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SAP BW/BI/HANA Consultant

Toronto, ON, Canada
January 13, 2020

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Qualifications Summary

**+ years’ experience (Functional & Technical) in ERP - SAP [BW – Ver. 7.1, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 / ECC R/3 - Ver.

4.7,6.0 / BI / ABAP for BW / BW Security & Authorization / HANA / BI-IP (CPM - Ver. 1.0, SP03) / SAP NetWeaver 7.3 / BASIS (Security) / PP / MM / SD / SRM / CRM / AM / PS / PM / HR / FI (AR, AP, GL) / CO / AA / FM / COPA / CATS - SFT / REFx / IM / ABAP Query Reporting / ABAP Interface Development / Portal], Data Warehouse, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Supply Chain, Business Intelligence, Reporting Requirements, Process Mapping and Project Management

5+ years in SAP BW / BI Data Modeling Solutions incorporating OLAP Methodologies, worked on all Phases of SAP Implementation such as Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Blue-Printing, Technical Design, Development, Documentation, Testing, Rollout, Support & Maintenance, Training and Performance Tuning

Data Architecture, Data Modeling, MDM & ETL, LO Cockpit, BI Predictive Analysis. Integration of data at Logical / Physical, Data Warehouse Levels. Proven expertise to elicit Requirements / develop Constructs of Conceptual & Logical Data Models, with extensive experience analysing large Volume / Complex Data to support Strategic Business Requirements & Decisions. Involved both in GreenField / BrownField Projects

20+ years in IT & 8+ years in Supply Chain Management, with knowledge in Telecommunications, Retail, Manufacturing, Utility, Mining, Construction and Public sectors (Provincial and Federal Governments)

9+ years expertise in SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 (BOBJ), SAP HANA Design Studio, SAP BO Lumira, SAP BO CMC, Business Objects Analysis For MS Office, SAP Xcelsius, SAP BO Data Services, SAP Solution Manager; hence, the complete suite of SAP Business Objects BI, Web Intelligence (WEBi), Query Designer, BI Launch Pad and SAP BEx components

Have practical working knowledge of SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Business ByDesign (2019 Edition), SAP HANA Platform, S/4HANA, BW/4HANA; along with knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Excellent Query Reporting skills with competency in Non-SAP data (Microstrategy, Cognos, Tableau, Crystal Reports, Access, Excel, Bi-Query, MS Share-point, etc.)

IT Training (See Appendix)

2015 – Present

Active IT Contributor on Social Media (SCN, SAP Blogs, LinkedIn, IT Central Station, GitHub) May 2007 – Present,,,***-******.html?childToView=12865672&answerPublished=true#answer-12865672

Professional Experience SAP Consulting Work

Business Intelligence with Microstrategy 10 Analytics - Udemy December 2019

Getting Started with SAP Business ByDesign–2019 Edition (Certificate)–OpenSAP Sept. 2019 – Oct. 2019

SAP Analytics Cloud – Authentication and Data Connectivity – 2019 Edition (Certificate) – OpenSAP

July 2019 – Aug. 2019

Understanding SAP Fiori Launchpad – OpenSAP June 2019 – July 2019

SAP HANA – Udemy April 2019 – June 2019

MotorCade Industries Inc. Toronto, ON Canada August 2019 – January 2020

SAP MM / SD Specialist

Skilled in Creation and Maintenance of materials using SAP MM module. Maintained SAP Customer / Vendor Master Data after gathering Business Requirements for SAP Master Data Objects. Responsible for due diligence investigation (of new customers) on Customer Profiles, prior to activating their accounts in SAP

Configured SAP Order Management, Procurement Data, Pricing, Billing, Safety Days, Lead-time, etc. Created and Maintained Pricing Condition (SAP SD) at Customer / Material level for Customers and Vendors. Provided monthly reports on different KPI Statistics / Visualizations, for various Departments (Finance, Procurement, Legal, etc.)

