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United States
May 11, 2020

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Professional Summary:

*+ years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle inclusive of experience in middleware implementation with expertise in Service Oriented Architecture, Apigee, IBM WebSphere DataPower, IBM APIC, IBM MQ Series, WTX on various platforms.

Excellent experience in ESB, SOAP, WSDL, XSD, UDDI, WSRR, SAML, LDAP, XML, Web-Service Security, WS-Trust, JMS, SOA, STS, Java, J2EE, JNDI, XSLT, JDBC, EJB's, MQ Series, JSP, HTML, REST, JavaScript, Message Systems and J2EE Security.

Experience in configuring and monitoring of DataPower XI52, IDG, XB62and XS40.

Experience in designing, implementing, supporting & deploying IBM DataPower XS40 for routing, message transformation and to enforce the security policy using DataPower XI52.

Customizations/implementation within API management and datapower gateway.

Experience with APIGEE and API management is required.

Experience with APIGEE edge.

Experience in debugging EDGE components.

Experience in API layer like security, custom analytics, throttling, caching, logging, monetization, request and response modifications etc. using APIGEE.

Experience working with APIGEE Edge, Developer Portal & APIGEE Baas platform

Perform design/Implementation level tasks in SOA technologies like IBM Datapower Xi52 and Development on IBM API management tool.

End to end API governance/management solution strategy, design and implementation.

Design and implement RESTful APIs, design environments in which Apigee products are deployed, create system architectures that connect Apigee products to existing customer services.

Enforce Security and Manage API Usage.

Develop Applications and innovate faster using API.

Experience in Integrating Datapower API with back end hosts configured in WSRR.

Strong background in SOA/API and Middleware environments.

Responsible for setting up and maintain the policies and configuring rules and actions with DataPower services of MPGW, XML firewall, Web Server Proxy and Web Application Proxy.

Experience in design and develop Routing, Security Mechanism and validation for the given scenarios.

Extensively worked on SOA technologies like WebSphere DataPower, WebSphere Transformation extender, WSRR, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP in the Application Servers, ESB environment.

Designed logging subsystems to capture significant events related to Data Power user administrative activities and also administered various Log files using log analyzer, Product logs, Installation logs, Administer server logs.

Experience in configuring and maintaining SSL and other security measures in Data Power Device.

Strong working experience with XML, XSLT, XSD, DTD and Name space.

Knowledge in any-to-any message transformation with advanced level of understanding and experience in XSLT.

Configure DataPower integration with WMQ, WMB, LDAP, WebSphere Transformation Extender.

Experience with integrations with Client/Server, databases like DB2, oracle, SQL.

Experience in the analysis, architecture, documentation and promotion of messaging infrastructure solutions including the use of SOA solutions.

Excellent problem resolution and communication skills with ability to work under pressure in a highly visible role and effectively interacts with the users on a daily basis, decreasing downtime and increasing user productivity.

Technical Summary:

Programming Languages/Web


Core JAVA,Java8,Enterprise Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, PL/SQL, J2EE, XML, XSLT, Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, JSON, HTML4 and 5,CSS,JQuery,Json.

Server side Programming (Web)

JDBC, JSP, Servlets.


MVC, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Hibernate, ZKOSS RIA, Angular JS, Node JS

Database (RDBMS)

My SQL, DB2, Oracle.

Database Tools

PL/SQL developer, TOAD, SQL Developer, MySQL.

ESB Appliance

WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances v3.8.1 and v3.7.3,WebSphere Transformation Extender v8.2, Enterprise Service Bus, Message Broker v7.0, APIGEE,IBM API Connect.


JBoss Application Server and Tomcat 8.x.

Build Tools

Maven, Jenkins.

Version Control

SVN, Websphere.

Reports Tools

Jasper Reports/ iReports 5.0, Pentaho reporting Tool.

Testing Frameworks


Java IDE

Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, Visual Studio.

Operating Systems

Windows 7/10.

Education Details:

• Computer Science and Information Technology in J.N.T.U.K


•IBM Certified Solution Developer -- WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Firmware V6

Professional experience:

Humana’s, KY, USA July 2018 – Current

Apigee, Senior DataPower Lead

Product Description:

Humana's individual health insurance products offer financially minded consumer’s greater savings, attentive customer care, and the security that great coverage is there.


•Responsible for design and development of integrated middleware solutions through IBM DataPower Gateways.

•Configure Multi-Protocol Gateways to secure web applications over Internet and Intranet.

•Implemented Kerberos authentication through AAA and XSLT to secure backend web applications.

•Developed SOAP and HTTP Rest Web Services in Datapower.

