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Engineering Manager

Long Beach, CA
February 22, 2020

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John F Failing US Army Veteran

*** ****** *** **** ***** CA. 90755 email:

Ph # 562-***-**** / 616-***-****

Executive Summary

Innovation Leadership Integrity

A proven leader with a strategic vision. As Managing Director of Quality and Engineering for world class organizations like Boeing, GM and Ford, I have been able to share my broad knowledge in Quality, Engineering, Test & Validation, and Lean Manufacturing principles. Lead the efforts in developing and meeting the company's objectives through the utilization of quality focused systems, goal driven practices, and a solid foundation in contract quality engineering. Championed R&D & risk mitigation using FMEA, RCA &DVP&R, to best meet customer and design deliverables. Led team efforts to contain costs while conforming to the best interest of shareholders, customers, employees, all the while still operating in the best interests of the general public.

Areas of Expertise

•Strategic / Tactical Planning & Budgeting

•TS 16949/ ISO 9002 13485 & AS9100 Rev D

•Correct Action /FMEA PPAP APQP/ Warranty

•Auto/Medical / Energy Aerospace APQP GD&T

•R&D Electronics System

•Hybrid & Fuel Cell Processes & Controls

•Supplier Development

•Engineering Management/ Design Validation / Risk Assessment

•Multi-million Dollar Research

•RCA / SPC / Document Control & Change Control / QMS Management

•Fluid Dynamics / Chemical Systems

Intelligent Energy /GM Powertrain (Supporting GM Truck & Bus/ Boeing/ Airbus)

Quality Manager/Engineering Manager/Supply Chain Manager/ Director of Operations


Led the manufacturing & supplier development engineering efforts for the creation of fuel cell systems and NG reformation to Hydrogen for aerospace, automotive, and commercial applications. Designed process delivery and control systems for all applications, including energy systems, generators, & chemical plants based on data collected in laboratory experiments & in pilot plant operations. Designed & manufactured H2 reformation processes to separate components of liquids or gases & generate electrical currents using controlled fluid dynamics. Personally designed fluid, water, and wastewater delivery systems in all applications. Headed team tasked with creating the mfg process for fuel cell module assembly for commercial applications across product lines. Oversite of control systems.

In cooperation with Boeing, designed and built the 1st 100% fuel cell powered aircraft. Partnered with Boeing,

Airbus, and Lockheed on design & implementation of fuel cell applications in commercial and military vehicles & aircraft. Engineering & validation test experience for all electronic converters, controllers and connectors in process development/ corrective action / root cause analysis / manufacturing engineering experience that utilizes fuel cell technology. Oversight of design, development, launch and manufacture of fuel cell powered generators in India in partnership with Air Liquide. Certified facility to ISO 9002, ISO 13485, AS9100, TS16949

•Evaluate four green energy programs of up to 26 million dollars in potential revenue, to insure consistency with defined government regulations. Champion fuel / fluid delivery systems design.

•Championed improved departmental communication processes, improving timing &deliverables. Developed standardized work instructions to ensure consistency in execution. Designed fluid delivery systems for all applications. Led the manufacturing & supplier development engineering for the creation of a battery manufacturing plant assembly process, complete process review, & first article execution. Championed AS9100 / ISO 9002 compliance efforts for Boeing, Airbus, & Lockheed fuel cell projects. Additional engineering responsibilities including T&V, failure analysis, government regulation review, &material specification / certification. Designed fluid delivery systems for all applications. Facilitated implementation & maintenance of the QMS (AS9100/ISO9002/ISO13485 & TS 16949).

Accomplishments: Intelligent Energy /GM

•Insure cross functional organizations have adequate facilities, required equipment, staffing and financial resources to meet program specific deliverables. Insure compliance to govt. safety and environmental regulations. Removal of roadblocks inhibiting timely completion of deliverables to meet an average budget of $ 10MIL US.

•Managed four green energy programs with 26 million dollars in potential revenue, to insure consistency with defined government regulations. Spearheaded Engineering Design Risk Assessment [DFMEA] and Review of fuel cell applications & natural gas to hydrogen / CO2 reformation [FMEA]. Champion QMS AS9100/ISO 9002, ISO 13485 and TS 16949& CE certification efforts.

General Motors- Supplier Quality Engineering Mgr. May 2004 to 2010

Led the supplier development engineering efforts for the creation of the battery systems for the Chevy Volt, GM Truck & Bus, (Hybrid Bus) and fuel cell vehicle applications. Specified requirements and qualified potential suppliers of electro-mechanical and electronic controls systems and their designs, reviewed & approved manufacturing plant facilities, and final design of the battery system, process and first implementation execution of battery system production. Vehicle / Powertrain system integration.(Volt, Truck & Bus) Engineering & validation test experience in process development/ corrective action / root cause analysis / manufacturing engineering experience that utilizes/develops advanced battery or fuel cell technology /CNC & formed manufacturing engineering, manufacturing process for battery module assembly, including advanced batteries (Li-Ion, NIMH, fuel cells) the hybrid battery systems, as well as the battery coolant fluid systems. Certified SQM - Supplier Quality Manager, NPL (New Product Launch) and APQP/PPAP expert at Ford, GM.

