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Sha'Marcus Walker - Android Developer

Atlanta, GA
May 22, 2020

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Used Android frameworks and APIs to efficiently load data and update databases: Loaders, AsyncTaskLoader and SyncAdapters.

Well versed in Android third-party libraries such as Volley, Retrofit, Picasso, YouTube, Location API, Maps View, Google View, Google Maps, PayPal, Stripe, Android pay, Butterknife, Dagger, Google Wallet payments, Android Annotations.

Utilized Espresso, JUnit, Mockito and simulated design patterns to test and develop applications.

Experience using cloud integration tools and MBaaS tools (Mobile Backend as a service): i.e., like Parse, Firebase, Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services.

Application of Material Design guidelines and user experience guideline best practices to Android application development.

Experience working on Agile development teams using Scrum.

Knowledge of Android design patterns and employing development tools such as Android Studio and Eclipse.

Fast learner, self-motivated, proficient in programming logic and easily adaptable to new technologies.

Cognizant of current technologies & Android operating systems.

Solid understanding of Android app development life cycle including Google Play and Amazon App Store compliance policies and submissions requirements.

Keen understanding of data models and data access architecture and optimization in Android.

Solid understanding of Android app development life cycle including Google Play and Amazon App Store compliance policies and submissions requirements.

Experienced with data models, data access architecture and optimization in Android.

Android mobile app developer proficient with all Android development tools in an Agile/Scrum project management.

Skilled in consumption of web services (REST, HTTP-based, XML, SOAP, JSON, etc.) in building mobile applications.

Network integration experience with GSON, OkHTTP, Dagger, Butter Knife, RxJava, Retrofit, Volley, AsyncTask. · We used Jenkins CI for continuous integration and testing.

Experience in Java, Kotlin, Android UI Toolkit and Layout Managers. Proficient in Android Application Framework and Android SDK Tools.

Programming: Java, Kotlin

Scripting: jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Web Toolkit

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Firebase DB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL

IDE/Dev: Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ

Design Standards: Material Design

Design Patterns: MVP, MVC, MVVM

Project Tools/Methods: TDD, JIRA, Continuous Integration, Kanban

Operating Systems: Windows, Android OS Lollipop, Nougat, Marshmallow, Oreo

Version Control: Git, GitHub, SVN, Bitbucket, SourceTree, GitLab

Integration/Content Service: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, GSON, Retrofit

Threading: Loopers, Loaders, AsyncTask, Intent Service, RxJava

Android Tools: Schematic, Smart TV,, Certificate Pinning, MonkeyRunner, Bluetooth Low Energy, ExoPlayer, SyncAdapters, Volley, IcePick, Circle-CI, Samsung SDK, Glide, VidEffects, JUnit, Ion, GSON, ORMLite, Push Notifications, Kickflip, SpongyCastle, Parse, Flurry, Twitter, FloatingActionButton,, Espresso, Fresco, Moshi, Jenkins, UIAutomator, Parceler, Dependency Injection, EventBus,, Dagger, Crashlytics, Mixpanel, Material Dialogs, RxCache, Retrofit, Marshmallow, Loaders, Jitpack, JobScheduler, ParallaxPager, XmlPullParser, Google Cloud Messaging, LeakCanary

Android Senior Mobile Engineer


Austin, TX February 2020 – Present

Management of many mobile banking applications across many clients (Webster, Horicon, American National Bank & Trust)

Worked as an individual contributor Android Mobile engineer of the team.

Each program increment starts off with PI planning which lasts over 2-3 days, and we go over new features to implements and new policies to follow.

Each day, we would have an Android standup meeting going over our current tasks and the status of each.

Worked with Android Studio as the main IDE for the project.

Lead backlog grooming sessions and backlog prioritization.

Agile environment using JIRA with two-week sprints.

Assisted on sprint planning and performing demo presentations to stakeholders at the end of every sprint.

Used Azure Git repositories for code management; code was composed of three main repositories: android, default-content, org-content.

Integrated multiple third-party libraries like: Glide, Retrofit, RxJava and Dagger 2.

Used Slack and Microsoft Teams for communication

The application followed the MVP architecture design pattern.

The Android team was composed of 8 developers and a team lead

Helped implement SAF (Storage Access Framework) into their code for attaching images to transactions and messages

Refactored Android Support libraries to be compliant with Android 11 and JetPack, such as android.preference to androidx.preference.

Wrote instrumentation tests and UI tests using Espresso.

Ensured code quality writing Unit Tests using JUnit, Mockito and PowerMock frameworks.

Performed manual regression testing every 2 sprints.

Completed multiple research stories to ensure compliance with Android SDK 11 changes.

Helped worked on some UI changes as well, mainly text color and font.

Android Senior Mobile Engineer

Boxed Wholesale Club

New York, NY August 2018 – January 2020

Optimization using native Android and several third-party technologies to such as Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Espresso, JUnit, SQLite, Glide, Shared Preferences, MixPanel, EventBus, Travis., RxJava.

Worked in a hybrid code-base with both Java and Kotlin coding while transitioning to Kotlin.

Implemented Android Java coding using custom frameworks for both network and design themes.

Refactored code to transition the existing MVP app architecture to MVVM architecture.

Handled network data calls from JSON responses with Retrofit.

Configured network and error code handling configurations using Mockey

Actively worked with the back-end team to improve the RESTful API to include new features for the Android app.

Ensured that UI/UX teams followed Material Design best practices and guidelines.