•Create SSL Proxies to authenticate the protocol level security for HTTPS service communications.

•Monitoring Apigee platform live traffic for proxies and check the impacts on servers in terms of request,response time and latency and created SPLUNK Queries, Dashboard to monitor the APIGEE platform On SPLUNK Tool.

•Implementing Python and Unix Shell Script for various automations scripts.

•Monitoring Apigee platform components on a daily basis and taking backup weekly in case of any disaster we could easily restore the apigee platform using the apigee-backup & restore utility.

•Secured backend web applications for Mobile users through SSL Certificate validation.

•Implemented session management through cookie based validation to secure web applications.

•Implemented Multi-Factor Authentication to differentiate between regular and privileged users.

•Implemented custom Form based authentication to identify Admin users.

•Implemented OAUTH to serve as Identity provider as part of SSO (Single Sign on) set up through Web Token Service.

•Extensively used DP extension functions to implement custom authentication patterns.

•Integrated Active Directory and LDAP with DataPower to authorize users and secure backend web applications.

•Implemented dynamic routing though XSLT and actions.

•Responsible for installation, administration and monitoring the DataPower Appliances XI50, XI52 and XB62.

•Experienced in supporting High Profile applications that utilize DataPower Authentication Patterns.

•Configured Log Targets to offload syslog’s to SPLUNK for Monitoring and Troubleshooting purposes.

Environment : APIGEE, MB 8, MQ 7.x, 8, IBM API Connect V5.0,Data Power, WTX, ESQL, XSLT, XPATH, Linux, Windows, Oracle, DB2, WSRR, Java and RFH Util, Oracle 11g RAC, HTTP Web Server v2.2, AIX Server release 7.1.

Caterpillar Inc., IL, USA April 2017 – July 2018

Apigee, Senior Datapower Developer, Lead

Product Description:

Caterpillar Inc. is an American Fortune 100 corporation which designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets and sells machinery, engines, financial products and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network .


•Involved in requirements gathering, customer interaction, prototyping and validation.

•Responsible for securing API proxies using various mechanisms like API key, OAUTH2.0, content protection policies.

•Monitoring Apigee platform live traffic for proxies and check the impacts on servers in terms of request, response time and latency and created SPLUNK Queries, Dashboard to monitor the APIGEE platform On SPLUNK Tool.

•Implemented Python and Unix Shell Script for various automations scripts.

•Created different kinds of API proxies for throttling, caching, logging, monetization, request and response modifications.

•Responsible for creating and designing APIs using Apigee Edge.

•Familiarity with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and RESTful web services.

•Tested REST services using POSTMAN.

•Documenting API's using Swagger YAML/JSON.

•Analyze and resolve conflicts related to merging of source code for GIT.

•Used Management APIs for the testing API proxies using cUrl and Jenkins for code deployments.

•Involved in the design and development of Message flows involving Consuming Web Services provided by vendor using HTTP and SOAP.

•Designed and developed Common components for reusability and Error handling.

•Having Experience with APIGEE edge and Knowledge of JavaScript for writing APIGEE mashup APIs.

•Having very food experienced in debugging EDGE components.

•Experienced in designing and implementing Restful API design patterns.

•Hands on experience working on APIGEE Edge, creation and configuration of API proxies,

•Worked extensively in Configuration and Monitoring APIGEE Edge solution.

•Experience in creation of custom reports and dashboards.

•Upgraded Datapower firmware from 5.x to 6.x and 6.x to

•Configured Log Target and SNMP V2 & V3 on datapower.

•Setup static routes on datapower.

•Created AAA to authenticate and authorize using LDAP and AD.

•Highly involved in deploying, troubleshooting, maintaining and configuring datapower in various environments like DEV, Integration, QA, Stress, UAT and Production.

Environment : APIGEE, MB 8, MQ 7.x, 8, IBM API Connect V5.0,Data Power, WTX, ESQL, XSLT, XPATH, Linux, Windows, Oracle, DB2, WSRR, Java and RFH Util, Oracle 11g RAC, HTTP Web Server v2.2, AIX Server release 7.1

Oncor Electric Delivery, TX, USA Mar 2016 - April 2017

Datapower Developer

Product Description:

Oncor Electric Delivery Company is Texas's largest transmission and distribution utility—the 6th largest in the USA—serving more than 10 million customers living in 401 cities and 91 counties in the state.


•Involved in all phases of the SDLC that includes Analyses, Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of Application using Agile Methodology.

•Experience in Node Js for gateway scripts.

•Responsible for installation, administration and monitoring the DataPower Appliances XI50, XI52 and XB62.

