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Marketing Executive

Tampa, FL
May 17, 2020

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Tampa, FL


* ***** ** ********** ** an Operations Analyst, cardiac coordinator and marketing executive domain using R, SAS, PL/SQL, Python, Tableau.

Strong knowledge in Data Mining, Data Modeling, Data Visualization Techniques and Machine Learning Algorithms.

An analytical bent of mind with excellent spoken & written communication skills, problem solving and leadership skills.


Master of Business Analytics and Information Systems (GPA: 3.38) December 2020 (Expected)

University of South Florida Tampa FL USA

Coursework: Statistical Data Mining, Data Mining, ADBMS, ASAD, Analytical Method for Business, Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology, Statistical Programming for Business Analytics, Enterprise Information Systems

Master of Business Administration (8.08/10) June 2011

Institute of Management Studies, DAVV Indore, India

Coursework: Financial and Cost Accounting, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Information Systems in Healthcare, Strategic Management in Healthcare


Languages: Python, PL/SQL, R, C#, HTML, CSS, SAS

Libraries: NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Plotly, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch

Machine Learning: Decision Trees, Random Forest, Regression, GA, LSTM, Neural Networks, K-Means, SVM, CNN

Tools: Microsoft Azure ML, Tableau, MS Power BI, Jupyter, QlikView, GitHub, Microsoft Excel

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle


Analysis of Taxi Trips in Chicago (RStudio)

Performed data cleaning, normalization, hypothesis testing, and vital graphical representation

Improved accuracy (adjusted R squared value) of the regression model from 88% to 93%

Analyzed statistically significant variables according to p-values

Analysis of Climate Change Belief based on Demographic and Socio-economic Factors (SAS Enterprise Miner, Tableau, R)

Analyzed the climate change dataset for demographic and socio-economics factors driving global warming beliefs.

Built the decision tree, regression model and neural network model using variable selection tool in SAS Enterprise Miner to derive the best fit model on the basis of p value, r square value and MSE value to classify and predict socio-economics factors driving global warming beliefs at county level.

Redesign of IMDB Movie database (Oracle, Tableau, MS Excel)

Redesigned the IMDB movie database to improve normalization and added features like Fans, Production, Identity, Settings etc.

Executed queries and performed table modifications with PL/SQL, tuned database performance through the

DBMS optimizer and table partitions and explored security features including user privileges and data redaction

Opioid Prescription Management using Blockchain Technology (R, Microsoft excel)

Designed an Opioid Prescription Management System using blockchain platform on Hyperledger Composer to reduce Opioid Prescriptions misuse.


Operations Analyst Choithram Hospital & Research Center Indore, India August 2013 - August 2015

Evaluated data and performed statistical analysis to update standard operating procedures.

Studied workflows and gave recommendations to improve workflows to enhance operational efficiency of the organization. Coordinated with every department, met with managers and assessed their work processes.

Coordinator - Cardiac Department Choithram Hospital & Research Center Indore, India July 2011 - July 2013

Ensured efficiency and effectiveness in department operations including quality control patient safety and regulatory compliance. Managed day to day performance of the subordinate staff. Supervised staff and services of the Cardiology Dept.

Gave strategic feedback/suggestions to the top management to enhance the services rendered to the patients.

Marketing Executive Bombay Hospital Indore, India June 2008 - June2009

Provided research information by collecting, analyzing, interpreting data available, and studied recent market trends on healthcare forum to develop marketing campaign for hospital.

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