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Data Azure

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
May 22, 2020

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Dallas, TX

Experience Summary

**+ years of extensive working experience in Azure Cloud Computing, Big Data, SQL Server Development, Performance Tuning, Physical and logical Database Design, Power BI, Elastic Search, Tableau, Azure Database and Datawarehouse

Cloud Computing Experience using Microsoft Azure Framework, Azure VMs, Azure Data warehouse, Azure Database, Azure App Services, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Store, Microsoft On-Prem Cloud (Cosmos) and Azure Cosmos DB

Developed Dashboards using Power BI Service (SaaS) and Power BI Embedded (PaaS)

Experience in Big Data solutions and Strong experience in Elastic Search (ELK Stack – Elastic Search, Log Stash and Kibana)

Experience in Business Intelligence (BI) Tools like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Performance Point Server (PPS).

Experience in using Tableau to build ad-hoc reports from various sources.

Experience in designing reports with complex sub reports, Tabular reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Extensive Experience in Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) in SQL Server database.

Strong Experience in Creating and Tuning OLAP Cubes Using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Experience in working Elastic Search analytics API and development of real time searches based on complex patterns

Extensive experience in Logical & Physical Data modeling, data architecture design.

Knowledge in understanding existing data models, data flows and data dictionaries.

Extensive experience in Writing Transact SQL (T-SQL) Queries, Dynamic-queries and implementing SQL Server Indexing.

Participated in CMM Level 5 Assessment.

Very good experience in projects which involve Onshore/Offshore Model.

Project Management experience includes working with external support/ QA Team and multi-vendor participated work environment

Strong Experience in Software Development Life Cycle Processes

Worked for clients Microsoft, PWC, Xerox, Solera, ConAgra Trade Group, Grange Insurance Group


70-229 -- Microsoft certified profession in design and Implementation of SQL Server

70-316 -- Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Certified for PSPTSP for Engineers


Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, at Andhra University located at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, June 1999.

Career Profile


San Jose, CA

Azure Data & BI Architect

11/2017 – Present

Involved in multiple internal projects (DMCA, HFJ, Workbench, multiple Pilot projects) of Azure Cloud Environment (Azure Database, Data warehouse, Analysis Services, Data Factory, Dev Ops, Function App, Blob Storage etc.,), Elastic Search along with Power BI and Tableau Reporting Tools.


Developed Power BI Mockups for requirements/design discussions

Design and Developed multiple ETL loads using ADF (Azure Data Factory)

Worked with Azure Databricks to connect Hadoop.

Developed Azure Function Apps to migrate data from Azure Cosmos DB to Azure Database

Developed Tabular Cubes using Azure Analysis Services

Design and development of cloud Azure data warehouse in Azure

Developed multiple reports using Power BI and Tableau

Design of Elastic Search Indices and supported ES queries for the performance

Build Pipelines and Releases using Azure Dev Ops and Azure Data Lake Store

Extensive working experience with Azure Blob Storage and

Good experience in MDX and DAX

ENVIRONMENT: Microsoft Azure Framework, Azure Data warehouse (ADW), Azure Database (ADB), Azure Blob Storage (BLOB), Azure Data Factory (ADF), Azure Databricks, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Analysis Services (AAS), Azure Data Lake, Tabular Cubes, Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), Power BI, Tableau, Snap Logic.


Redmond, WA

Azure BI Architect

05/2016 – 10/2017

This project involves building Azure Data warehouse from various data sources like Microsoft On Premises Cloud (Cosmos), On Prem Databases, MDM data. Develop Tabular cubes from Azure Platform and enable Power BI reports.


Discussions with Business Managers on Dimensions, Measures, Source Mappings

POC (Proof Of Concept) on migration from Microsoft On Prem Cloud (Cosmos) to Azure Blob Storage to Azure Data warehouse

Design End to End solution to build Azure Data warehouse

Azure Data Factory is used for orchestration of data movement

Migration of Data from Azure Data warehouse to Azure Database.

Build Tabular Cubes consuming data from Azure Database

Design in building MDM data

Developed dashboard Reports using Power BI Service and Power BI Embedded

Developed Azure App Services using GitHub Code.