Communicated with Suppliers on a regular basis for order placement and tracking

Managed SAP process improvement projects. Architected Data-Enrichment project for 15,000 Material Master Records after Cleansing / Profiling, the Master Data

Troubleshoot / resolved SAP issues and provided Technical Support

SAP Intellects Inc. Toronto, ON Canada February 2019 – April 2019

SAP BW / BI Consultant


Extracted SAP BW data, mixed / matched data in order to produce different reporting requirements for Ministry of Finance, on a project led by Ministry of Climate Change, for Budget / GL Expenses. Broke down various reports by Function (General Public Services, Social Protection, Economic Affairs, Environment Protection, Education Affairs and Services, etc.); Cost Center – Ministry Wise (Cabinet Secretariat, Commerce & Textile Energy, Communication, Defense, Defense Prod., Edu., Training & Stand In Higher Edu., Finance, Food & Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Info. Tech. & Telecom, etc.); Classification Wise (Health and Social Services, Water Resources, Transport, Disaster Preparedness, Energy, Health and Social Services, etc.)

Used SAP BEx Analyzer & Query Designer, extensively. Used the functions like: Aggregation / Conversions / Planning / Calculations, to satisfy Business Requirements. For Unit Conversions (stored in SAP ECC Table: T006), replicated the Conversion Type in SAP BW through T-Code: RSUOM (for Source to Target mapping); which was later reflected under “Conversions Tab” of Query Designer. Similarly, performed Currency Translations (stored in SAP ECC Table: TCURR), replicated the Conversion Type in SAP BW through T-Code: RSCUR (for Source to Target mapping), to be reflected in SAP Query Designer; which was populated properly in SAP BEx reports. Used “KeyFigure / Characteristics Structure” & Cell Editor, extensively. Also, used SAP BW Business Content & OffSet Variables, in SAP Query Designer

Have working knowledge of SAP Analytics Cloud, Authentication Options, SSO (Single Sign-On) of SAP Cloud Analytics with NetWeaver SAML 2.0 Custom IDP (Identity Provider) Authentication; and Administration (creating / adding Users / Roles, etc.)

Have working awareness regarding Dynamic User Creation and assigning Roles and other Options; in SAP Analytics Cloud

Have working knowledge of End-To-End Business Processes of SAP Business ByDesign (2019 Edition) – Customer Relationship Management (Target Group Management, Campaign Management, Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Quote & Order Management), Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Information Management; and Activate Methodology

Have expertise in Product (Master & Production Data / Service Data) Creation, Production Bill of Material (BOM), Production Bill of Operation, Production Model & knowledge in Customer Relationship Management – Expense Reports, in SAP Business ByDesign

Have proficiency in Supply Chain Management – [Supply Planning (Multi-Level Planning Run), Production / Purchase Proposals], Sourcing & Procurement (Request for Quotation, Purchase Order), Inbound Logistics (Production Order & Maintain Production Tasks), Outbound Logistics (Delivery Proposal, Outbound Delivery, Goods Receipt Posting), etc.

Professional expertise in Software Development Life Cycle that includes Requirement Gathering, Design, Project Implementation, System Test and Implementation, User Support and Training. Developed and drive innovative data mining / Trend Analysis. Identified, verified, evaluated and validated hidden Patterns in customer data; conducted Analysis that identified / assessed Business opportunities, and addressed Key Business Challenges

Medical Leave due to Personal Injury 2018

Public Service, Procurement Canada (PSPC) Ottawa, ON Canada July 2016 – Dec. 2017

SAP BW / HANA Developer


Hands-on experience with complex SAP HANA Design, Deployment, Data Modeling & Analytics. Created various Tiles in Fiori LaunchPad in Extensibility, assigned to Catalogs, Published and Pinned to a specific Group; for different Applications to store their URLs (& pass URL Parameters, when necessary), for direct access

Leveraged Standard / Embedded BW, custom Analytics Modeling & Reporting in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, for SAP MM / SD / PS, after identifying the DataSource(s) in View Browser, building Custom DataSources – Core Data Service (CDS) from various Data-Sources, constructing Customized Analytical Queries (after applying Filters / Calculations); and leveraging OData Service to Publish KPIs to Catalogue(s), in Fiori LaunchPad. Also created Charts, Graphs, etc.

