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Engineer Quality

Austin, TX
February 26, 2020

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Masters of Computer Application (M.C.A.)

Visa Status: EAD

Professional Highlights:

Evaluate Performance Impact:

-Worked with architects to evaluate several PoC's as the company moved to new tech stacks and migrated to cloud based infrastructure.

--PoC’s to identify third party overhead eg. GoogleAPI overhead, Appdynamics overhead etc.

Build Dashboards using Adobe Analytics, Splunk, AppD and Tableau.

Mobile QA/Performance automation using Soasta TouchTest; Tuning using Xcode and android studio for native App testing. Device hardware monitoring for Device Memory leaks, CPU, I/O and Batter consumption during automation.


·Around five and half years of experience with requirement gathering, data analysis, test planning and design, and assessment of performance impact in relation to functional and non-functional Testing.

·Production Data analysis using Adobe Omniture to identify types of mobile devices and OS to test properly in lower environments.

·Automated testing REST and SOAP API using Postman and JMeter.

·Installation, lab set set up and testing UFT tool for web based application testing.

·Experienced in installation, configuration and maintenance of Apache JMeter tools and JMeter plugins.

·In-depth knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Performance testing methodologies.

·Experience of mobile native app automation using Soasta for QA validation; performance of the app along with the hardware metrics like CPU, Memory, Battery consumption etc.

·Advanced knowledge in creating test plans and bulk test data creation for performance and load test the applications.

·Strong experience in Load Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, stress test, endurance test and Performance testing of Web based applications in Windows, UNIX & Linux environments.

·Validation using Xcode and android studio on the latest IOS IPA and android APK files to validate in staging environment.

·Experience of debugging and performance monitoring of UNIX databases such as MongoDb using MongoVUE tool.

·Knowledge of tools such as Fiddler, Firebug, Postman etc. to record, analyze and debug HTTP(S) traffic.

·Strong problem solving skills, time management skills with excellent communication skills.

·Production Data modeling using Omniture/Splunk.

·Skilled in using application monitoring, creating dashboard using tools Appdynamics and Splunk.

·Ability to learn new technologies quickly.

Skill Set Summary:

Operating Systems: Linux/UNIX, Windows XP/2007/2008, POS

Databases: MS SQL, MongoDb, Quantum Sales Audit and Cassandra.

Testing tools: Apache Jmeter 2.9/2.10, Soasta TouchTest, Selenium.

Debug tools: Fiddler, Postman, Firebug, Http watch, Chrome Developer.

App Server Monitoring Tools: Perfmon, Appdynamics, Splunk.

Database Monitoring Tools: MongoVUE and SQLProfiler.

Project Management tools: Jira.

Work Experience:

VBeyond Manhattan Beach, CA

Software Quality Engineer, Nov 19 – Present

-Work Load Modeling using Adobe analytics and Splunk.

-Involved in design and development of keyword-driven automation framework using Selenium Webdriver with Java.

-Analysis of test requirement and automation feasibility.

-Automate new features for reducing time and cost.

-Production Monitoring using Splunk and Tableau. Creating charts, weekly/monthly reports and Dashboard using Splunk

-Creating test documents, Test Case, Quality validation and report bugs in JIRA of POS system

-Involve to analyze performance impact for cloud migration and report performance related issues using JMeter.

-Create and update Test Cases and test plans for Mobile apps and responsive design.

-Gather data requirements and create bulk test data using JMeter.

-HTTP response validation using Fiddler and Postman.

-Work and analyze production data to mimic realistic test scenario in testing environments.

-Monitor Performance, Availability and Reliability of the application post cloud migration using DataDog, Splunk and Appdynamics.

Mphasis Austin TX

Software Analyst Jan 16 – Oct 19

-Work with the project team to analyze code changes introduced and assess potential functional and non-functional impact and level of testing needed

-Involve as an Performance Engineer for establishing the Benchmarks and Baselines for a number of Applications

-Create and update Test Cases and Performance test plans.

-PoC for mobile native app automation using SeeTest.

-Gather data requirements and create bulk test data.

-Create and execute selenium scripts for UI test cases.

-Work with Product Management to decide on performance testing requirements and discuss product SLAs.

-Monitor and verify data entry in MongoDb using MongoVUE tool for both functional and load tests.

-Run performance tests in local environments and identify performance issues and work with Developer to reproduce and fix issues for the next release.

-Collaborate with the development teams to translate the performance requirements into appropriate test cases

-Create dynamic scripts in JMeter to test backend testing using perfmon and AppDynamics monitoring tools to perform server side monitoring during load testing the application.

-Run the performance tests in (within sprint PE) early software development cycle, and identify performance bottlenecks.

-Work on application tuning by involving early in project development cycle and carry out unit tests

-Create and maintain Jira issues and assign points to assess personal and teams performance for weekly sprints.

Pearson Inc Quality/Performance Engineer, Sep 2013 – Jan 2016

-Gather data requirements and create bulk test data

-Involve as a Performance Engineer for establishing the Benchmarks and Baselines for a number of Applications

-Validate the response of the API’s using Postman, Fiddler and firebug.

-Run performance tests in local environments and identify performance issues.

-Creating scripts in load testing (Jmeter) to test APIs.

-Run the validation tests on android and ios native apps files in early software development cycle, and identify defects and performance bottlenecks using Xcode and android studio.

-Created dynamic dashboard to keep track of performance using Splunk.

-Root cause analysis of performance related issues using Splunk and Appdynamics.

-Production test execution to simulate real holiday sales load and to make sure system is good from performance, scalability, prod and network configurations.

-Set up application alerts based on Splunk and Appdynamics.

-Work load modeling to simulate production user load using Splunk.

Environment: SOASTA TouchTest,xcode,AndroidStudio, Postman, Fiddler, Jmeter, Web Services,PowerPoint Presentation, AppDynamics, Splunk, Jenkins, Cassandra and MongoDB.

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