Good experience in U-SQL and DAX

ENVIRONMENT: Microsoft Azure Framework, Azure Data warehouse, Azure Database, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Factory, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Tabular Cubes, Management studio, Microsoft Visio, Team Foundation Server, GitHub, Azure App Services.

AutoPoint, a Solera Company

Jacksonville, FL

BI Architect

06/2010 – 05/2016

AutoPoint is the industry leader in science based, results driven automotive marketing, and providing most innovative automotive organizations. It is cloud based Technology platform which includes data driven, multi-channel customer acquisitions and retention marketing programs. Major components of these projects involve Data Collection, Data Delivery, Data Validation & Monitoring, Reports and Metrics.


Design and Implementation of Data Modeling and Messaging architecture to support Driver Connect Mobile application (ios and Android)

Design and Implementation of CDC from data warehouse systems to Datamarts.

Created CLR Functions to support RegEx across all the systems

Design and Development of OLAP Cubes to support On-Demand complex search queries

Developed SSIS Packages and Framework to process the cubes and dimensions

Created Usage based and Custom Aggregations for Cubes

Used Table Partitions for work tables to perform daily heavy volume transactions

Developed Framework for SSRS reports to connect and pull data from SSAS Cubes

Created Data connector Framework and implemented to support and pump data into Elastic Search Database in the cloud.

Built complex SSRS Reports using charts, Matrix, Tablix, Bookmark using various sources of data

Data Security in SSRS Reports

SSIS Packages migration from SSIS 2008 R2 to SSIS 2014

Developed Parent/Child design for SSIS Packages development

Integration of 3rd Party components Task Factory from Pragmatic Works and Name/ Address cleansing from Melissa Data

Developed Dynamic MDX Parser to query data from OLAP cubes,

Develop technical software architecture, detailed design and implementation (SDS) for various data warehouse and BI projects.

Involvement in SRS documents preparation and discussions with Business Analyst.

Management of data quality issues within data mart and data warehouse

Performance tuning of the long running jobs, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Driver Connect APIs, Elastic Search Data connector pumps

Involving in different Team review meetings and Company Monthly meetings.

ENVIRONMENT: Microsoft SQL Server 2014/2012/2008R2/2005, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Management studio, Windows Server 2008/2003, Microsoft Visio, Share point 2010, Team Foundation Server.

Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, WA

Technical Lead/Onshore Coordinator

10/2009 – 06/2010

Microsoft Enterprise Services organization falls under the umbrella of Microsoft Services. Operations Team of ES business has engaged in development of BI reporting applications to cater various financial/management metric and KPIs reporting needs of ES business.

I involved in two applications called Customer Satisfaction Reporting Environment & Premier Agility Reporting System of Enterprise Services BI.

The Customer Satisfaction Reporting Environment will include CSAT survey results for Premier and Microsoft Consulting Services. Microsoft Consulting Services provide consulting service to the customers. Microsoft engages ITAP (Information Technology Architecture & Planning) team generally in envision and design phases for the customers. Sometimes ITAP team involves in the implementation phase as well. For ITAP Engagements, Survey Questionnaire will be sent and would be collected at the end of Engagement. Premier Support Services provides Reactive Service and Proactive Service. TAM (Technical Account Manager) manages the Proactive Service for the customer. Proactive service under TAM pursuance with customer is called Relationship Service.

Premier Agility Reports (PAR) report primarily focuses on Service Line 7 (Support and Health). Premier Agility reports define details regarding the customer’s Entitlement purchase and the current Consumption against that Entitlement and the resulting Burn Rate. It also details out information related to the cases and labor that have been logged against that contract such as categorization, type, status, ownership, date, severity, etc.


Development & Maintenance of multidimensional reporting platform using SSIS, SSAS, SSRS & PPS

Coordination with Offshore team

Prepared Technical Understanding documents of Csat & Premier Application as part of Knowledge transfer.

