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Advanced rigger

Houston, TX
April 22, 2020

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Ronald Smith

**** ******* **

Humble, Texas, USA 77338

Tel: 832-***-**** Email: Profile Efficiency: rigged,bullrigger & fitted pipe and structure into location by knowing and reading iso as well as blueprint paperwork. Managed a time of 3 bullriggers or more to ensure the jobs were done safely and in a timely manner.

Relative job skills: more than capable of the math and knowledge of weight distribution and balance needed to know for rigging, bull rigging & fitting pipes into and already inside of pipe racks or structures.

Communication: very well spoken with supervision, fellow coworkers as well as other crafts working with near or around. Can communicate about job tasks with Spanish speaking as well as read and have basic knowledge on blueprint paperwork for translation.

Recognition: More than once has been promoted to leadership roles or acknowledged as the lead example on several job tasks or working sites.

Initiative: very self motivated, dedicated to follow the job through completion or to perfection. Goal oriented driven to improve on all knowledge of the craft each day.

Job Objective I am an experienced bullrigger/ rigger with a combined 6 years experience working inside of both active units as well as new construction. As noted in my my resume I am highly skilled in inspecting applicable rigging,planning for lifts using weight of the load, knowledge and for site of situations that could occur during the movement of load, and able to knowingly calculate limiting capacity of equipment and rigging.

Education Langham Creek High School / Lamar Inst… Sep 2017 ~ May 2020 Process Operations

Experience Bechtel Apr 2013 ~ Jun 2015

Bullrigger / rigger

•Reading blueprint and load documentation

• determining/calculating length & weight of pipe or structures flew into rack

• determining proper rigging needed for lift and

positioning load

• communicating with operator & crane rigger while flying load into unit/ rack or desired location

• make the transfer from crane to rigging installed into rack

• transfer load to desired location inside unit/pipe rack final location

• secure load at final location

Enerflex Jul 2015 ~ Sep 2018

Rigger / Bullrigger


•calculate weight of load / pick

• assign proper rigging for load

• inspect all rigging assigned for load

• properly rig load for desired balance and angle

•follow load to unit/rack flag operator to desired load location

Bull rigging:

• prepare rigging for incoming load

• inspect all rigging

• install rigging in desire location for load

• transfer load from crane to installed rigging

• float load (bullrigg) to desired final location

• secure the load

Lutech Oct 2018 ~ May 2019


•Find and locate position of pipe spools on blueprint or iso then locate in unit

•calculate the weight or load then find proper rigging needed for load

•inspect all rigging being used for job/load

• install all rigging in appropriate place for the job/ load at hand

•communicate with operators/ crane riggers on lift

•transfer load/lift from the crane into unit with rigging already installed in unit

•transfer load to desired area in unit

•secure load in unit

Skills • strong communication

• all weight distribution equipment

• exceptional problem solver

• fast-paced environment

• highly trained and skilled in the rigging dept

• daily equipment inspections

• large scale projects

• run multiple size man & sissor lifts

References Andrew Lara - Lutech


I have worked for drew Lara and multiple jobs

including bechtel & ccjv as a bullrigger or rigger Shaun Butler - CCJV


Shaun Butler was the senior general foreman at the Cameron LNG project that I was a bullrigger on

Gene Brammon - Sun industrial group


Gene Brammon was the general foreman on the

Cameron LNG project i worked at as a bullrigger

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