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Manager Project

Los Angeles, CA, 90064
May 23, 2020

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Joel Fleiss Resume

**** **** *****, *** *******, CA 90064 – 310-***-**** (Home), 310-***-**** (Cell) –

Professional Summary

30+ years of experience as a project portfolio manager, leading organizations, and technical teams.

25+ years of consulting experience.

30+ years of experience in software development management.

20+ years of experience in designing business processes and procedures.

Experienced in standard operating procedures performance analysis and optimization.

Hard-working, innovative, problem solver possessing excellent communication (written, verbal and listening) and management skills to achieve the firm’s goals no matter how challenging the endeavor.

Broad project expertise able to expeditiously solve critical problems to assure project success.

Experienced in managing project offices, project teams, and software engineers, coupled with extensive configuration management, quality assurance, risk assessment, and testing experience. Have expertise employing “Waterfall” and “Agile” project methodologies.

Expert use of governance, risk management & compliance (GRC) assuring successful projects.

Author of project management book used in a course taught at UCLA.

Founder and Chairman for eight years of initial PMI Project Management Book Club in the USA.

After graduating from UCLA was lead software engineer developing software tools and applications.


Project Office è Successfully streamlined and enhanced existing project management offices (PMOs) procedures and processes. Created standard operating procedures, oversaw multiple concurrent projects, mentored, and trained project managers to consistently conduct successful projects meeting the triple constraint of time, cost, and scope. Analyzed risk possibilities and proposed mitigation strategies for resolving future issues and eliminating dilemmas inhibiting successful project completion. Introduced, mentored, and monitored the governance procedures for multiple organizations. Authored templates, guidelines, and standard processes used by project managers and staff at numerous enterprises.

Project Management è Successfully delivered projects ranging from $50,000 to over $10,000,000. A subcontractor on several billion-dollar projects for defense clients. Taught project management at Transamerica, Farmers Insurance, 20th Century Fox, Rockwell Collins, Star Alliance, SeeBeyond, and UCLA. A unique ability to maximize staffs’ productivity while they work synergistically with team members assuring organization’s desired goals was achieved no matter what challenges we faced. Ensured governance procedures and processes were continuously adhered to by all staff and management team members.

Products è Designed and developed over two dozen commercial software products for clients in multiple industries. Designed and developed compilers (FORTRAN, JOVIAL, Ada and Basic), macro and meta-assemblers, link editors, interpretive language tools, conversion tools, debuggers, real-time operating systems, input and output drivers, problem report systems and emulators. Designed and oversaw implementation of a document management system supporting a full-text search engine, workflow, OCR support for popular applications (Word, Excel, and WordPerfect) to and from HTML translators, check-in and check-out system and a database-driven document review system. Clients were major aerospace firms plus NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Designed and led the implementation of a commercial cloud-based project portfolio management tool for project ranking, requirements and scheduling creating and maintenance, performance measurement and optimal resource allocation across approved projects (received a patent).

Configuration Management è Responsible for version control, release management, and issue reporting systems. Chaired change review boards.

Agile and Waterfall Methodologies èSuccessfully delivered hundreds of “Waterfall” and over a dozen “Agile” projects. Most recent “Agile” project was the development of a project portfolio management tool supporting requirements, scheduling and resource allocation.

Governance è Trained and mentored project managers. Monitored their performance to assure organization’s governance policies and procedures were successfully employed throughout the project’s lifecycle whether the methodology employment was Waterfall or Agile.

Quality Assurance è Streamlined programming and verification standards for several organizations. Established procedures, conducted reviews and audits assuring quality products were delivered to our clients and end users. Responsible for assuring all proper steps were successfully completed prior to a product’s new or updated version being released.

Testing èCreated test proposals, plans, procedures, reports, matrices, scripts, generators, and conducted numerous software acceptance tests.

Risk èConducted risk assessment and analysis for two insurance firms (Farmers and Transamerica) and LA County’s Child Support System. My team was responsible for streamlining mitigation strategy of probable risks with major impact. The plans contained triggers and detailed mitigation strategy. Obtained management and key stakeholders sign off to assure if risk occurred, the risk’s occurrence would cause a minimal delay in the projects meeting the triple constraint.

Mobile è Designed and managed implementation of mobile application (Android and iPhone).

Internet è Designed and managed implementation of HTML and XML translators for popular applications (MS Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect). Designed/managed the implementation of a full-text search engine. Have significant experience using SGML, HTML, Perl, CGI, client-server-architectures and the cloud. Implemented numerous applications using “.NET” for multiple applications.

Websites èManaged implementation of several websites, including EPS’ website, and for first fictional book I wrote, authorFLEISS.COM. Have extensive knowledge of HTML and SGML.

Programming Languages è Wrote programs using Basic, COBOL, C, C++, CMS, DUAL*, FORTRAN, HTML, Java, JOVIAL, Modula, OIL*, Pascal, Perl, PL-I, SGML, SQL, TILT*, Visual Basic, XML and nearly two dozen assembly languages. Used languages to develop applications and software tools (* = a language I created).

Application Tools è Experience using AWS, ClearCase, Clearest, DevTrack, Documentum, FileNet, Grammarly, HTML, iManage, JIRA, Lotus 123, Lotus Notes, Microsoft tools, Netscape, Nuvolat, Oracle, PC Docs, PerfectIt, Primavera, Rational Rose, RUP, Selenium, Sybase, UNIX, .NET, and WordPerfect.