Created SSIS package for ETL & processing of the cubes

Created stored procedures for business rules of transposing Survey questions & responses as the scores

Created Views for MCS Source system to business users

Created Linked servers for the Source Systems & OLAP servers

Identification of geography hierarchies & associated modifications to dimensions & fact tables in STAR/SNOWFLAKE schema

Created Data Validation framework to validate Source data with Csat Data & Relational data to Multidimensional data

Used MDX Queries as part of data validation between Relational data and Multidimensional data

Participated in MYR Planning meetings & support to MYR

Modified Cube dimensions, Hierarchies, Calculated measures, Attribute relationships for enhancement requests

Created Named sets & Calculated Measures using MDX Expressions which are used for OLAP cubes & PPS reports

Performed Data Analysis of the CSat Data & provided SQL Views, Excel reports to the Business Users

Handled Ad-hoc requests to prepare Excel reports with Pivot tables using underlying Cubes for the users

Performance Tuning of Stored procedures, SSRS Reports

Created & Maintained Dashboards for MCS Drivers, Premier Drivers, ROB ScoreCard, MCS CPE Scorecard & MCS Quarterly Drivers in Performance Point Server

Created two complex Analytic reports to the MCS Quarterly Drivers dashboard

Deployment of PPS dashboards to SharePoint Portal using Performance Point Dashboard Designer

Used Subscriptions to load cfrmart data from the upstream systems

Creation of various complex SSRS reports like Form Tabular, Chart reports for PAR system

Created Usage Reporting for Agility applications using SSRS Log, PPS Log

Usage of TFS for Source code control, logging defects and creation of Change Requests

ENVIRONMENT: Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Management studio, Windows Server 2008/2003, Microsoft Visio, MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2010, Team Foundation Server

Xerox Corporation

Rochester, NY

Technical Lead /Senior Developer

02/2007 – 09/2009

The FIX application (Financial Information for Xerox) is currently operating on discontinued software, and outdated technology. This reliance on discontinued software also results in Time & Materials engagements for support, and selective vendor engagements. The application has also grown significantly since 2000 when it was launched, adding new user communities, as well as new lines of reporting. With this growth in reporting and increased criticality to the business, the FIX application is now considered Mission Critical;

These factors together indicate to us that we need to have a revitalized FIX environment which will be referenced as XPRO (Xerox Professional Reporting Online). The goal of this project is to upgrade the software technology and reengineer FIX to both efficiently and effectively meet the expected needs for the application. Further, this upgrade will set the stage for future development activities by implementing shared architectural and systems standards across the entire XPRO platform


Design & Development of multidimensional reporting platform using SSIS, SSAS & SSRS, XML, ASP.NET, C# and MOSS. This project is designed for custom OLAP reporting (MOLAP) using relational data

Design & Implementation of UI design, logical & physical Data modeling, stored procedures, SSIS packages, Reports using SSRS and .Net architecture

Lead the team of three developers

Co-ordination with Offshore team of 12 people including offshore Manager

Developed different Scripts for the Data analysts for verification of reports.

Responsible for performing T-SQL tuning and optimizing queries for reports which take longer time in execution.

Utilized Pivot tables to provide structure to Reports in proper format.

Used Temp Tables to reduce the number of rows for joins, to aggregate data from different sources for different reports.

Prepared detailed technical specifications and implementation plan to load data of MI & SALSA using SSIS. Implementation plans include data definition scripts for tables, views, stored procedures and SSIS packages

Developed several SSIS packages (ETL) to extract, transform and to perform custom edits to certain fields.

Created SQL Server SSIS packages (ETL) to upload data to the ware house from the staging area.

Developed complex reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports Manager, Report Server & and Microsoft Business Intelligence Design Studio (BIDS)

Created various complex reports like Form, Tabular, Drill Down, Drill Thru, Matrix and chart reports according to user specifications using SSRS.

Usage of MDX Queries for the preparation of Dataset used to create reports in SSRS

Created Views and Index Views to reduce database complexities for the Reports.

Creation of Datasets for various data sources including Analysis Services Cubes

Identify Fact and dimension tables and implement STAR/SNOWFLAKE schema for cubes development

Created SSAS Cubes and Dimensions using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Cube Wizard.

