle and project management, from concept to development and delivery. Consistently recognized for extra-ordinary performance and completion of taks in given deadline. Professional Skills

Technical Skills: Tools Used:

* ReactJs * Git

* React Redux * Jenkins

* Context Api’s * Jira

* Interceptualization * Gerrit

* Material UI * Agile Methodology

* ChartJs * Redux devtools

* Json Server * CRT oscilloscope

* Axios for integration with Backend * Smirf Board

* Test Driven Development using * HD signal generator

“Jest” and “Enzyme”

* ES6

* JavaScript



* Android platform development

* Python scripting

* Core Java

* C/C++

Work Experience

Wipro Limited Bengaluru, Karnataka

Project Engineer July 2019 – Present

• Working as a Software developer in different projects based on AGILE Methodolody.

• As a part of product development team, working on implementation of new features, enhancing the existing features and looking for any regression in the overall system.

• Root causing the existing bugs and providing the efficient and reliable solution to fic such bugs.

• Identifying the different use-cases for reproduction of critical bugs and helped the team in closure of such critical issues.

• Certified React Developer in Wipro Limited. As a part of this certification program, I submitted 7 hands-on assignments which were based on real-life problems and 2 capstone projects.

• Working in POC programs and giving a suggestions to the team for technology selection and implementation of different ideas.

• Worked on various testing tools like CRT Oscilloscope, Smirf board and HD signal generator.

• Conducted knowledge sharing sessions for the team and junior employees.

• Consistently recognized for extra-ordinary performance, cross-domain support and managing the team effectively.

Click Labs Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh

Backend Intern Jan 2019 – June 2019

• Worked as a backend Intern in NodeJs.

• Developed various modules of different projects.

• Worked on Rest API’s and tested the functionality using Postman and Swagger.

• Used various 3rd party modules like bcrypt and jwt to authenticate the valid user.

• Was part of Event Management team and hosted various events. Educational Qualifications

Qualification Board/University Institute Passing



B.Tech (CSE) Punjabi University, Patiala Dapartment of Computer Science

& Engineering

2019 9.17

12th Punjab School Education board Govt Sr. Sec.


2015 94%

10th Punjab School Education board Bharatiya Model Sr. Sec. School

2013 92.2%

Projects Undertaken

1. Realtime Data Monitoring System:

This is a US based client project which is using ReactJs as a frontend technology and Python Django as a backend part. This is a automation product which is based on capturing the live data from vehicles. It will use this data to find out the reason for any crash. If any crash will happnen in the vehicle then Driver will simply login to our website and figure out the reason of the crash which will help him to report the issue more accurately to the development team. As a part of this project, I am working as a frontend developer. Below is my roles & responsibilities:

• Part of this project from scratch and helped the team in choosing the right technology stack.

• Working on Implementation of new features like Google map integration, charts plotting from provided data, implementation of unit test cases and testing of an app.

• Used Material UI library to create effective UI.

• Integrated the backend with the frontend part using Axios.

• Resolved various critical issues like delay in token generation, blank page loading and code crashes etc.

• Worked on auto-refresh feature and lazy loading of modules on need basis.

• Worked with JSON-Server for parallel development of frontend.

• Optimized the code and eliminated dead-code from an application.

• Working under Agile Methodology and familiar with various tools like Jira, Git, Jenkins and Gerrit.

• Helped the team in finalizing the coding standards from frontend side.

• Recognized for my inspiring performance and helping thre team in converting this POC into a big project.

• Conducted the KT session for the team on ReactJs. 2. Product Inventory System:

This was a internal project and I handled the complete fronend in ReactJs. This was a similar to product inventory where we can Regiter multiple users in our application and adding new product, updating existing product details and deleting particular product. Below are my responsibilities which I handled as a part of this project:

• Implemented all the modules like login, registering new user, dashboard, update existing details etc using React-Redux.

• Used logger service as a middleware to keep track of the control flow.

• Used Material UI to make the website more attractive.

• Implemented the multiple unit test-cases using Enzyme.

• Used JSON-Server to facilitate dummy data to frontend for testing purpose.

• Used Redux-devtools plugin to keep track of Redux flow in application.

• Managed the team and completed the project in provided deadline.

• Gave the presentation to the team about the overall system. 3. Automotive software based on Android-O:

This is a porting project from Android L to Android O. As a part of this project, I am working for a US based Automotive giant. This is a big project which contains many features like Android Auto, Carplay, SXM, Alexa, Social Playlist and USB audio. This is based on Android Platform development where I am worked on Audio Module. I worked on below areas as a part of Audio domain member:

• Implementation of any new features and enhancement of existing features.

• Used Android platform development, Core Java and C/C++ .

• Analysed many type of logs, debugged and resolved many system bugs.

• Helped the team in reproduction of many critical issues and helped the team in closure of such critical bugs.

• Used CRT oscilloscope to track the system clock delay, HD signal generator to enable HD radio signals and Smirf board to play Sirius XM in India.

• Worked under Agile and used different tools like Jira(to keep track of action items), Jenkins, Gerrit and Git.

• Recognized for extra-ordinary performance, managing the team effectively and providing cross-domain support.

4. Online Cab Management System:

This is a purely a backend project which is based on NodeJs and ES6. I made this project during my internship time. As a part og this project, I worked on implementation of Rest Api’s and testing these with the help of Postman and Swagger. I implemented the login, booking of cab and updating cab status in case of booking, available or not available etc.


• Certified ReactJS Developer in Wipro Limited.

• Got recognized many times for my inspiring & extra-ordinary performance, effective team management and cross-domain support.

• Hosted various events and got appreciation from the management.

• Second position holder in academics in whole University.

• Worked as a official Welfare Committee Member in my college hostel.

• I am recognized as a district level speaker in Punjab. Known Languages

• English – Full Professional Proficiency

• Hindi – Full Professional Proficiency

• Punjabi – Full Professional Proficiency


1. Volunteering 2. Writing 3. Learning Languages

Abhishek Jindal

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