Have good understanding of SAP HANA Cloud Platform; Global / Sub-Accounts, Org, Space; and how to deploy Apps / Service Instances, Bind Service Instance with an App; & Service Keys. Have working knowledge of “Neo & Cloud Foundry” Cloud Services; and differences / capabilities of: On-Premise, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS; along with having knowledge of: API Integration, Access / Security, etc.

Integration of Master Data, Data Model, Hierarchies and Business Rules between SAP Modules and Reporting / Planning. Possess comprehensive understanding of HANA SDLC, Approach & Methodology

Have good understanding and working knowledge of SAP HANA Design Studio, its Perspectives (Modeler, Administration, Resources, Other), Folders, Schemas, Packages, Flowgraph, Stored Procedures and Views (Attribute / Analytic / Calculation), SAP HANA Table Functions; and Functions like: Start / Stop, Configure, Monitor, B/up & Restore, Add / Delete / Edit, SAP HANA Systems & Users; assign Roles / Privileges to Users

Used SAP HANA Modeler Perspective to extract data and build Reports, on different Levels by constructing Information Models. Used Joins (Inner / Outer / Referential), and Filters, Cardinality, Key Attributes, Calculated Column, Assign Semantics to Measures, etc. Created, managed, and transported Information Models (Packages / Views). Also, defined / executed Data Provisioning; defined Schema Mappings, etc.

Tailored Reports, Dashboards, KPIs, in SAP Analytics Cloud. Worked with creation / enhancement of SAC Models along working with Stories / Dimensions / Measures, after extracting data both from Live & Import Data Connections (Flat-Files / On-Premise / Cloud) for Stories, for Reporting, Analysis & Financial Planning

Added Dimension Associations (with Attributes), Filters (Report / Page / Story) Level, Input Controls (Measure / Dimension) Level, Linked Analysis (for Reports / Charts), Calculations on Measures (along w/ incorporating Input Controls in it), etc.

Have knowledge of SAP BI Predictive Analysis through using SAP Lumira (Version 2.1) (Desktop / Cloud). Mainly worked on Acquisition, Cleansing, Profiling and Manipulation of Data; Mapping Connections, Extracting Data (from SAP BW, non-SAP), Append, Merge, Ad-Hoc Data Comparison, TrendLine for BI Predictive Analysis, Formatting, Parameters, Prompts, Exporting, Crosstab Sorts, Filters, Measure-Based Filters, Conditions, Input Control, RunTime Calculation for Measures (Dynamic Calculations) like Moving Average, Rank Number, Linked Analysis, etc. Built Charts, Graphs, CrossTabs, Dashboards, Stories; to spot Trends, identify Patterns, undercover Changes / New Insights, etc. Worked with Hierarchies within the Chart, Component APIs

SAP REFx Project

Integrated / Mapped fields from old Real Estate Legacy System, “WinFS” to SAP ECC, and then to SAP BW. Type of data included Asset Accounting / REFx / SD / PS / CATS. Worked on SAP PS Mile-Stone / Time Management type reports, and advised proper mapping of SAP ECC fields to SAP BW InfoProviders; and made appropriate changes in the queries, in SAP Query Designer. Performed all the Data Migration / Governance activities. Created SAP Custom DataSources, whenever needed. Helped SAP BW back-end team with Functional Testing, for the SAP BW upgrade 7.4

Tested SAP FI-GL (Finance), REFx (Real Property) Extractors for proper content (Fields) & Data, in RSO2 / RSA3, and indicated discrepancy, if any. Worked on SAP BW Back end issues to reconcile data with SAP ECC, and coordinated with the SAP BW back-end team to resolve them

SAP MM-SD-FI Project

Worked on a SAP MM-SD-FI Project from scratch for “The National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada (NTCCC)”, to increase Efficiency / Cash Flow on Federal Construction Projects by publicly disclosing payments made to Prime Contractors. Prompt Payments - Payments to Construction Contractors (

SAP BW Security

Maintained SAP BW Security & Authorization – Analysis Authorization, Roles & Authorization on Hierarchy & Reporting Authorization, User Maintenance, etc.