Modified the SSAS Cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Cube Designer.

Used Aggregation Design wizard to review the aggregations using XMLA (XML for Analysis)

Usage of MDX Expressions in calculated members

Usage of MDX Queries for Unit testing of the cubes development

Design & Implementation of dynamic UI for rendering the administration screens. The business process layer retrieves and modifies data from the SQL Server database using stored procedures and user defined functions

Loading of XML Data into database

Generation of XML documents from Database

Creation of team sites in Share point portal

ENVIRONMENT: Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Management studio, Oracle 10g, Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Visio, ASP.NET, C#, XML, MOSS, Visual Source Safe, ITT (Xerox Defect tracking tool).

Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, WA

Development Lead/Senior Developer

01/2005 – 01/2007

The FY06 Core Data Enhancements project is focused on providing targeted improvements to the PSS Warehouse suite of reporting applications. The scope for this complete project results in just about every application within the PRW suite of applications to be revised an updated. This project is divided in to two phases. Phase 1 covers Local Components Phase 2 covers the GLOBAL components. This upgrade will provide additional functionality to the users, while providing a more stable and supportable environment for the production support team.


Involvement in Logical & Physical data model

Development of Stored procedures for Business logic and data cleansing

Designed & implemented the framework to identify the Data quality issues and automate the escalation mails of Data quality issues for resolution

Performance tuning of SQL jobs by fine tuning long running queries by understanding the execution plan and using tools SQL Profiler, Query analyzer traces

Worked on OLAP Cubes using Analysis Services 2000.

Worked with the Dimensions and Measures (Fact table) in Analysis Services 2000.

Refreshed the OLAP Cubes.

Worked with MDX Queries to retrieves results from the OLAP Cube.

Processing cubes using DSO object

Custom pages for drill through of some reports using ASP

Created dashboard for monitoring SQL jobs

Used MSInsight as reporting tools for OLAP Cubes

Peer Code Reviews

ENVIRONMENT: SQL Server 2000, Analysis Services, MDX, ASP, Win 2003 Server, MS Insight 7.5, Visual Source Safe, Product Studio.

Grange Insurance Group

Seattle, WA

Analyst/Senior Developer

12/2001 – 12/2004

Grange has decided to move to Open Systems platform. This would enable it to deliver information to users within the organization and external government agencies interested in Insurance data easily and by using currently popular technologies. This project involves the migration of data from legacy systems to an Enterprise Database which is a central repository for underwriting, claims & billing data and building interfaces from Enterprise to a 3rd party application called Diamond which is the central transaction processing system for their future business needs


Understanding the business modules of Home Owner, Personal Auto & Farm Owner

Discussions with Diamond team to understand the 3rd party product

Actively involved in developing logical design of database, incorporating new business requirements, and implemented the new design into SQL Server 2000.

Design & development of DTS packages to load data for Home Owner, Farm Owner & Personal Auto modules

/Wrote complex T-SQL statements to ensure data consistency by filtering corrupt data and implemented various constrains to preserve data integrity.

Converted complex business logic into SQL Stored Procedures and user-defined functions to achieve functionality required by business analysts and UI team.

Involved in Performance testing and optimization of database, benchmarking and SQL Server best practice.

Involved in the Dimension modeling of data marts using Analysis services

Generation of XML from database using DOM objects

Development of VB components to process some business rules and these components are called in stored procedures

Bug fixing of the defects along with the root causal analysis

Peer code reviews.

ENVIRONMENT: Windows server 2000, MS SQL Server 2000, Analysis Services, DTS, XML, Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Visio, Visual Source Safe.

