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Power Computer Engineering

Calgary, AB, Canada
March 25, 2020

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Introduction to this curriculum vitae

Telecommunications Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in satellite telecommunications technologies and services. Experience on supervising, Management, Intervention and Diagnosis of satellite telecommunications areas at Camatagua Earth Station and Bamari Teleport (Simón Bolívar Satellite Teleport) in Venezuela.



TSU in Electricity, Mention Electronic (Graduated)

Universitary of Technology Institute - Capital Region (IUT-RC). Caracas, Venezuela


(1st Semester)

Computer Engineering

Andres Bello Catholic University. Táchira Extensión (UCAB-ET). Táchira State, Venezuela.


Native language


Learned Language


Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level taught for CANTV as a part of training to work on Satellite International Services (1981-1982).

Advanced level (Venezuelan & American Center C.V.A. Las Mercedes, Caracas (May to Jul 1985)

Conversational level at Instituto Berlitz, Sabana Grande, Caracas (Sep 1987)


Basic level. University Institute of Technology Capital Region IUT.RC Caracas (1975).


CANTV (National Telephone Company of Venezuela), is the main telecommunications company of Venezuela. Its services range from cellular telephony (being its main subsidiary Movilnet that expands the cell phone area), which is its main strength, to aggregate services such as computer sales, dial-up Internet connection services and broadband Internet connection (ABA). It also offers Satellite TV, Mobile TV services and telecommunications transport to other enterprises




Jun 2016 - Mar 2019


Position: Satellite Link Coordinator:

As a responsible for all Satellite Telecommunications Services of the country, my duties were:

* Supervision and control of personnel working on Camatagua Earth Station and Simón Bolívar Satellite Control Teleport as well.

* Ensure the performance of personnel in a balanced environment.

* Ensure the continuity of the operations and services provided by the Earth Stations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Acquired Experience:

* Direct collaboration and assistance to the Operations Management during non-working hours as a responsible of Earth Stations.

* Responsible on decision-making and in the implementation of telecommunications systems for the provision of satellite services together with the different Managements that develop these services.

* Direct participation with the Management for decision-making regarding personnel in different aspects such as training needs and other aspects, in addition to the needs on technological area.

* Supervision and control of the different government entities in the use of the satellite spectrum to not disturb other satellite users.

Oct 2004 – Jun 2016


Position: Satellite Links Specialist

* Responsible for 24/7/365 continuity of satellite equipment’s in both teleports

Jan 1994 - Oct 2004


Position: Area Supervisor II

* Supervision and control of personnel working in the Operations area of the Earth Station.



* Computer skill in Microsoft Office platform (Excel, Word, Power Point, Visio)

* Configuration and management of satellite communication equipment such as MODEMS, Up and Down Converters, Power Amplifiers (NEC, EF-Data, Harris, Advantech, California Power Industries CPI, LNR Communications, Scientific Atlanta, etc).

* Management of measurement equipment in the telecommunications environment such as Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meter, Oscilloscopes, Positioning Equipment, etc.

* TV service equipment such as Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope, TV Signal Generators, etc.

* Knowledges on TV services transmission.

* Small aperture satellite antenna installations.

* Communication and control wiring in addition to power wiring and installation of microwave transmission chains in the C-band and Ku-band frequency gamma.

* Powering: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and its different parts: Inverters, Rectifiers, Battery Power Bank, By-Pass.

* Cabling (data, communications, control, power)

* Basic knowledges of A/A equipment.


Technical support to meet presidential needs during Venezuelan President visit to the Republic of Suriname in October 1989

Technical support in the moving of IBS Digital Services (Large Users) from the old Valencia Station to Camatagua on July 95

Technical support in the transfer of the VIASAT Digital Services from the former location at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela in Los Chaguaramos Caracas to Camatagua Earth Station on July 2010.

Implementation of Cantv standard processes in the new Simón Bolívar Satellite Earth Station in Bamari. May 2010


Award “The Best of the Best” on Category “Group” version 1994 awarded by Cantv in recognition of the best teamwork performance.


Shareholding in the company through the program of allocation of shares as an incentive to work.


* Self-starter and thrives in a competitive environment. Have opportunity for growth within the company.

* Willing to learn. Able to use basic hand tools.

* Strong work ethic, team player and positive attitude.

* Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to work within a team environment

* Ability to work safely in hazardous environments.

* Excellent time management and organizational skills.

* Read and interpret installation drawings

Rolando E. Tabares R.

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