Set up BW Security by Info Area, Info-Cube, InfoObject, QUERY and WORKBOOKS (T-Code: SU21 / SU53 / RSECADMIN / RSU01 / RSECAUTH / RSECPROT). Configured Roles and Authorization Objects to secure Reporting Users. Developed Custom Authorization Objects for Queries developed by the Users. Limited the Query Access within the BEX Analyzer

Maintained Authorizations for Hierarchies. Secured the data presented in Queries by Hierarchy node


Have working knowledge and thorough concepts clarity regarding: SAP ABAP different Data Types (Character, Integer, Decimal, Time, Text, Date, etc.), and their application, Break-Points, Variables (Scalar, Structure, Internal Table), Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, String Operators, OverFlow Values, Library Functions (SQRT, STRLEN, LINES), ABAP Dictionary Structure – SYST (ABAP Reserved Words – SY-XXXX), String Operations (SPLIT, CONCATENATE, TRANSLATE, LOWERCASE, UPPERCASE, CONDENSE, etc.), [Control Statements - Branching Control Statements (If-Else-Endif, Case-When-EndCase); Looping Control Statements (Do-While-EndDo, While-EndWhile)], Top-Down Methodology, Off-Set Concepts, ABAP Programming Flow (Variable Declaration, Assignment, Control, OPEN SQL, Internal Table Commands, Function Module Statements); Able to read / interpret SAP ABAP Code

SAP Finance

Performed BI Content Activation of the Finance InfoCube (0FIGL_C10) & necessary components. Checked its Installation in RSA6, Tested its Content in RSA3, Replicated the DataSource in SAP BW, Created necessary InfoProviders in SAP BW, performed ETL and maintained the DSO / InfoCube in SAP BW. Reconciled the Data with SAP ECC


Sustained Support and Enhancement in SAP BW. Coordinated the efforts of adding the Test Data in SAP ECC, for newly added fields for SAP Asset Accounting. Performed Transformation (ETL) from Source to Target in SAP BW. Verified the accuracy of data, from ECC to BW; produced the desired results in SAP BEx / BO. Tested, validated and reconciled results with SAP ECC

Converted Display Attributes to Navigational Attributes, and maintained Transitive Attributes, in SAP BW for SAP Asset Accounting, and verified all the dependencies. Tested the accuracy of data both in BW and BEx (after applying filters), and created Design / Technical Documents for the process. Used T-Code: SE14 to adjust changes to the definition in the ABAP Dictionary, whenever required. Used T-Code: SM50 to monitor and manage Work Processes


Helped with Key Figure Calculations for MM, within SAP BW (Net Price, Net PO Value, Effective PO Value, etc.); applied / edited Filters on DTP Level, reconciled data between ECC and BW, and indicated errors for CO / MM type reporting. Reconciled data between Source & DataMart, with Logic

Helped Mapped all of the 2017 Hierarchies for SAP IM, from ECC to BW, for: Budget Allocations – Operating & Capital Vote, Building Investment Plan – Company Code, OGD Building Management Plan, OGD Facility Management Agreements, OGD Program Of Works. Made use of the correct Hierarchies in SAP Query Designer for various SAP FM type data, and have them matched in the SAP BW back-end, as well

Reports / Dashboards

Built Reports and Dashboards in SAP Business Objects for Asset Accounting, Project Systems, Finance, and other. Performed enhancement / correction to various Functional Docs for AP / AR, Financial Management reports, reports for the Receiver General (RG) for Public Accounts (PLATE I-4, I-5 & I-6), SAP CATS, SFT, CO, FM (Actuals / Commitments, Forecasting, Budgeting, etc.), PS (OTOBOS – Projects tracked by “On Scope / On Budget / On time), PS - AUC (Projects for Asset Under Construction), Project Settlements, MM – Proactive Disclosure of Contracts, List of Material Masters by Sales Org. / Distribution Channel; Capital / Operative Budget Type Reports, verified / reconciled information on payment of Leases. Generated Reports for internal and external stakeholders (CFMRS, Finance, FOS, RPB – Real Property Branch, BI, ITSB, RG & Audit Firms), etc.; along with Technical Specifications / Integration Testing in Quality, and Functional Testing of those reports to find discrepancies, if any

