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Medical Assistant Forklift Operator

Toledo, OH
March 15, 2020

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In summary of over all of all jobs, I have experience one of the hardest jobs in cass county Michigan especially when it comes to being a girl where some don't last. Did smaller jobs that requires fast pace as in fast food and reatail handle money and cooking food. The biggest accomplishment was postle which got me to excel in many skills that I didn't know I had. Learning different things for other jobs to expand my resume in order to succeed in life.

08/24/2017 - 01/01/2020

12-15-2015 - 08-31-2016

09-31-2016 - 05-30-2017

06-1-2017 - 08-1-2017



Amber Booher

3213 134th st.



To enhance my professional skills, capabilities and knowledge in an organization which recognizes the value of hard work and trusts me with responsibilities and challenges. Experience

Postle Extrusion

Saw operator/helper, stretching

1. Saw operator-cut rack, measure and label. Get them ready to be shipped.sort through bad ones. Twist, dents, bowlegged, concave etc.

2. Helper-rack and paperwork pick up scrap

3. Stretcher- stretching parts to where straight. Check dimensions, and how bad they are. 4. Punch and label lift up to 75lbs

5. Recut,-cut and pack up to 25 lb. Parts in box form, use boxes, boards, cut measure and check dimensions.

6. Packing- in box/ box form, paper,use diagram label and sort through parts and check measure ments. Already pre cut.

Taco Bell

Shift leader

Shift between 2 days/ evenings cooking and running register. Greeting customers cleaning and stocking. Assisting the shift supervisor pre pare for next shift. Learning and sanitize with different cleaning objects/ skills. Count money b4 close store.

Taco Bell

Shift leader

Shifting between 2, days/evening clean and stock lobby/ kitchen. Cook/ run register, greeting customers take orders. Assisting shift supervisor count draws cleaning and stock lobby prepare for next shift. Dollar general

Lead sales associate

Lead store, close store and run register clean and stock assisting customers, greet as come in lifting up to 75lbs.


Ross Beatty Jr/Sr high


Southwestern Michigan college

Medical assistant



1.)Excell 2.) Microsoft power point, 3.)word, Basic math. 5.) Forklift operator 6.) Communication. 7.) Quality over quantity. 8.)packing

Run saw to where parts were accurate with measurement/ Dimensions sort through parts, and set cut length to the tolerance 1/8-1/16



Make sure all aluminum parts are racked and label right. No bad parts as in lines, twists, dents, dogleged and so one. Want customers to be satisīŦed band not to where parts are sent back. Reference

Steve Richmond - "Postle Extrusion"

Floor super viser


Tim Fisher - "Postle Extrusion"



Melissa - ""



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