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Electrical Engineering Engineer

Toronto, ON, Canada
October 21, 2019

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Dear Hiring management,

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my resume and cover letter and resume to you. As a student who is going to graduate soon in electrical engineering at Ryerson University, and has the motivation to work within my field, I hope my diverse skills and qualifications will make me a wonderful candidate. I have developed most of my skills, not only from what I have learned from University, but also from the activities and volunteer work I have done. Over the years within the IEEE Ryerson University Student Branch, I have learned that communication is a key skill that any engineer can and should have. Not only within that student group, with volunteer positions such as the logistics crew at Pan Am games back in 2015, I was able to apply that skill effectively with the team I was working with and always get the task done effectively. I am a hardworking, committed and passionate person who always ensures that his tasks are done in a timely manner. I can work both independently and with a team effectively, regardless of the challenge ahead. In closing, I am thrilled at the possibility of getting to know you better and I appreciate your consideration. I am very interested in the position and I also look forward to hearing from you. If you wish to contact me, you can contact me to this number: 416-***-**** or through email at Sincerely,

Arunan Bavananthan

Arunan Bavananthan

265 Main Street, apt 1401, Toronto, Ontario M4C 4X3 Home Phone: 416-***-****


LinkedIn: Website:


Reason for applying: To work in a workplace which will provide me the environment to develop my skills within the field and allow myself to grow as a person and be someone who can help support the company’s mission and workplace.


Beginner experience (less than one year) in

using HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Intermediate experience (3 Years) in using

Java, MATLAB, VHDL, C programming

3 Years of experience with working on

Linux Operating System

1 Year experience with databases

Well versed in circuit testing and design

applications with respective software

Experience in using microcontrollers, such

as Arduinos and Altera boards

Strong verbal communication

Experience in project management, being a

leader for a team and teamwork

Strong critical thinking and problem solving

Open minded and always open to new


A flexible and hard worker, and always

committed to tasks


Money Flows-Personal Project May 17-May 19, 2019

Created an online website for people to calculate the minimum monthly repayment needed to pay back a student loan during a hackathon with three other students; the hackathon was called RU Hacks

Used HTML to create the layout and inputs for the user; this was frontend focus

Used JavaScript to preform the calculations for the user to know how much they need to pay each month; this was backend focus (object oriented)

Used CSS a way to make the website look clean and appealing

This helped me learn how to use HTML, JavaScript and CSS to make a website.

Link to project:

Energy from the Wall-Academic Project October 2018-April 2019

Collaborated with two other fellow electrical engineering students to design, test and finally create a smart home device that could detect and collect environmental changes and then relay the information to the user’s laptop.

I focused on the wireless communication portion of the project by using two Xbee transceiver modules and the Arduino

o Xbee transceivers were used to communicate data collected with each other, by forming a mesh network of their own to use. This mesh network is started up with the XCTU software. o One transceiver was placed in one point of the room with the Arduino and sensors (which held and collected the data respectively). It sent the data to the transceiver connected on a laptop, thereby allowing a full view of the collected data on the XCTU software. Arunan Bavananthan

265 Main Street, apt 1401, Toronto, Ontario M4C 4X3 Home Phone: 416-***-****


LinkedIn: Website:


This project helped me to apply and improve my skills from communication systems, coding and microcontrollers onto to his project.

Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Logistics Crew-Volunteer May 2015-August 2015

Managed the logistics equipment and tools for the facility in downtown Toronto

Committed to counting the inventory at the start and end of the day and worked hard to meet the needs for the athletes

Consistently communicating with supervisor and teammates to update anything amiss

Solved problems with teammates when there was a problem that arose and thought of a plan to fix the issue in minimal time

Activities During University

IEEE Ryerson University Student chapter member: (May 2015-April 2019)

Helped host professional networking, academic and technical events for students in Ryerson

Improved my communication skills and how to communicate better with others around me

Improved my knowledge on the current engineering industry by networking with those within the engineering industry

Used my knowledge learned from university to help host academic and technical tutorials o For example: Arduino workshops, programming workshops and first year electrical engineering midterm/final exam tutorials


Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering-September 2014-June 2019 Related Courses to Position:

ELE 888: Intelligent Systems (Machine Learning theory and used MATLAB to create algorithms that can predict future data patterns in given a data set)

ELE 882: Image Processing (Created algorithms using C libraries in MATLAB to manipulate images specifically for different image processing applications)

ELE 725: Basics of Multimedia (Used MATLAB to learn how to manipulate video, audio and image data)

COE 428: Data Structures and Algorithms (Used C and Java programming languages to understand how to create algorithms with data sets, from databases for example)

COE 608: Computer Organization and Architecture (Used VHDL programming to understand hardware applications for a computer)

COE 628: Operating Systems (Used C and Java programming languages to understand different Operating Systems, such as Linux)

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