Worked on query creation / modification / elimination in SAP Query Designer (Calculated / Restricted KFs, Variables – Formula, Text, Characteristic Value, Replacement Path, Authorization, Hierarchies, etc.), and produced proper results in SAP BEx for the client. Checked data integrity from end-to-end, and brought forward any related concerns. Also verified information in SAP BW back end after integrating through BICS connection, for the development of Reports in SAP Business Objects. Advised proper modification to Cubes, after creating / testing Transaction Test Data in SAP ECC, against Cube data in SAP BW. Used SAP BEx Scheduler to publish / distribute reports to various users

Analyzed and worked on systems, data, processes and requirements for the client for their new Release / Enhancement (RFCs) of various BI Reports for Finance, Real Estate, etc.

Have working knowledge of building Transports (T-Code: SPRO / SE10) in SAP, to move Objects from one environment to another (Sandbox to Development). Also, analyzed Process Chains and their Job Logs / Job Overview (T-Code: ST13 / ST22 / SE38 /SSA/BWT program, RSPC, RSPCM, RSM37). Also, have worked in T-Code: SM37 – executing Background & Batch Jobs, for BI Content Background Installation Processes, etc. Worked with T-Codes: SM50 / SM51 / SM52 / SMGW / ST06 / SMICM / AL11 / SM63 / SM65, as well


Have working knowledge of SAP ECC (REFx): Create / Update REFx Contracts, Periodic Posting Simulation / Execution, Periodic Posting Reversal, Create Invoices & Reverse Invoices, Contracts / Contract Offers / RE Search Request, Specify Adjustments, Index, Classes, Series & Points, Sales-Based Rent & Settlement

Documented / edited documents in SAP Solution Manager (MS2) and GCDOCS, and validated information in SAP NetWeaver, for various streams of business. Performed Knowledge Transfer, from time to time

Have worked in SAP Business Objects Data Services; and have thorough knowledge of Query as a WebService (QaaWS), HPQC; and SAP LSA / SAP LSA++ (Purpose of every Layer in the LSA Reference Architecture), & ASAP Implementation Methodology. Have understanding of SAP BPC (Currency Translations, etc.)

CapGemini (NHSS) Pickering, ON, Canada July 2015 – Sept. 2015

Senior Business Analyst

BI Refinement Project

Worked on a project with OPG (Ontario Power Generation) streamlining the documents / artifacts for their Nuclear Refurbishment for Reactors. Acted as an interface between the project team and the client to provide project coordination, as required. Collaborated with Integration Team for designing and deploying Data Interfaces with the Source Systems

Performed Application Development Assessments, conducted Planning Sessions, defined Technical Roadmaps, created Application Architecture Design Guidelines

Contributed to company, project standards and guidelines; and to the company knowledge base. Facilitated effective team interaction while subsidizing to the implementation of the new BI solution, taking into account software like Primavera P6, and other

Involved in Business Process Analysis and Process Improvements; and provided input to risks and issue management, progress reporting, etc.

Ensured issues are identified, tracked, reported on and resolved in a timely manner. Developed detailed technical requirements and configuration documentation. Performed requirements traceability

Performed all the related activities to upkeep the Data Mapping, Data Cleansing and Transformation, Master Data Management, Workshop Enablement, Technical Documentation, Detailed Functional / Data Conversion Design, Test Case / Test Plan, BRD, SSD, etc.

