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Construction Social

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
October 09, 2019

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Labour proficiency test summary 27-061*******-** years

Western Cape/City of Cape Town

Alan Hendricks

Construction Carpenter or any position

Construction Carpenter red stamp . Or foreman

Competences map in different areas related to work performance Responsibility: Assumption of responsibility for their own actions and their consequences

Social Intelligence: Ability to display a repertoire of interaction strategies for the relationship with others Self-management: Perception of the ability to manage an action successfully

Autonomy: Ability to manage autonomously in different environments

Leadership: Group management skills and interest in exercising leadership position

Arbitration: Ability to seek agreement among people Motivation: Orientation to success in the objectives and professional orientation with the working group.

Cooperation: The individual capacity to cooperate or add value to the group.

General competence description

Labour proficiency test summary

Alan Hendricks

BestJobs Labour proficiency test results


They dedicate time outside of working hours to improve their work. Self Management

They rarely arrive late and usually have enough time to finish their tasks. Leadership

They have sometimes performed the role of leader.


They prefer short-term benefits that provide a more immediate reward. Social Intelligence

They generally deal with people pleasantly and appropriately. Autonomy

They do not find it difficult to delegate or share their tasks. Arbitration

Even though they tend to stick to their viewpoint, they are able to soften their stance to bring it more in line with that of others.


They normally think that it is preferable to do things together. Labour proficiency test scores

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