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Assistant Mechanical

Los Angeles, CA
July 22, 2020

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Kebron Kibret

Northridge, CA ***** (***) *** - **29

Objective: Seeking entry level position, that will allow me to enhance and apply my skills I have acquired through my professional and scholastic efforts as well as gain new ones

Skills Summary

● Eligible to obtain a security clearance and experienced working with ITAR compliance

● Strong technical aptitude demonstrated through academic and personal projects

● Proactive and willing to take initiative, team player and possess capacity to multi-task

● Experience demonstrating leadership qualities and interpersonal abilities

● Self-motivated and possess a committed mindset to excellence in workplace environments

● Experience in design, manufacturing, and prototyping critical components of an assembly

● Valuable communication skills, both verbal and written, developing, and delivering presentations

● Solid command of technologies, tools and best practices in designing mechanical equipment using SolidWorks and engineering drawings.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

California State University, Northridge 05/20

Relavent Course:

• Design of Smart Mechanical Systems • Heat & Mass Transfer III • GD&T •System Dynamics • Mechatronics • Dynamics • Machine Design • Fluid Dynamics • Thermodynamics Engineering


Smart Morphing Wing

Senior Design Project – California State University, Northridge

● Design, build and fly a fully morphing UAV with twist-morphing wings and camber morphing stabilizer

● Integrated morphing mechanism on a UAV to optimizing aerodynamics efficiency

● Designed an actuation system for camber morphing using 3D printed material (PCTPE, TPU, ABS, PLA), flexible composite material (Carbitex) and servo motors

● Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) using ANSYS on different components of the UAV such as wing, tail and fuselage to determine the aerodynamic loads Team lead

SolidWorks Simulation on Tire Carrier – California State University, Northridge

● Optimized the tire carrier by integrating gas tank and refrigerator

● Reducing the weight of the tire carrier by 50% without compromising FOS

● Applying different types of meshing until it converged with low aspect of ratio

● Statics, Dynamic, Nodal analysis was performed to represent the conditions of the tire carrier will undergo



Lab Assistant/Guest Service

Student Assistant Supervisor – California State University, Northridge

● Supervise and guide an average of two to three students

● Provides consultative advice to all end users, and responds to users’ issues and question directions to patrons and answer inquiries about the library and its services

● Facilitate one-on-one training sessions and simulations for new employees to prepare them for likely scenarios with students

● Maintain supervision over ASRS storage system by retrieving and returning books

● Assist patrons by providing excellent quality service to meet any of their needs with maximum effort


Computer Skills • ANSYS • MATLAB • SolidWorks • LabView • VBA • Arduino IDE • 3D printing Clubs and


National Society Black Engineers 5/14 - Present

Habesha Student Union Public Relations 9/16 - Present American Society of Mechanical Engineers 9/15 - Present Smart Morphing Wing Club 7/19 - Present

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