•Insure cross functional organizations have required equipment, staffing and financial resources to meet program specific deliverables, removal of roadblocks inhibiting timely completion of deliverables to ensure an average budget of up to 40 million dollars/per potential supplier.

•My battery team's efforts were recognized as contributing greatly to the Volt being the most seamless, successful launch of a new vehicle in GM history. The present battery system is recognized as the safest hybrid battery system in the industry.

•Audited & trained suppliers to AS9100 Rev D for GM, Honeywell, GE, and Intelligent Energy

Joined GM Truck & Bus / Volt programs, thru Fletcher Engineering, after the launch of the Ford Escape Battery System was completed (Post Sanyo). Transitioned to fuel cell research and development in 2010.

Sanyo Energy Corp: (Direct) Quality/Engineering Manager & Program Manager Sept 2002- to May 2004

Managed test and laboratory departments for all battery program testing (vibration, life cycle, crash, SOC) & corrective action / root cause analysis including all hardware, software, electronics, systems integration (breadboard) & R&D for Li Ion and NiMH hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles. As Engineering Manager, I led the coordinated effort of engineering of AC/DC converters, regenerative braking systems, power controller & conductor/cabling designs, and mating components. Insured that Sanyo designs incorporated the latest in battery systems, battery coolant systems, and energy storage technology. Through key leadership of the battery engineering group at Sanyo, we achieved significant savings through design, staffing, procedural and process improvements.

•Spearheaded Sanyo Corporation from one of the lowest rated suppliers on Ford’s supplier evaluation ratings to a successful launch of the Escape hybrid within the 1st 18 months of program initiation. Successfully lead and implemented TS16949 efforts at all Sanyo facilities, and championed quality efforts to insure continued registration compliance. Trained staff in the principles of 8D, change management and document control.

•Facilitated engineering implementation and maintenance of the quality systems (AS9100 / ISO 9002 and later TS 16949, all launch functions (DFMEA, PFMEA, PPAP), tooling design & verification, electrical / electronic engineering, prototyping, gages & fixtures, documentation review, approval, & submissions, supplier quality & supplier’s evaluations, technology review, writing specifications for all energy storage units.

Ford Motor Company, Supplier Quality Development: Ford Escape Hybrid. Sept 1999 to Sept 2002

Specify, qualify and manage supply base to insure compliance to Ford quality standards, approve APQP/ PPAP qualification, conduct capability studies at suppliers, work with design engineering on vehicle powertrain integration, manufacturability, delivery, storage, and warranty concerns. Certified Launch, APQP / PPAP expert.

Fletcher Contract Engineering Services:

Quality Manager: Automotive, Medical, & Aerospace. Mar 1992 to Sept 1999

Managed test and quality departments validating in the areas of electronics, chemical processing, injection & blow molding, finishes, stamping, interior systems, lighting and bumper systems, electroplating, adhesives, & investment castings. Similar improvements at other assignments, up to 26%, resulting in streamlining of contract review, manufacturing, design, R&D, quality, corrective action / root cause analysis test, & approval processes. Gained A2LA / GM accreditation & certification for seven separate testing labs. Championed NADCAP and ITAR certification S& qualification efforts. Certified APQP / PPAP / 8D / PFMEA / DFMEA expert at both GM & Ford.

Lear Siegler / Smiths Aerospace May 1986 to Mar 1992

QA / Materials Engineer: Responsible for materials specification, review, test & verification. failure analysis, NDT, circuit board & semiconductor test & validation, metallurgical testing, SEM, MRB, plating chemical process & analysis. Quality engineering: Responsible for overall integrity of circuit board / electronic assemblies, ESD, DLA reporting, solder to Mil 2000 & assembly quality to Mil 9858A, flight/fuel management system test, final release approval.

Achievement Summary while at Fletcher Engineering

Engineering, Quality, Laboratory Manager: Automotive / Aerospace / Medical

Intelligent Energy LLC(2010-Present), CPC Inc., Honeywell, GE, II Stanley, ASC, Theirica, Rayco, Hilco Technologies (92-99) Energy Corporation (02-04) Engineering / Quality / Test Lab department supervision / management/ reporting, QS 9000 systems to include implementation, supplier quality development, Scrap / PPM reduction and performance tracking, ISIR / PPAP submission, prints, tolerance (GD &T), chemical process improvement, customer liaison, lab certification. SPC / Warranty / validation, process validation, all aspects of process, product, and program risk assessment, performance, and in process testing, semiconductor & circuit board test and design. Championed efforts of transplant engineering & quality department (13 months), reducing scrap & improving process / return costs by 20%, annual savings $550.000. Facilitated engineering implementation and maintenance of the quality systems (QS / ISO 9000/MIL 2000C, 9858A and later AS 9100 & TS 16949), all launch functions (DFMEA, PFMEA, PPAP), tooling design & verification, electrical / electronic engineering, prototyping, all CNC operations, gages & fixtures, documentation review, approval, & submissions. Certified APQP expert at both GM & Ford. Supplier Quality Development Manager: Regenerative Energy / Automotive Powertrain Systems/Hybrid Battery Systems, Fuel Cells GM Power Train Group; Battery & Fuel Cell Systems (04 -10) Ford Motor Company: Escape Hybrid (99-02) Responsible for supplier development, QS 9000, ISO9002, ISO 13485 & AS9100 compliance/ performance evaluation. PPAP / FMEA, change control and engineering training.

