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Engineer Electrical

Ridgefield Park, NJ
December 30, 2019

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George Zorrilla

Passaic, New Jersey

Phone 973-***-****

Cell 201-***-****


Electro Mechanic and Machine Science

-Institute of technology of Mayaguez, PR

BS in Electrical Engineering

MIT and PIT Mayaguez Puerto Rico

Electrical Engineering

I.C.S. School, Scranton PA

Industrial Electronics and Robotics

-N.R.I. School, Washington DC


Osha 30; Active shooter preparedness; Fire prevention FDA First responder by the Red Cross


More than 20 years of Maintenance experience as a HANDS ON Manager/Supervisor/Maintenance Technician in the injection molding, thermoforming, and blow molding industries (practicing in the field of maintenance, electrical, machine automation repair and modifications)

Skilled Electrician Electro Mechanic / Electronics Technician also create and develop systems to support the maintenance of equipment accordingly with plants needs with the objective of preventing downtime

Program and troubleshoot AC/ DC drives, programmable logic controllers including Allen Bradley, Siemen’s, and close loop control with touch screen or (HMI) pus Scada Igss,Snmp

Familiar with: PH magnetic flow transmitter operation, configuration, and calibration

Knowledge of: Troubleshooting Fanuc power supply and amplifiers, analog interfacing controllers with pneumatics and hydraulics servo motors and stepper motors

Skilled in: Programming Allen Bradley ladder logic & machine language, operate lath, milling machines and stick, tig.and mig, welding also certified as first responder by the Red Cross fire prevention and osha 30


In the field of electrical control engineering modification and integration of new and old technology

And implementation of control system in pneumatics and hydraulics also managing cost of parts

Over heads and people in maintenance department as consulting or hands on services also

Design and solving problems of thermos dynamics and manage power systems for harmonics distortions

Also planning and building production lines with controls architecture and use geometric analysis and

Design automation controls for chestnut engineering machinery in other words implementing data acquisition and develop the pm depending according with individual needs and also recovery of waste energy and implementing safety for equipment and personal

Extracurricular activity

Research in high frequency energy and electromagnetic fields


2014 –2016 W.Y Industries

Outside contract them full time

Maintenance Manager, Senior Maintenance electrical control engineer

(Plastic manufacturing industry for injection molded, thermoforming and blow molded companies)

Machinery on the plant floor consists of: Ferromatic Milacron, Cincinnati Milacron, Quincy Compressors, Ranger and Yushin robot arms (pikers)

Machine responsibility include: Preventive Maintenance and all around electrical system

Troubleshooting responsibility includes: PLC, Fanuc, DC power supply and AC/DC drives

Provide technical support and troubleshoot machines and robotics

Implement preventative maintenance

Install new equipment to increase production and capacity

Oversees safety and day to day operation within maintenance department and consulting all new projects

2016-2017 Contract to full time

Chestnut engineering design and develop new control system targeting power consumption and


2017-2018 Contract

Cooperative laundry

Control engineer design architecting production lines debugging machine software problems

Running communication lines and connecting electronic controls


2018 to 2019 with a pharmaceutical company in south plain field NJ as electrical

Engineer consulting technician relocating HMIs and other electrical controls outside the clean room

And run production to minimize contaminations just finish consultation to solve a problem in production of a lot of damage produts

2012 – 2014 out Contract

Control engineer and Electronic Technician/Electrician

Schultz Plastic Containers, Branchburg NJ

Machinery on the plant floor consists of: Schutz blow molding machines, conveyors and steel welder

Troubleshooting responsibility includes: All electrical and electronics on the machinery, PLC, electronic safety curtains and conveyor systems (replace sensors limits switches, etc.)

Run, verify the installation of new equipment on the plant floor (example: blow molding)

Maintain, troubleshoot machinery and conveyors system s (6-axisKuka robotic arm)

Complete all communication wires and connections plus debugging machinery

2012 – 2012 Outside contractor

Electrical Engineer / Electrical Technician

Manischewiitz Food Company, Newark, NJ

**Contract position with a time lined of 3-1/2 month 4 moth max

Built treatment facility for the company and installed conveyor systems for the production department

My responsibility include: RE-design system piping, censors, PH probes and magnetic flow AB micro Logic PLC

Troubleshooting responsibility includes: Debug system, verify and turn it over to them for production

Design and build a wastewater treatment system for bio waste water and trap solids waste

Responsible for waste and general water treatment plus installation of new production equipment and consulting in project lines as a control engineer

2011 – 2012 Outside contractor

Electronic Technician and Electro Mechanic

NPC Paper Corporation, Trenton NJ

Machinery on the plant floor consists of: Printing press, die cutters, gluers, boxes stitch machines etc.

Machine responsibility include: Run power to the machines, install PLC, AC/DC drives and debug electrical

Troubleshooting responsibility includes: PLC, AC/DC drives and Dancers Motor Controls

Installed, rebuilt fully automated printing presses flex o printing press, titan cutting press for folding Boxes)

2008 – 2010 Contract

Electrical Engineer / Electronic Technician

Epsilon Dairy Industries, Goshen NY (From page # 2)

Dairy Produce and Packaging

Machine responsibility include: Install and wire machines, AC motors and motor starters for receiver station

Troubleshooting responsibility includes: Install and debug system and run in the properly parameters

Made all the layouts for the installation of machinery

Designed the mcc room

Ran all communication cables thru out the plant and the electrical safety wiring for high pressure boiler

2003 – 2010 Self employed

Machinery on the plant floor consists of: Printing press and color dye machine

Machine responsibility include: Provide technical support on safety of the machinery

Troubleshooting responsibility includes: Troubleshoot any issues on any equipment

On call to troubleshoot and repair automated controllers, AC/DC drives, temperature controllers

Completed software download uploads & troubleshooting program and modification

1999 – 2002 Full time and outside contractor

Electrician / Electro Mechanic

G.B.W. Manufacturing, Totowa, NJ

Packaging and Printing Plant

Machinery on the plant floor consists of: Printing press, die cutters, gluers and compressors

Machine responsibility include: PM and upgrade machines with new components

Troubleshooting responsibility includes: AC/DC drives and PLC motor controllers

1995 – 1999 Full time

Electrical Contractor

Kohan and Allen Electric, Patterson, NJ

Electrical contractor for industrial, commercial, and residential industries

Run electrical conduit and wiring industrial machines and all controls panels

With A/C or D/C drive and temperature controllers thermos heaters

My contract work and change of venues it was because flexibility of running two jobs and money it was the only way working to make some money

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