•Responsible for the definition, planning and execution of all infrastructure activities required to support the DataPower environment.

•Configure security, transformation for a simple-to-medium complexity API, enforcing SLM etc.

•Integration Experience with Data Power using IBM API Management V5.0

•Development experience in Data Power along with IBM API Management V4.0+ Product.

•Document API’s using Swagger and support API Management developer portal.

•Implement security architecture (OAuth), and other cross cutting concerns identified to meet business needs.

•Worked with IBM DataPower devices to secure and integrate the web services.

•Configuring XML Firewalls and WebService Proxy along with the required objects.

•Creating network routes and configuring Ethernet interfaces on the device as part of the device deployment.

•Creating Application Domains, objects like Web Service proxies, Multi-Protocol Gateways as per the requirements.

•Generated keys, CSRs and self-signed certificates using Crypto tool.

•Created Crypto profiles, SSL proxy profiles as part of SSL implementation.

•Created Load Balancer Groups to load balance the requests to multiple back end points.

•Created AAA policies to authenticate and authorize user requests using LDAP.

•Developed and configured WSDL and XML proxies.

•Experience in working with multiple development and infrastructure teams.

•Performed general operation tasks such as Firmware upgrade, User management etc.

•Worked on XSLT and used XML Transformation node to transform an XML message to another form of XML message.

•Created Subscriptions which make use of WSDLs deployed in Websphere Service Registry & Repository(WSRR)

•Managing WSDL/XSDs in WSRR servers.

•Integrated Datapower with LDAP for User authentication & authorization.

•Configured Syslog to store log files to external server.

• Setup SNMP to monitor Datapower device alerts/traps.

•Worked on Datapower CLI, XML Management and Web Management.

•Implemented Certificate Monitoring alerts to notify on Certificates nearing expiry dates.

•Configured SFTP to receive/send EDI files.

•Created Log Targets to capture application level critical alerts.

•Troubleshot possible problems during message flows by verifying logs & probes.

•Troubleshoot network level issues by Packet Capture.

•Actively involved in installation and migration planning.

•Worked on BMC Remedy for raising Incidents, Change Request and Problem Tickets.

•Maintained stability of the supported platforms and technical implementations through consistent monitoring / tuning, and participate in the establishment of monitoring tools and alerting threshold definitions.


IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance XI52,XB62, IDG,, SOAP UI, POSTMAN, Node JS,LDAP,

TANGEDCO, Tamil Nadu, India Mar 2012 – Mar 2016

Java Developer/J2ee Programmer

Product Description:

Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is the crucial component of a smart grid deployment as it

Acquires and analyzes huge amounts of data from various smart meters. It validates, cleanses, processes and analyzes meter data to support the Customer Information System (CIS), Management Information System (MIS) and Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Though the smart meters are making rapid strides and replacing the conventional meters in the recent past, pre - paid meters continue to exist due to absence of inadequate mechanism that integrates head - end systems of the meters with a tightly integrated common MDMS for timely disconnection and re-connection management for revenue protection.


•Involved in design of technical specification.

•Involved in developing UI by using Zkoss framework.

•Involved in development of Persistent layer using Hibernate.

•Developed the Web Interface using HTML, Java Script, and JSON.

•Involved in writing utility classes.

•Involved in Peer-to-Peer code reviews and collaborate with product management, quality assurance.

•Design and Developed reports using iReports/Jasper Studio.

•Written criteria queries using Hibernate for Database Interaction.

•Developed client side validation code using JavaScript and JQuery.

•Involved in Bug fixing of various modules that were raised by the QA Team and customer’s.

•Development of Spring Configuration file and Web.xml.

•Involved in the creation/modification of stored procedures, functions using PL/SQL Developer tool.

•Implemented the common patterns for Exception Handling and Logging.

•Coordinated with the product management team for clarifications and verification of Business Scenarios identified by the Test team and also help identify more scenarios to prevent any gaps.

•Reviewed the Test Basis, designing and documenting the Test Strategies, Test Plan, Test Cases and executing test cases.

•Created Selenium Web Driver based scripts using Java &Junit framework.

•Designed of Automation framework to be used in UI testing with Selenium Web Driver.

•Responsible for writing and maintain Selenium Web driver scripts for regression and functional testing using data driven framework.

•Assisted QA lead in documenting User Acceptance Test report and reporting defect resolution.

Environment: Zkoss, Spring MVC, JPA, Jboss 6.0, JUnit, SVN, DB2, SOAP Web Services, Eclipse, Agile environment, Web Services, Soap UI.

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