Project Management Professional (PMP) 2004


Bachelor Arts in Economics, University of California Los Angeles.

Graduate studies in Economics and Computer Science at UCLA.

Project Management teacher at UCLA Extension.

Continuous self education reading management related books monthly.

Professional Experience

Enterprise Portfolio Software, Inc. 04/07 – Present CEO and CTO

Jointly founded a company building a cloud-based project portfolio management tool.

Responsible for the product’s design and implementation management along with all technical, legal, user and marketing documentation.

Partner was responsible for the company’s financial aspects.

Development team located in the United States, Vietnam, South Korea and India.

EPPORA’s major features included project selection and ranking, requirements specification/maintenance, schedule specification/maintenance, automated analysis of requirements and schedule quality, labor productivity measurement, optimized labor resource allocation across project portfolio (US Patent received), issue resolution system, testing and numerous other features.

Partner had personal financial difficulties and we did not have the funds to complete the development.

Migrated product from Microsoft Azure to AWS and AWS to Nuvolat

Los Angeles Department Child Support 06/06 – 04/07 Project Manager

LA County developed a large, complex system to locate delinquent parents not paying child support.

The system, sponsored by the federal government, had only two states (California being one) not compliant with the federal regulations.

Hired to determine why system was non-compliant and recommend mitigation steps for compliance.

California paying a $600-million-dollar annual penalty fee because of non-compliance.

Through my staff’s efforts, we obtained compliance.

Farmers Insurance 06/05 – 06/06 Project Manager

Project manager working as part of the project office (PMO).

Helped mentor and train project managers (MS Project scheduling) for multiple concurrent projects (usually around 20).

Managed multiple projects to obtain compliance.

Missile Defense Agency 04/04 – 05/05 Project Manager

Designed project requirements management tool for MDA. Managed technical efforts and created relevant documentation.

A government STTR where we teamed with UCLA to develop the product’s design and build a prototype.

5G Wireless 02/04 – 05/05 VP Engineering

Created standard operating procedures for company building wireless hardware systems.

Directed software development and testing for all software and hardware products.

SeeBeyond 04/03 – 01/04 Director Project Office

Responsible for successful completion of the organization’s projects.

Trained and mentored project managers.

Defined a set of standard operating procedures.

Streamlined a standard methodology that was employed by all project managers.

Created a testing methodology, quality assurance practices, and project document templates to assure consistency across all projects.

Rockwell Collins 10/02 – 03/03 Project Manager

Lufthansa, Air France, and Qantas had contracted Rockwell Collins to build an in-flight entertainment system.

The project was over budget, late and did not contain all the features the sponsor’s original contract specified.

The job determined how Rockwell Collins could resolve these challenges in a timely and economical manner.

Found numerous issues with management, requirements, schedule, product design, testing and communication.

Recommended steps that resolved the problems in a timely manner.

Rockwell Collins delivered a successful product to its airline customers just prior to my departure.

Veritest 06/01 – 09/02 Project Manager

Wrote proposals (approximately four a week) to procure new business for Veritest.

We won slightly over 70% of the submitted proposals.

The proposals were for testing computer companies’ new hardware and software products.

Customers included Epson, HP, IBM, Motorola and numerous computer hardware and software companies.

Star Alliance 05/99 – 05/01 Director Project Office

Star Alliance was a consortium of thirteen airlines that implemented projects for the common benefit of the member airlines.

Monitored projects while training and mentoring project managers to assure they were satisfying the triple constraint.

Star Alliance conducted about thirty projects per year ranging in cost from $100,000 to $10,000,000.

Created project documentation templates and a standard methodology used by all projects.

Our technical staff consisted of software and test engineers from the thirteen different Star Alliance airlines.

20th Century Fox 04/98 – 04/99 Project Manager

Worked in Project Office helping resolve Y2K issues for numerous products.

Streamlined testing procedures, quality assurance practices along with “Risk Assessment” process.

Conducted risk assessment for organizations processes creating approved risk mitigation plans for those risks deemed highly probable with major impact.

Transamerica 05/97 – 03/98 Project Manager

Directed project office resolving Y2K issues for numerous products.

Streamlined quality and testing procedures along with standard project and product documentation.

Quality Information Systems, Inc. 1992 – 1997 -- President and Founder

QIS developed a document management system whose key feature was a database driven multi-user document review system.

The major customer was NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Responsible for products design and managed the software and test engineers to assure we delivered a high-quality product to NASA.

Responsible for all communication with government procurement and key project stakeholders.

Proprietary Software Systems, Inc. 1969 – 1992 President and Founder

PSS provided software tools (compilers, macro assemblers, debuggers, and real-time operating systems) to major defense contractors.

PSS grew from me to forty-eight software engineers doing slightly more than $4,500,000 annually.

PSS conducted extensive testing and quality practices using DoD standards to assure our products were as error-free as possible.

PSS provided tools to billion-dollar defense efforts such as General Dynamics’ F-16 Flight Improvement, Lockheed’s L-1011, and MilStar.


Authored a book “ABCs of Requirements Based Project Management” in June of 2005. Used to teach a project management class at UCLA.

Authored a book “Court Smarts” to improve your winning tennis percentage by maximizing your strengths.

Authored a fictional book “A World without Fear” about solving the terrorist issue. Published by IngramSparks Publications January 2020. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other popular electronic book websites.

Can view synopsis and initial chapters on my author’s website “”

Authored numerous articles in software and project management related magazines and journals.

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