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Engineer Drilling

Canmore, AB, Canada
March 25, 2020

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#** ******** ******** *.*., Calgary, Alberta, T3A-4C3, CANADA Home/Office: 403-***-**** / Cell: 403-***-****


Wellsite/Operations Geologist with thirty eight years of diversified experience in the areas ofpetroleum wellsite geology, well testing and logging supervision, drilling supervision, geosteering, reservoir characterization, and safety, mudlogging, geological mapping, well logevaluation, report preparation and coal geology. Proficient with geological correlation and mapping, trend analysis and reservoir evaluation. Extensive experience with Non-conventional reservoirs, Wilrich, Montney formations.


Bachelor of Science (Geology), University of Alberta 1981


Wellsite & Operations Geologist, Cox Wellsite Consulting Services Ltd. January 1985 – present

Fully describe cuttings and cores.

Geosteering of horizontal and deviated wells. Interpret drilling parameters, such as rate ofpenetration, torque, pump pressure, and pit volumes.

Interpret and utilize total gas readings, sample cuttings descriptions, core descriptions and coreanalysis reports, well logs, available structure and isopach maps, off-setting well logs, crosssections, well production history reports, and other pertinent information to assist with safeefficient drilling operations. Extensive reservoir characterization.

Supervise sample collection to ensure that samples are collected properly and safely.

Ensure that wells are being logged safely and within corporate standards and guidelines.

Supervise and ensure proper implementation, quality control, and safe conduct of coring, anddrillstem testing operations.

Detailed analysis and interpretation of well logs and petrophysical data, including calculationof gas, oil and water saturations.

Assist in determining pay zone production potential, and placement of casing seats.

Compile well data and information gathered during drilling operations into a final well report,including recommendations for hydrocarbon production by zone.

Participate in ensuring that safe drilling, and other operational procedures, are followed.

Completed several area and numerous regional studies based on cuttings, core, well log anddrillstem test data such as a study of the Basal Quartz clastic sequence in Central Alberta (RedDeer, Penhold, Innisfail area).Extinsive marketing and networking to promote small business.

Currently generate striplogs, and well reports by computer using Wellsight Systems and Tri-Vision’s Power Logger striplog programs for vertical, deviated and horizontal wells. Extensively use of digital imaging of both cuttings and core. Use of Geosteering software, Starsteer.Gary Cox Page 2 of 4

Wellsite Geologist during the drilling and logging operation of approximately 630 wells including:

Eighty cored wells,

40 horizontal wells

150 wells were drilled to depths between 2200 and 4100m into the Shunda, Nisku, Belloy,Kiskatinaw, Pekisko, Jean Marie, Slave Point, Debolt, Montney, Leduc and/or BirdbearFormations. These geological formations are complex carbonate/clastic reef and off-shoresequences,

35 Rocky Mountain Foothills wells in the depth range 2400 – 4500 m, in a structurallycomplex region involving multiple thrust sheets, overturned bedding, folding, faulting, repeatedsequences, and structurally thickened units. Sediments included clastic and carbonatesequences,

200 Deep Basin type exploratory and developmental wells in the depth range 2200 to 2700 minto clastic and carbonate sequences.


Consulting Coal Geologist, Smoky River Coal Company November - December 1984

Mudlogging Engineer, Geoservices North America Ltd. February – September 1984

Trained on total control drilling equipment.

Coal Geologist, Montreal Engineering Company Ltd. November 1982- January 1984

Coal Geologist, Crowsnest Resources Ltd. May 1981- February 1982


Canadian Stratigraphic Services Well Examination Course Dresser Atlas and Computalog - Gearhart Home Study Well Log Interpretation courses Sedimentation and Stratigraphy, Geologic History of North America Subsurface Geologic Methods - Dr. Gordon Williams Sedimentary Petrology, Structural Geology, Petroleum Geology I - Dr. R. Harrison Petroleum Geology II (Basin Studies) - Dr. A. Baillie Seismic Exploration, 1998 Clastics - Estimation of Permeability and Porosity from Drill Cuttings, and Core - Doug Hayden Structural Geology from Cuttings and Core Workshop - Peter Hews H2S Industry Standard Course, valid to May 2017Drill Stem Testing - Baker Hughes Unconventional and Carbonate Reserviors core and sample evaluation. – Peter Hews. First aid, and CPR industry standard course.

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