ConAgra Trade Group

Omaha, NE

SQL Server Developer

03/2001 – 11/2001

This project was drafted to improve the accounting of hedging activities. Cash flow hedging addresses how to account for gains and losses that result from price fluctuations of hedging instruments versus fluctuations of anticipated future cash flows due to cash-market price changes. The standard separates the effective portion of the hedging activities from the non-effective portion. The non-effective portion (i.e., the amount of gain or loss of the anticipated cash flow not covered by the hedging instrument) is treated as profit/loss and is recognized immediately (either monthly or quarterly). The effective portion of the hedge is retained as an asset/liability until such time as the actual cash flow is recognized as an expense or revenue. For the operating companies within ConAgra that can and choose to use hedge accounting, DTS accounting will be centralized and the results returned to the operating companies via general ledger entries. The intent is to capture this information in a central location and provide the necessary accounting for the entire corporation. The accounting entries will be generated in sufficient detail to support booking to the individual operating companies. Treasury will be responsible for providing interest rates to be used for present value calculations. Corporate Risk department will be responsible for maintaining the interest rate table.


Participated in analyzing the user requirements and designing the database structure.

Transformed Conceptual Model to Physical Model that includes creation of Tables, Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures and also maintained Referential Integrity in SQL Server 2000.

Migration of Fimat data from production system to our new system using VB, COM Technology and the stored procedures in SQL Server

Identified and resolved the query performance using SQL Profiler

Involved in Maintenance of Clustered and non-Clustered Indexes.

Used Data Transformation Services (DTS) to populate data from various data sources.

Created detail Technical documentation of various staging area operations for future reference and guidance.

Used SQL Server Profiler to trace the slow running queries.

Imported Data from MS-Access Database and XML to SQL Server Database.

ENVIRONMENT: Windows Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2000 (Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer), DTS, MS Office Access, XML, Visual Source Safe, VB 6.0

Thermax Pvt Ltd



06/2000 – 02/2001

CAS is a project for Thermax Ltd., of Pune, India. Thermax is a multi-company, multi-divisional and multi-product group corporation operating primarily in the Energy, Environment and Exports sectors. It consists of nine business divisions, four joint venture companies and five wholly owned subsidiary companies. Micro Power Systems is one of those divisions made to manufacture and sell power generators based on Turbine Principle. The equipment will be offered in the market based on the philosophy of Solution Offering rather than Product Offering.

The original application development is started from the Requirements phase. At present the project completed its Phase I. The System can be divided into three different fashions. They are standalone, laptop, and multiple users with client server (Browser front end) and as a web-enabled service. The UI is developed as HTML pages (using ASP, VBScript and JavaScript) that use components, which are developed in VB6.0.


Design and development of 2 modules (VPB, LCCA) using VB, COM technology

Created Database objects including Tables, Triggers, Views, Stored Procedures, Data Modeling, Indexes and Rule.

Performed optimization of SQL queries in SQL Server.

Involved in Maintenance of Clustered and non-Clustered Indexes.

Created jobs and monitor job history for maximum availability of data and to ensure consistency of the databases.

Scheduled jobs, batch, alert and E-mail notification setting.

Monitored SQL Server log files.

ENVIRONMENT: SQL 7.0, Windows NT Server, MS-Access, XML, Stored Procedures, Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual SourceSafe.

Tata International Ltd

Mumbai, India


06/1999 – 05/2000

TATA International Limited (TIL) formerly known as TATA Exports Limited (TEL) a leading export house in India processes export /import requests from its customers and arranges to supply the required goods or services through its supplier-base. It also at times deals in sub-contract manufacturing, internal sales, hgh-Sea trading and project services.

The scope of the project is to completely automate most of its activities. These include Customer Enquiries, Order Execution, Financial Accounting, Purchase and Stores, Payroll, Fixed Assets etc.

The complete system is proposed to develop using the Microsoft COM technology along with a web-based front. This would help the customers, suppliers or any other agency to come directly into the system to provide the information required for them. The system will take care of automatically triggering events that logically follow each other. The project was developed as an Internet enabled application with front end as ActiveX Documents and Active Server Pages. The middle layer included the various COM objects developed using either Visual Basic 5.0 or Visual C++ 5.0.


Written PL/SQL Procedures for the various services in the module, Developed Reports

Design and Development of windows forms using VB

Execution of test cases

Involved in Query tuning and optimization through T SQL.

Involved in Performance optimization and normalization of database.

ENVIRONMENT: Windows NT, SQL Server 7.0, VB 5.0, ASP 2.0, Visual Source Safe

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