Armtec Guelph, ON, Canada Dec. 2014 – March 2015

SAP BW / BI Developer

SAP Finance

Created Data Models (InfoObjects, etc.) for Master Data & loaded / maintained Master Data in them. Performed “ETL” monthly in SAP BW for Sales type reports to update the Target numbers for the Finance, Sales & Marketing, for their “Financial Data Management / Analysis” & “Profitability Analysis”, by Customer, by Product, by Region, etc. Updated SAP BW Master Data Records for Cost Centers through Error Stack into the Target, after performing all sorts of Error Handling; and provided proper Test Documents. The reports eventually fed into SAP Business Objects, for different users


Performed LO Extraction in Logistics Cockpit (LO) for Sales & Distribution (SD) Extractor, (2LIS_11_VAHDR). First, in SAP ECC, checked the DataSource Installation (RSA5 / RSA6), maintained the Transfer Structure / Re-generated the DataSource (LBWE); then Replicated the MetaData, in SAP BW. In SAP ECC, Activated the DataSource & maintained the Update Mode (LBWE), deleted data in Setup Tables (LBWG), filled in the Setup Tables (SBIW / OLI7BW). Confirmed with Extractor Checker (RSA3). In SAP BW, performed ETL to bring the data in InfoProvider(s). In SAP ECC, checked the Delta Queue (RSA7), maintained the Job Control (LBWE) and analyzed the Job Overview

SAP BW Extractors

Worked on customization and enhanced Standard (Generic) / Customized Extractors to support business needs for the Material / Vendor Analytics (T-Code: RSA6 – Append Structure). Reconciled the data between BW and Source System

Have solid working knowledge of building Database Views / Generic DataSources. Created Customized DataSources using Database Views, Tables, InfoSet queries. Analyzed DataSources / Extractors (T-Code: RSA2 / SE37), based on Function modules. Have working knowledge of Update Rules, Transfer Rules, Attributes (Display, Exclusive, Navigational, Time Dependent, Time Dependent – Navigational Attributes, Compounding, Transitive). Developed custom Query reports

SAP BEx / Query Designer

Created, revised and maintained SAP BEx queries in Query Designer. Performed data mapping from InfoProvider (in SAP BW) to BEx Query Designer to Universe; and from there to SAP Business Objects Documents. Created, amended and maintained several BO reports for different business


Performed User Administration in Business Objects Central Management Console (CMC). Have strong knowledge of OLAP Universes. Responsible for User Security & Rights, tracking Objects, managing DataSources & Connections, refreshing Universes, scheduling & hence, complete Administration of reports / publications including Auditing, Server Management – starting, stopping, restarting, enabling, disabling, etc.

Performed SAP BW Data Loads manually whenever needed from Source SAP ECC / Flat File to SAP BW. Created data models (InfoObjects, InfoCubes, DSO, Multiproviders, etc.) and investigated errors during data model creation and / or after; related to, “Master Data, Transformation, DataSources”, and other. Verified PSA Maintenance Data Package Records for errors; maintained / monitored Requests in InfoPackage, Selective Deletion / Re-Construction of Requests & performed DTP to the Target. Checked IDOCs for errors (both in ECC & BW), whenever there was a data load failure

Created various Data-Targets and Info-providers like InfoObjects, InfoCubes, DSOs (ODS), InfoSets, Multiproviders, Semantically Partitioned Objects, InfoPackages, DataSource creation & replication; and Transformations, DTPs to load Master / Transactional data from ECC 6.0 / Flat-File Interface to target

Aecon Group Inc.

Mississauga, ON, Canada

March 2014 – April 2014

SAP BW / BI Developer

Project – SAP CPM

Assisted in building Business Cases / Work Plans by Designing and Selecting medium to high complexity Solutions, assessing Risk, analyzing Impact and providing Estimates for work as requested. Reviewed Requirements and ensured Design meets Functional / Non-Functional Requirements

Worked around the implementation phase of front & backend Cross Application Component - SAP Commercial Project Management (CPM)

Deep experience in Data Management, Data Governance, Data Cleansing and Migration practices, including Data Dictionaries, Governance Standards and Policies, Metadata Management, Data Error resolution. Helped map Legacy system data with the SAP tables’ fields, etc.

Expertise in BI-IP (Integrated Planning) Tool using Planning Modeler: Development of Real Time InfoCubes, Multiproviders, Aggregation Levels, Filters, Planning Functions, Planning Sequences, Input Ready Queries and Variables, Characteristics Relationships, etc.