Implemented Material Design features of RecyclerView, ActionBar, CardView for Android app user interface.

Worked with asynchronous requests to the server with Volley library.

Used Fabric Crashlytics to track user behavior and get mobile analytics.

Used Jenkins CI for continuous integration and testing.

Led developers in code-reviews and oversaw development of unit tests and functional tests, using JUnit and Mockito.

Used Retrofit and GSON to retrieve information from an internally programmed API in Android development.

Assisted with Android development and hardware ecosystem, from devices to the Google Play Store.

Android Mobile Engineer

Forever 21

Los Angeles, CA June 2017 – August 2018

Implemented a pop-up window upon first-time app launch in case the user does not have an internet connection.

Worked with JIRA for issue ticketing, assigning tasks, creating epics and stories, and for managing the sprint backlog.

Maintained efficient communication within the development team using Slack.

Managed Git code repository using BitBucket.

Employed MVP architectural pattern with databinding.

Configured Retrofit 2 for asynchronous communication with RESTful back-end services.

Implemented Volley for image handling.

Consumed RESTFUL Web Services using OKHTTP and Volley and worked with backend team to ensure connectivity and performance.

Diagnosed and resolved mobile networking performance issues.

Integrated web applications, and web services to Android app to add functionality and enhance performance.

Added push notification features with Firebase Cloud Messaging for Android.

Accessed web content using implicit and explicit intents.

Achieved a great level of decoupling by implementing Dependency Injection with Dagger 2.

Acted as project coordinator by meeting with stakeholders, external teams, products managers. Good at asking the right questions and providing feedback to stakeholders. I also helped break down tasks, and create workflow plans.

Added services and RxJava to download PDF files without freezing the Android UI.

Applied fragments to minimize the activity count and simplify the navigation

Applied my experience with Google coding and design standards on this Android project.

Applied of Design Patterns and use of design tools such as Android Studio.

Android Mobile Apps Developer

Android Developer

JC Penney’s

Plano, TX July 2016 – May 2017

Introduced the Google Maps API integration with the application.

Developed graphic interface and UI for some activities.

Worked with asynchronous requests to the server with Volley library.

Added Push Notification features with Urban Airship.

Built and maintained common code libraries used in phones, tablets, TVs, smart watches and automobiles.

Used the View Pager Indicator to provide feedback to the user about the background processing status.

Utilized camera to take a picture of the receipt which is used to submit a claim.

Mentored and coordinated three members of the development team.

Implemented full social network integration with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube SDKs.

Created a user-friendly reconfigurable interface for using custom themes.

Composed the program using Java with Eclipse and the Android Development Tool.

Mentored two junior developers on the software development process.

Work in an Agile development environment with peer engineers to scope, develop and deliver a software experience that realizes the product strategy.

Designated programming tasks to the team members, making sure that all developers were familiar with the main module

Collaborated with the new model, gave a new look-and-feel in the app, applying styles and themes following the new Google Material Design guidelines.

Consumed the RESTful Web Services using a Volley client.

Worked in different phases of the project cycle like design, development and testing.

Used Android Studio for Android mobile app development.

Mobile App Developer


Atlanta, GA June 2015 – June 2016

Worked in an Agile Scrum methodology with daily scrums, code reviews,sprints and backlog.

Assisted the team lead with requirements, documentation, task management and scheduling meetings.

Utilized Eclipse IDE to implement the application in Java and automating testing with Robotium.

Implemented Continuous Integration with Jenkins, using Git and BitBucket for code repository/version control.

Solid background in OOP and knowledge of software design patterns/best practices.

Managed build creation with a Jenkins instance hosted on a private server. Wrote Javadoc for documenting the different modules, hardware & software features.

Performed code reviews to ensure code quality and adherence to company coding standards and industry best practices.

Created custom views to present data as it was needed.

Integrated Flurry for mobile analytics.

Helped the company to make the transition from traditional to Test Driven Development. Implemented UI/UX look-and-feel in the app, applying styles and themes following the new Google Material Design guidelines.

Created multiple Content Providers with a native approach to handling UI asynchronous updates.

Setup proper interactions of the Android front-end design and implementation with backend servers.

Refactored unoptimized pieces of code to guarantee maximization in the use of resources.

Utilized AsyncTask to connect to remote servers.

Mobile App Developer


Seattle, WA May 2014 – May 2015

Supported multiple screen resolutions implementing different layouts for portrait and landscape.

Developed unit tests in JUnits and rewrote older test cases using Junit and Mockito.

Implemented Automated Testing with Robolectric and used Jenkins Continuous Integration Server.

Implementing new Android components and libraries.

Developed Android Activities, Fragments and Intents.

Used Dagger for dependency injection.

Documented the progress of the daily stand-ups with the Atlassian stack (JIRA, Confluence, HipChat).

Worked with the Mobile Product Management team to define the new product features in the Android app.

Created robust automated unit/functional test suites and deployment scripts.

Joined a team of 4 Android Java developers working in Eclipse IDE.

Worked with asynchronous processes with AsyncTask, Services, and Loaders.

Worked with asynchronous requests to the server with Volley library.

Improved performance by code optimization, and memory management.

Participated in code reviews with other Android developers.

Implemented locale to enable different user languages.

Android Support Libraries added for backward compatibility with older versions of Android OS.

Analytics with MixPanel and Crashlytics for tracking buyer behavior for mobile analytics.

Georgia Southern University – Bachelor of Science – Computer Science







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