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Plant Data

Chandigarh, Chandigarh capital region, India
March 14, 2020

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H. No. ***, phase *, sector **, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160059



A highly motivated and focused researcher with keen interest in innovation and discovery in biotechnology. Committed to achieving goals in an efficient manner. Well versed with relevant SOPs and deliver quality work by maintaining highly effective health and safety requirements and maintain C.O.S.H.H policies. Have excellent verbal and written communication acquired by delivering presentations in project meetings and university projects. Collaborate with team members to execute research and development appropriate for projects.


Rapture Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India, Nov 2019- Present Project Trainee


• Currently working on a small project- A comparative study of stability, antioxidant, DNA cleavage and antibacterial activities of green and chemically synthesized silver nanoparticles from leaf extract of Datura spp.

• Identified the Datura spp. morphologically and performed phytochemical tests. Further, isolation and identification will carried out and green and chemical synthesis of leaf extract of Datura will be performed.

• Prepare chemicals and reagents, keep records of chemicals utilised, provide updates of research progress to the Director.

• Maintain good laboratory practices, develop SOPs, compile data and results and write reports.

• Writing a review paper on nanotechnology in CRISPR.

• My aim is to master biotechnology research techniques to flourish my career. Centre for Manufacturing & Materials Engineering, Coventry University, UK, Sep 2017-March 2018 University Research Assistant

Responsible team member involved in executing pioneering research and development in H-AM project- Novel production of renewable hydrogen from agricultural and municipal waste. Responsibilities:

• Maintained COSHH policy, performed aseptic techniques and followed SOPs.

• Identified ureolytic microorganisms isolated from pig’s waste samples by using Gram stains and Remel kits.

• Maintained purity of microbial cultures, monitored their growth rate and ureolytic activity at different environmental conditions.

• Performed calibration to maintain same pH and purity of sample.

• Determined amount of Urea breakdown and Ammonia production by ureolytic bacteria isolated from pig’s waste sample by using fluorometric assay and Hach-Lange cuvette test respectively.

• Performed data entry, updated departmental database, analysed data, executed comparative analysis of data from former experiments.

• Prepared weekly reports and presentations upon research outcomes.

• Developed the protocol of Urea determination by using enzyme extract of bacterial cells instead of using bacteria directly to overcome sensitivity of experiment and achieve the aim. Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, May 2016-Nov 2016 Junior lab Technician


• Worked with Quality Standards and set up the experiments.

• Followed Standard Operating Procedures and assisted in their improvement.

• Performed aseptic techniques to prepare various media and isolate bacteria from various clinical samples such as patient’s urine, stool, semen, vaginal samples, etc.

• Conducted identification tests- gram stains and biochemical tests.

• Performed Antibiotic susceptibility tests for those samples and determined minimal inhibitory concentrations (MIC) for drug resistance.

• Assisted laboratory technician with development of clinical reports and department investigations. HariHar Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Agra, India, May 2015-June 2015 Summer Trainee in Industrial Biotechnology Training Program to learn basic laboratory techniques involved in Plant tissue culture, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. TECHNICAL SKILLS:


• Natural product research- Preparation of standardized plant extracts through maceration and decoction, Qualitative phytochemical analysis (saponin, tannin and flavonoid etc.) of herbal extracts, determine antimicrobial and antifungal activity of plant extracts.

• Microbiology- Media and Reagent preparation, Isolation and Identification Techniques such as growing cultures on various Agar plates and identifying colonies by using biochemical tests or Remel kits, Fixation and staining, Antibiotic assay and assessment, Minimum Inhibitory Concentration test (MIC), Minimum Bacterial Concentration (MBC).

• Cell and Molecular Biology- DNA extraction and purification, DNA Gel electrophoresis, Cell count, PCR, Basics of Plant tissue culture and propagation, Isolation of DNA with Qiagen Isolation kit, commercial DNA sequencing by using Biosytem big eye terminator v3.1 sequencing kit.

• Biochemistry- Basic biochemistry techniques such as Titration and pipetting and pH measurements, Centrifugation techniques, Enzyme extraction, Fluorometric assay for detection of Urea breakdown, Hach- Lange cuvette test

• Bioinformatics- NCBI BLAST, reverse complement, G-query (global cross-database NCBI search), translation of DNA, clustal-omega, mitomap, protein molecular weight calculator, statistical analysis by One-way ANOVA and Two-way ANOVA, Rotor-gene Q software.

• Instruments- Spectrophotometer, Fluorescence spectrometer, Haemocytometer, Sonicator, Large volume centrifuge, Autoclave, Laminar Air Flow, Orbital Shaker, Fluorescence Microscope, Hot-air oven, Waterbath.

• Aseptic Technique in Laboratory Preparation and Analysis.

• Maintain C.O.S.H.H policy and Risk assessment, Safe storage and Disposal of chemicals and consumable.

• Good understanding of research methodologies and how to apply them to projects in a commercial environment.


• Dissertation- Developed a new method for determination of Urea from Ureolytic bacteria isolated from pig’s waste samples while being a part of H-AM project-Novel production of renewable hydrogen from agricultural and municipal waste. The new methodology is in process of publication. Written my contribution in the project as dissertation.

• Lab report- Determination of mutations in Hyper variable one (HV1) region of DNA molecules among different individuals. Data analysis was performed after NCBI BLAST and Clustal Omega.

• Lab report- Flow cytometry analysis of effect of TGF-beta on E-cadherin protein expression in HepG2 cells.

• Lab report- Quantitative analysis of the viral load present in unknown sample by using Reverse transcriptase RT-PCR. Data analysis was conducted by using Rotor-gene Q software. KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES:


• Excellent verbal communication skills enhanced by transferring ideas and results to peers through presentations in various project meetings held in Coventry and Wales and university projects.

• Effective written communication developed through completing multiple university essays and reports. Organisational skills:

• Able to work with minimal guidance to execute tasks.

• Excellent time management skills by analysing processes and selecting the simplest way to accomplish a task with great attention to detail.

• Proficient at prioritising and performing tasks in high pressure environment.

• processed and documented data to perform Qualitative/Quantitative analysis as the part of the work and university projects to meet deadlines.

Team Work:

• Worked collaboratively with team members of companies such as Severn trents, WRK design and services Ltd., etc. involved in project.

• Shared ideas and data of new methodology effectively to peers which could be applied to commercial environment.


• Confident user of Microsoft Office packages including Word, Excel and PowerPoint as part of work project and university assignments.

• Utilise the internet to access online academic platforms to compose university research projects and reports.


2017 Coventry University MSc Biotechnology with Professional Experience Modules include: DNA and Genome Technology, Antibody and Cell Culture Techniques, Current Topics in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Discoveries, and Biotechnology In Drug Discovery. 2016 Banasthali University (India) BSc Biotechnology Modules include: Biochemistry, Enzymology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, and Immunology, Bioinformatics and Bioethics and Biosafety. 2013 Banasthali University (India)

Higher Secondary Education in Biological Science. Obtained 6.5 belts in IELTS examination. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

• Fluent in English and Hindi.

• Trainee at Dr. B. Lal clinical laboratory Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur" to acquire skills in advanced laboratory practices of Clinical Microbiology.

• Joined "Bhartiya-Seva Dal" in Banasthali University during my Senior Secondary and received an 'A' grade Certificate.

• Secured 1st position in Inter-House Rifle Shooting Competition conducted by Banasthali University Rifle Club.


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