QS / ISO 9000 / AS9100 Cert Lead Assessor: Entela QSRD QMS Systems (1999)

Performed audits to QS & ISO standards. Advised / consulted clients on how to pass audits / implement quality systems. Certified approaching 100 clients to ISO 9001, 9002, 13485, TS 16949 & AS9100D. Supplier Quality Development training, and sub supplier evaluation & training. QMS system training, implementation auditing and certification.

Quality, Process Engineer/ Lead Engineer: Automotive / Aerospace / Medical

FKI, American Metals, Howmet, US Horizon. Hildebrand Medical (92-99) Quality Engineering, QS 9000 Systems, lab accreditation(A2LA), program management, SPC, CMM Layout / 1st Article, GMP, DFMEA, PPAP, APQP, circuit board, semi con and end system validation testing, design & review, CNC machining & approval, fixture & tooling design, verification, and review, Test parameter establishment & certification, Supplier Quality Development & Assessment.


US Army, Signal Corp Microwave Electronics & Communications Training 2 years

BS Chemical Engineering- Michigan State University, Lansing, MI

Lear Siegler Aerospace MIL STD 2000 MIL Q 9858A, TQM, JIT / Taguchi Methodology 5 yrs.

Bachelor of Arts, Degree in Business Administration - Jordan College, Reed City, Michigan

Perry Johnson -CQE /CQM QS / ISO 9002 /TS 16949/ AS9100D Training, Cleveland, Ohio

Six Sigma Green Belt Certified (also thru Perry Johnson)


Administration / Quality / Engineering / Purchasing / Lab Management/Aerospace Systems / Electronics / Electromechanical Systems Assembly & Design/Automotive Applications (OEM) / Tier 1 Program Management/Battery Systems (NIMH, Li Ion)Design, Test, Systems Integration, Supplier Management and R&D/CADCAM / AUTOCAD 13 / Design / R&D/Product Launch/Chemical Coatings / Finishes / Applications / VOC’s / Color Matching/Chemical Process/ R&D/Engineering / Analysis /CMM /CNC Machining / Layout / 1st Article Submission/Continuous Improvement Methods (Kaizen)/Control Plans / DOE / PFMEA / DFMEA / PSW / PPAP Submission & Approval/Electrochemical Analysis / Wet Chemical Analysis/Electromechanical Systems, Semi-Conductor & circuit board test & validation /Automotive & Aerospace/Electroplating Lab Management/ Lab View / Engineering - Plastics, Zinc, Steel / Electronics / Electromechanical system design/Failure Analysis - Electronics, Electromechanical, Process, SEM, /FDA/ GMP/ DNR / EPA / OSHA / NRC / MIOSHA Compliance, MSDS /Fuel Cell Technology / Hybrid Vehicles / Hydrogen power plants / Power Grid Integration/Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spec. Operation, Maintenance, Training/Health & Safety Management / Industrial Hygiene / MSDS Applications, High Voltage Batteries / Hybrid Battery Systems / Vehicle Powertrain Integration/Hybrid vehicle & battery (NiMH and Li Ion) and powertrain systems./Japanese / German / French Transplant Experience/JIT / TQM / Taguchi / Team Building Training, & Implementation/Laboratory, Test Qualification, Setup / Management / Design / Training/Lighting Systems - Headlamp / Tail lamp – Automotive/Materials Specification / Testing / Evaluation / R&D / Warranty Review/Metallurgical / Physical & Chemical Testing /Specification & Lab / Procedure Training/Non Destructive Testing / Vibration / Life Cycle Testing/Photometric Testing - Automotive Lighting Systems/Production Supervision - Automotive / Electronics / Chemical/Program Management Product Launch - Automotive / Aerospace / Chemical /QS / ISO 9001,9002 / TS 16949 /AS9100D Systems / Coordination / Auditing / Training/Quality Assurance Management & Engineering Training & Implementation/Research & Development - Aerospace / Automotive / Chemical Supplier Quality Development / Vendor Certification / Systems Training & Supplier Performance Review/Test Equipment Calibration / Repair / Training & Operation/Zero Defect (6Sigma) Program / Management & Implementation Truck and Bus hybrid / electrification to include conversion / modification of existing platforms.

Professional & Charitable Organizations and Affiliations

Habitat for Humanity

American Society for Quality Control

American Society of Metallurgists

American Society of Materials Engineers

Pacific Maritime Charities, Long Beach, CA

Ronald McDonald House, Long Beach, CA

American Cancer Society, Stand Up to Cancer

Duke Foundation, Dana Point CA

Veterans Outreach


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