Helped activate BI Contents for SAP PS (SAP BW 7.4), confirmed in T-Code: RSA5 / RSA6, managed Transformations, performed data loads; monitored / investigated issues around Real Time Access (RDA) InfoPackages using Daemons. Mapped data, investigated / fixed errors between SAP BEx and BW; and CPM Workbooks and BW. Installed patches in BW back-end (SM30), and coordinated with SAP Germany to investigate / fix errors. Investigated IDOCs

Experienced in DSO / InfoCube design as per business requirements. Skilled in loading (Full / Delta Up-Load), Monitoring of data, hence have experience in all facets of SAP BW including Data Modeling, Data Acquisition, Transformation, Loading and Performance Tuning. Skilled in creation of ABAP Data Dictionaries, defining Metadata Management approaches and Governance processes (T-Code: SE11 / SE12). Have working knowledge of ABAP OLAP Variables


SAP BO Data Services - Designed and Debugged ETL process to extract data from disparate Technologies / Sources systems (DB2, Flat files), Transformed as per business requirements and loaded the data into Dimensional Data Models to support BI Reports, Dashboard, Scorecards, etc. Have knowledge of SAP BODS Objects & Functions like: DataBase, DataStore, Batch / RealTime Jobs, WorkFlows, DataFlows, Data Cleansing, Address Cleansing, Change Data Capture, Template Table, Functions, SQL Queries, Query Optimization and Monitors. Extensively used almost all the Transformations like Case, Map Operation, Merge, Query, Row Generation, Validation, Table Comparison, Key Generation, History Preserving

Grundfos Oakville, ON, Canada Aug. 2013 – Feb. 2014

SAP BW / SME – SAP Xcelsius (2008 - SP 6) Developer

SAP Xcelsius – Dashboards / Visualizations

Core data related activities from acquisition to integration and persistence of data / meta data using SAP Xcelsius

Architected performance indicators and analytics by creating different customized reporting Dashboards /

Score-Cards / Real-Time Analytics Solutions / Visualizations, for Finance & company’s President. Developed performance measures for Business Analysis Evaluation (e.g. What-If-Analysis, Dynamic Visibility, Interactive Charts, narratives, etc.)

Provided suggestions / recommendations / training / support on setting up KPIs


Experienced in SAP NetWeaver 2004sBI 7.0. Worked with BI Objects: Basic InfoCubes, ODS, Real-Time / Write Optimized DSOs, Multi-Providers, InfoSets (Info-Providers), DataSources, InfoPackages, InfoSources, Transformations, Data Transfer Processes (DTPs), Re-Partitioning of InfoCubes

Skilled in scheduling of Process Chain for Events, DataSource Enhancement, OLTP Extract of Data / Loading In InfoProviders (Full / Delta Up-Load)

Proficient in Performance Tuning of Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, Partition, Indexing of Info Cubes with the aid of BW Statistics

Performed BW Reporting using BEx Analyzer / Web Application Designer. Expert in implementing BEx Queries, Calculated / Restricted KeyFigures, Variables, Workbooks, Security Roles, Web Reports / Profiles

Created / Configured RFC Destinations through T-Code: SM59, checked Partner System Parameters / Port Settings through T-Code: WE20 / WE21; checked IDOCs in T-Code: WE02 / WE 05 / SM58 / BD87; Administration of Secured Storage For Keys: SECSTORE

Vale Toronto, ON, Canada Sept. 2012 – Feb. 2013

SAP BI Reporting Lead

SAP Implementation Project (OTC / P2P)

Developed a Solution Architecture that reflected the integration of business logic, processes, and data mapped

to defined business requirements, and guided the Solution Delivery Team in the implementation of the Solution

Architecture, for the Global SAP Project. Contributed in the Design, Development and Support of SAP BI and BW solutions

Vale IT SME for BW / BI on SAP Implementation program, mainly working on “Order-to-Cash” and “Procure-to-

Pay” streams; coordinating, administering and supporting activities related to Data Design, Governance,

Planning and Development

Instituted an Integrated Data Governance Model for ERP Data, after Data Migration / Data Governance

Undertakings, to upkeep the Implementation of an Integrated, Strong SAP Data Solution, with Usable

Production ready Data


Developed a Data Model Design for BI, ETL (Export,

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