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Medical Training

Mexico City, Mexico
September 15, 2019

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Junior Deck Officer

[Seleccionar la fecha] Name: Pazos Abad Jose Manuel

Address: Melchor O Campo #26 Col. Atalpas,Altotonga Cp:93700,Veracruz,México.

Phone Number: 231-***-**-**, 226-**-*-**-**


Nationality: Mexican

Age/Date of birth: 22 years old (25/October/1996)

Passport: Mexican Passport No. G30008630 Valid until JUNE 2028

Seafarer’s Identity and Seaman s Book: TA00019167

Medical Examination: 835745

E D U C A T I O N :

Merchant Navy Academy Cap. Alt. “Fernando Síliceo y Torres” Bachelor degree: Navy Pilot.

O B J E T I V E S :

I want to become in an experienced Officer and to acquire the necessary knowledge on board about the ship, navigation, manoeuvres and regulations.

C O U R S E S A N D T R A I N I N G :

Basic Safety Training; Chapter VI, Section A-VI/1 and Tables: A-VI/1-1, AVI/1-2, A-VI/1-3 and A-VI/1-4.

Medical First Aid; Chapter VI, Section A-VI/3 and Table: A-VI/4-1.


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Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats; Chapter VI, Section A-VI/2 and Table: A-VI/2-1

Advanced Fire Fighting; Chapter VI, Section A-VI/3 and Table: A-VI/ 3.

Ro-Ro Passenger Ship Training; Chapter V, Section AV/2 and paragraph 4.

Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker cargo operations; Chapter V, Section A-V/1-1, Table: A-V/1- 1-1.

Basic Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker cargo

operations; Chapter V, Section A-V/1-2-1.

Security Awareness for all Shipboard Personnel;

Chapter VI, Section AVI/6, Table: A-VI/6-1.

RADAR and ARPA Operator; Chapters II and VI, Sections A-II/1 and A-II/2, Tables A-II/1 and A-II/2.

L A N G U A G E S :

Mother tongue: Spanish

Other Language: English

Reading skills: Good

Writing skills Good

Verbal skills: Good

P E R S O N A L S K I L L S A N D C O M P E T E N C E S :

Technical knowledge acquired at the school related to the operation of the ship, navigation, administration and maneuvering.


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Strong skills to understand and execute commands safely and on due time.

Highly responsible, disciplined, hardworking,

committed with the safety culture and the protection of human life at sea, cargo and the environment.

Excellent attitude towards the work.

Concerned about the deadlines in each task and job.

Good skills to understand and execute commands

safely and on due time.

Fluent in English (spoken, written and read).

Open to changes in the workplace, adaptable and


Good worker under pressure.

Well organized and disciplined with strong leadership and teamwork skills


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