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Line cook

San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines
May 17, 2020

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Larra Marie Gumabao- Aquillo

San Jose St. Poblacion 1

San Jose Del Monte Bulacan City

Mobile: +639*********


To find a challenging position to meet my competencies, capabilities, skills, and experience. Strengths

Ability to produce quickly under pressure, without sacrificing quality.

Understanding a key health and sanitation concerns.

Enthusiastic and cooperative.



placer – Annual bake-off, school competition


placer – Nutritional Value Cooking Contest, school competition Competed – Mini Chef’s on Parade Cake Decorating Category, school competition Employment


Cook Pantry

Celebrity Cruises July 2014 – Present

Works in the buffet pantry and prepare salads

Help in the preparation of canapés.

Prepare and supply all the salad dressings for the entire ship.

Reports to my work station assignment on time and properly groomed and dressed according to company standards.

Collaborates with the assigned station-head, to review the requirements of the day's meal and time frames for restaurant service. Takes part in ordering and cost controlling food requisitions to avoid over production and unnecessary food wastage. Studies menu to estimate food and time requirements to ensure speed and efficiency. Follows company recipe to produce consistent result.

Practices at all times HACCP and onboard sanitation and hygiene standards, in compliance with ship's international itinerary. Acquires proficiency in regards to onboard public health control plan to ensure all food, served and prepared, are safe for consumption. Records food temperature in Blast Chiller Log, prepares other required Logs. Learn about OPP and practices common procedures to prevent outbreak.

Works with assigned station team members or all others in a cooperative, productive and effective manner.

Knows and operates all equipment according to company's standard and operating procedures.

Maintains cleanliness of all utensils and equipment in my assigned section, taking care not to splash water inside the electrical components to prevent damage. Handling carefully all equipment by placing the in the right storage areas and never allowing anything to drop onto the floor while transporting to other location. Report immediately to supervisor any equipment that is out of order or needs to be repaired.

Pick up food items from the provision room and deliver food products to certain outlets. Remove empty cartons and boxes in the provision area and bring them to incinerator room. Practice correct garbage separation.

Organize and prepare mise en place. Measures and mixes ingredients according to recipe, to prepare dressings, salads and cold appetizers. Evaluate foods being prepare by tasting, smelling, and determining the correct food temperature by using a calibrated and sanitized thermometer.

Works in various galley stations that prepare meat, fish, vegetables, and other foods for baking, roasting, broiling, grilling, braising, sautéing, steaming, and etc.

Perform multitask activities such as wash, peel, cut and shred fruits and vegetables.

Places food items, portions, and garnish in accordance with corporate recipe standards. Ensure all foods on plates are correctly portioned and served uniformly while working in front of the house or buffet areas. Must be able to explain ingredients in the menu and preparation techniques.

Minimize over production by planning and referring to previous meal count records. Control waste by batch cooking and maintaining the food under correct temperature.

Cleans work stations before and after meal preparation. Follows onboard cleaning procedures for work surfaces, and all related equipment and utensils. Assembles work station for next meal preparation shift. Including cleaning of food, storage areas and refrigerators. Head Pantry 2009-May 2014

Opening Team

Lorenzo's Way Global City, Taguig

Lorenzo’s Way Greenbelt 5

Help in improving and developing more foods in addition to the menu.

Responsible for preparing cold foods, including salads, dressings, cold appetizers, and desserts.

Ordering of supplies from various vendors.

Supervising the various apprentice in the pantry area. Pantry Attendant 2007-2009

Abe’s Serendra

Fely J’s Greenbelt

Pantry Attendant 2005-2006

Café Havana Greenbelt

Responsible for preparing sandwiches, pizzas, salads, appetizers, desserts and any other cold foods in my section in accordance to the set quality standards. 1. Maintains kitchen equipment in its good running condition. 2. Observes and maintains that all items delivered and received are of quality items in accordance with the current menus and set standards. 3. Maintains profitable food production level according to forecast. 4. Ensures presence during peak business hours.

5. Ensures and maintains standard hygiene and sanitation being observed in the kitchen at all times.

6. Cooks and prepares pantry classified foods (sandwiches, salads, desserts, cold appetizers, etc.) consistently in accordance to the set standards of taste, presentation, method of preparation, portioning, and time of preparation.

7. Prepares station for preparation of salads and follow standard recipe for salad mixtures and dressings.

8. Follows mise en place preparation and sees to it that it is ready in accordance with the required schedule of the kitchen manager.

9. Observes proper decorum and uniform standards.

10. Participates and cooperates on the regular and periodic general cleaning of the kitchen area.

11. Ensures and follows the safe proper storage of all food items in the kitchen. 12. Attends regular and scheduled meetings.

13. Follows and observes all kitchen operational policies and procedures. 14. Maintains a pleasant personality and amiable work attitude. 15. Caters special events as required.

16. Attends to day-to-day problems and needs concerning equipment and food supplies; detects and ensures disposition of spoiled or unattractive food, defective supplies/equipment’s, and/ or other unusual conditions. 17. Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time. Pastry Chef 2003-2005

Global Chef’s Link Corporation

Created and prepares dessert menus for catering functions

Food test foods that can be cooked and preserved using combi oven and blast freezer. Professional Staff Trainee 2000-2002

Portico, Malate/ Chateau 1771, Ortigas

Provide dining service for patrons at this exclusive, fine dining restaurant, which traditionally served four courses per meal.

Responsibilities included overseeing reservations, and serving as the restaurant’s representative to the public.

Handling all cash and credit card transactions in the restaurant and checks and tally all transactions made per shift.

Assistant supervisor 2000

Pyooshan/ Black Platter, Makati

Implemented all formalized operational system and procedures. Receptionist/ Banquet Coordinator 1999-2000

Universal Business Club, Makati

Answers phones, responded to e-mail or fax inquiries, bookings, and filing all booking forms and correspondence.


240 hrs. Internship – ADB concessionaire by Hans Gourmet Inc. 2003 Practicum – Dannara Hotel, Quezon City 1999

Practicum – Tony Romas, Makati 1998

Education and Certifications

St. Scholastica’s College, Manila

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Certification: Fundamentals of Culinary Arts

Wilton Cake Baking and Decorating Class

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